How to drift a Toyota HiAce delivery van | carsales

How to drift a Toyota HiAce delivery van | carsales

Hey, I’m Luke Youlden, and when I’m not
going fast on a racetrack, I’m going sideways. I’ve been blessed to drift such cars as
the Porsche 911, the manic C63 Mercedes. I’ve even drifted Dual Cab Utes in the desert,
but nothing compares to today’s challenge. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. Don’t try this at home, kids. Oh my God, this handles like a boat. So, will the HiAce drift? Absolutely. Okay, so I’m trying to make the car oversteer, and because it’s
rear wheel drive with lots of power, I can just pretty much nail it in a grip limited
environment, and that causes the back of the car to come out. And around she comes. Now, to catch an oversteer slide, I need to
be looking and steering where I want the car to go. So, the bag pulls the throttle, make the car
oversteer, to fix it we come off the gas. Simple as that. So, yes, it does have a high centre of gravity,
but we’re on a skidpan, grip limited. There’s no real danger of the car tipping
over, nowhere near enough grip. I bet this won’t be in the next Toyota HiAce
TV commercial. Plenty of horsepower in the big V6, certainly
enough to get the thing out of shape. So, when I got the HiAce just out of shape,
just where I wanted it, those electronics cut in and kept me too safe. It feels quite stiff. It doesn’t seem to roll much at all. Those front wheels now are a little bit further
forward than they used to be. It feels like it gives the car a little bit
more stability. Drifting the HiAce was probably the stupidest
idea we’ve ever had, but certainly the most fun.

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