Hey guys and gals. Sweet Projects Cars back here with sweet trick awesome and affordable ways to do things. Today we’re gonna share with you how to take your faded carpet and make it look brand new again and stay that way forever. Okay. This isn’t paint, this isn’t anything that you’ve ever probably even thought of doing, but we’ve done this for years and years, and we want to share with you. Now the customer wants their carpets black, and they want it to look like that. Now you see, we’re going to take this carpet, make it look just like that. A product that you can get anywhere, and it is very simple to use. It is a — you can get it in liquid, this is just plain old liquid, and it is a fabric dye. Or you can get it in the powder, which is shippable to just about any country out there. So you can look on Amazon, or look on eBay, or look on their website right here, Rit, and I’m sure they can send it to you no matter what country you’re in. So, if you want your carpets to look not faded like this anymore, and you want it to look brand new, and you want it to be dark, and stay that way like that, we’re gonna share it with you how to do it. Now I’ve got this taped off right here, so that I can show you the contrast between this, when we’re done with this, and this. Now we’re going to do all the carpet, but I’m not going to waste of your time and on the video doing all this stuff up in here. Now you can spray it, and we have it mixed up right here, you can spray it on if you’d like or you can pour it into a container –coffee can, a milk jug– and use a sponge. I’m gonna spray a couple spots there to show you, then I’m going to show you how to do it with the sponge. The key here is to rough up the carpet with your brush. Now that we’ve gotten that done, this is the dye we’re going to use and they have every color you can just about think of. This is a light gray, so if you have a Mercedes or a vehicle with a light grey in it, you’re good to go. With black, you can go full strength. You can mix, uh one packet of this right here, the dry stuff, to your full spray bottle. If you use this, you could use maybe half the bottle to a full spray bottle, because we want it really black, we want it to stay that way, and it will. So let’s get crackin’. And no more jackin’. Alright, here’s our mixture. Let’s spray some here, so you can get an idea what it looks like. Now I’ll put it on heavy. And all you do is take your — you can take your sponge if you want and Or your hand, and you’ll want gloves, you can take your sponge and go back and forth with it and you’ll see it bubble up a little bit. That means you’re working it right into the fibers. Now, like I said, I’m not gonna do the whole carpet. I just want to share with you that you can do this and make your carpets look beautiful and they’ll still be softened in fuzzy. Now, some people use paint; it doesn’t work, it doesn’t last. This is permanent. For those of you don’t have a spray gun, I know some of you don’t, we put it in a container. We’ll take our sponge and this is all you do. Squeeze it out a little bit, not much, and just go over it. Look at that, just gorgeous. All right, it’s so dark that you barely can even see it unless I come up here and show you that, but let’s peel this off so you can see the contrast between the two, and how awesome this looks. Now are you ready? It’s gonna be mind-blowing. There you go. Isn’t that awesome? And I did it for the cost of the dye. Packet. I just used the packet. The dry packet: $1.78 have all their carpets put back to the color they originally were. This is all you gotta do, folks. Come back again. Take care, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. I refurbished the seats in my park avenue after seeing the video, using lacquer thinner an spray paint, an they came out looking brand new … now I'm about to try this on my carpet!! I will comment my results after .. I'm using the same dye/color an my carpet is the same color as this one .. thx ..

  2. I did this exact thing today, thanks to you of course 😉 and it works amazingly. Took about 4hrs in direct sun to fully dry and some touch ups here and there. But now my salvage yard carpet is ready for installation. Thanks again.

  3. Hi guys!! Awesome video, cant afford new stuff for my car so this is a great solution !
    Can you tell me if this also works on your fabric car seats? (Mine are a bit velvet kind) Does it stain on white shoes? or white fabric?
    Do you have a do it yourself on dying vinyl as well? Couldn't find one on your channel.

    Keep up the great video's!

  4. hay i picked up some of that in the bottle did you use that straight or add water to it ? thanks bud

  5. just a suggestion rit does sell color remover to go from dark to light can't say how good it works but the dye works great did my floor mats gotta do my carpet nxt

  6. I've been learning so much from your videos. Thanks for posting them!

    My car initially came with black upholstery but it faded into purple over time.

    I'd like to try this method but the materials on my car are alcantara. Will the fabric dye work with the alcantara interior? If not, which type of dye would work best?

    Thank you in advance!

  7. Hey my name is robert and I have a serious question: do you use hot or cold water for the mixture with the dye?

  8. Thank you! I accidentally spilled bleach on my RV’s carpet, creating a horrible stain. Was looking for ways to fix without removing. I’m doing this! You are so awesome for sharing this info! I’m also going to use your info to clean my vehicle carpets, renew the headlights and fix/dye the seats on my truck! Thank you so much!

  9. Mike , will ONE regular bottle of Rite dye take care of 4 floor mats ?  I think that the bottles are 7 or 8 oz's.

  10. I love this channel, so incredibly helpful. My son and I are restoring an old 300D mercedes and the carpets look awful. I am going to try this to restore them first. I assume you always need to go darker correct?

  11. I did this yesterday on my 89' IROC-Z Camaro and the carpet is now a dark purple. I tried adding more black to the solution but it stayed dark purple. Is there a way to get it black? And once the purple dries can it be resprayed black again?

  12. I love your videos! So, this is really a long-lasting dye (not a paint), or a Duplicolor Fabric & Vinyl type of product which also dries like stiff spray paint… How long do you believe this will hold up on cars seats? Will if transfer to your clothes if used on seats? Keep up the great videos!

  13. I have a 1990 Mercury Cougar Bostonian 2 door with a fabric semi covered top … I'm sure you know what this is …. can I use this method for the top? Thank you

  14. Hey brother, I bought a bottle of the rit liquid dye. Trying to change my carpet from beige/tan to black. What are the mixing instructions? Will one bottle be enough

  15. I tried this and I tried it in full strength and following how you did it to the T. Yet the dye just rubs off. Am I missing something?

  16. Any tips of using this method for the rear seats in my 1999 Honda Civic? i tried applying the dye but it doesn't seem to attach to the fabric at all, it just rubs off

  17. Can i do this to car seats with cloth seats? Will it stay soft I was going to use duplic color on the seats because they are tanish but they say it doesn't stay soft other question is will it stain clothing or fade over time?

  18. I have a 92 Chevy pickup that I'm cleaning up – it needs exterior paint, but the inside is super clean. The problem is that the interior is cloth, and it's that awful GM medium blue they used in the 90s. I'll be pulling the dash and trim to paint it, but I'd also like to dye the seats/door fabric/carpet black…will the Rit dye work right on top of the blue, or should I bleach/lighten it first? Thanks in advance!

  19. Friggen awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm going to do the back of my sofa which has faded from the sunlight through the window

  20. Would it not be good to steam clean the carpet first? And strip out the seats for a uniform result? Just a thought. Anyways great tip I’m going to try this with my seats out after I clean my carpet.

  21. Thank you for this great tip.
    My cat pissed on my RV. I used bleach and many gallons of hot water to rid the smell. However it damaged my carpet by making it lighter. If I want to make my carpet slightly darker or something, this method will work.. yes?

  22. Any recommendations for how to do cloth seats? I did this using a 2 gallon sprayer and sprayed down the whole carpet and worked it all in. Let it dry and when I rub my hand over it there’s still some dye fibers coming up. Should I rinse the carpet to get the loose dye out?

  23. Had a question hope you get back to me what’s the best dye to use on your car leather seats ? Thank you and have a bless day , ps your YouTube channel is the BEST CHANNEL I EVER SEEN !!!!!! You rock !!!

  24. Hi, Mike, my light gray carpet was worn and heavily stained. My first dilution of the Rit Pearl Gray in water was too weak, and did little to cover the staining. My second try using more of the liquid dye turned out much darker than OEM , but adequately covered the stains. I then used a solution of distilled white vinegar in water to back off the dark tint a bit, extracting the vinegar after 30 minutes by rinsing with a hand-held rug spot extractor. Although it is still darker than the original tint and not perfect, the carpet looks 100% better. My point is this: if you don't succeed the first time, try, try, try again. (Trial and Error). Thank you for your guidance in getting me started on this project. Sweet Project Cars Rocks. I want to be like Mike!

  25. Thinking about doing this to my Camaro z28 carpet. One question: is it better to spray bottle the dye method or use the sponge dip in dye container method. I really want my carpet black

  26. Quick question , I have grey carpet in my Ford Expedition do you think if I used black Rit dye it would come out as good as yours ?

  27. Great video, thanks. I've dyed my carpet in the garage, two days later it's still not dry – granted its pretty cold in the UK. Is this normal? Presumably even neat rit will dry eventually?

  28. WIll this be ok to color cloth seats red? And if so should I clean the seats free of stains before coloring.

  29. Mike so if I have a 8 oz. of rit dye I add 8oz. of water to my spray bottle is that correct ?? want to dye some floor mats that are carpeted , how long does it take to dry ?? Will a 8 oz. bottle do a whole car ?? thanks again looking forward to some great spring time videos THANKS for always sharing !!!! Joe

  30. So idk if I did something wrong but did this and just let it dry for about 5 hours and it did nothing, so then I decided why not go extra extra heavy not like it can be TOO black and it did not work at all. It was dark until it dried then barely any different than originally just looked a little dirtier

  31. I have an antique chair with two detachable box cushions in a rough fabric of burgundy red. Do you think I could turn them taupe/brown with this method or should I try to bleach them first? REALLY trying to avoid reupholstering because I’m already stripping and restaining the wood already and I’m trying to keep it simple

  32. I'm amazed with all the So Called Knowledgeable Persons responding no one asked how long B4 it's dry enough to put feet on???

  33. Has the video been edited? Seams shorter that what I remember and the measurements are no longer in the video

  34. Very nice. Also, that is the fastest automatic camera exposure compensation I’ve ever seen. As you were brushing past the light source, it was a light show. I guess these new cameras must be beasts

  35. Been nice if you told us what your mixture ratios were..salt and or vinagar? Thanks though.. tried it this morning. Wait for it to dry.

  36. Do I need both dye and mixture or can I just use dye in a spray bottle with water and use the white sponge to blend it in ?and if so how much would I need to get ,or even how much dye would I need to put in the bottle with mix with water?

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