How to do a Complete Brake Flush and Bleed

How to do a Complete Brake Flush and Bleed

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  1. You didn’t mention putting a brick underneath the brake pedal and I overextended the slave cylinders on the rear drum brakes. The spring shot out like it was fired from a gun

  2. You rock man. I just bought a brand new car and it’s front wheel drive…. but I’m thinking of buying a beater I can work on just to keep miles low on the new car, because I feel so much more confident in my ability to fix mini problems myself. Thanks for the great content!

  3. Thank you so much Chris. You have taught me how to change my brakes, bleed the brake lines, drums and so much more. Thanks for saving me money. Your a friend and we don't even know each other. Thanks again Chris. ❤️😁

  4. Holy crap this worked! (05 Silverado)

    Only note, my rear drum bleeders were too small for the tubing in the other video to create a one person bleeder but this worked flawlessly on the front. Thank you Chris!
    (edit: truck model)

  5. Thank you for your videos! Been wanting to learn how to fix my car myself to avoid being overcharged and these have been a great help! 😀

  6. You never ended up making an "everything you need to know (to get up to speed) about brakes and brake fluids" video

  7. My mate told me you need to do each brake at the same time, is this true? Or can you do one at a time, like in the video?

  8. Chris, as always, your videos are thorough with tips that really make the job go well. This one is no exception – helpful and thorough. Thank you.

  9. And here I am thinking those were grease nipples on the calipers. I was wondering why no grease was going in.

  10. Nobody says to change brake fluid every 2-3 years. This is the first thing I've ever heard you say That I've had a problem with

  11. What happens if i only do suck out fluid and refill. (don’t want to open valve.) And then repeat this thing two or three times. So i mean not complete flush only some clean fluid goes in and some dirty fluid goes out system. Is it ok? Will be any problem with this method?

  12. Just tried to flush my brakes today, but the bleeder valve would not budge. Tried WD-40, but no change. What would you suggest to loosen it to the point I can flush it?

  13. I prefer my pressure bleeder, basically a homemade Motive clone but way better and a hell of a lot cheaper. Also my catch can is a square plastic container like what nuts come in so it never falls over.

  14. Hey Chris, I was all set, made the self bleeder and began on the rear right caliper to bleed. (2009 Altima) The brake pedal got super hard after two pumps and no matter whether I opened or closed the bleeder screw, could not get any more pumps/play on the pedal? Am I doing something wrong or is there an extra step to a 2009 Altima? I was looking at the Haynes repair manual and it states that you should disconnect the battery and the actuator that is connected to the firewall? Is this really necessary and is that the difference?

  15. Does this method apply to brakes with ABS?in my case i have 2002highlander 2wd but service manual says to use TST scan tool to bleed system. Your input is appreciated

  16. I use a one way valve on the tube that I bought on Amazon. Worked so well bleeding the brakes on my 1984 Honda Shadow. No need for anyone else. As always, great vids.

  17. Thanks Chris your videos are very good love them. Have a question about plug wire's? I just got a barn find 97 b4000 only 91000 miles car fax checks out only driven a few hundred miles the last 5 or so years I want to change the spark plugs it has the original moterkraft init it starts up fine but there 22 years old can only get one off the wires are seized on any idea how to get them off? I am aware I am going to have to replace the wires? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any input.

  18. I know this is an old video, but I haven't seen DOT 3 brake fluid here in the UK for at least 10 years. Doubt many cars use that grade any more

  19. "new brake fluid is supposed to be clear and that is practically black"…Oh shoot, i thought it was supposed to be black! Guess its time for a flush.

  20. Hey Chris can a loud groaning noise coming from the brake master cylinder when I press the brakes mean it needs replaced? I just changed all my rotors, calipers, and pads and now my cylinder makes a groaning noise and goes to the floor with mild resistance.

  21. I did this; for some reason it did not work out. Do you guys think its my master cylinder that needs to be changed or maybe a leak in the break lines?

  22. @ChrisFix , I hope you reply… I was wondering, if I made 4 of those bleeders can I do all 4 brakes at once?? Or do you have to do one at a time?

  23. 06 Chevy just redone rear brake lines and now no fluid will flow to the rear- drips come out the abs module though but nothing to the rear cylinders

  24. If when you flush your brake fluid you install all new pads then fill the master cylinder to the fill line you will have an easy way to check your pad wear. Just by looking at the fluid level in the master cylinder resivour,

  25. Would your brakes squeak if they needed fluid? Like, my rear brakes squeak, but only in the last moment when you're releasing them. For example, you're at a red light just turned green and you release the brakes and step on the gas.

  26. He waited 15 years for that fluid to get nasty, so he could make this informative video for us. He probably went to work at 2am when you don’t really even “ need “ good brakes.

  27. Thank you, Chris.
    The only thing I want to mention – don't use wrench open end on bleeder screw. Easiest way to strip bleeder hex and then be forced to replace it. Use closed end. It's a bit more awkward as wrench has to stay on the screw but safe on bleeder.

  28. I flushed the brake fluid in my van after watching this video. I just bought a one-man brake bleeder at the parts store. This was remarkably painless. The old brake fluid looked like Coke. The new brake fluid is clear. And now my brakes are more consistent!

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