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  1. I would still advice sending it to a professional, especially if you live in a country where labour charges are not comparatively high.

  2. Do you have any videos on fixing minor scratches on windshields? I got some debris under my wipers and it left a fine scratch in its passes.

  3. 3:07
    Tempered glass gets hit by regular hammer “meh”.
    Orange tool “imma bout end this mans whole career”.

  4. Excellent video – as a car repair idiot this video was supremely helpful. It had flow, made total sense, and had some other tips and tricks in there to set us up for success. You rock dude!

  5. For a easier fix for a chipped window.

    Get some toothpaste and spread across the chipped area.
    Then watch the magic happen!

  6. At 2:50, I had wondered where'd that mohawk come from…then I realized it was your camera's wind muff. Hahaha. Thank you for the great video! Really thorough break down! =)

  7. I'm a girl, have no idea about cars, but I'm doing this. I've got 2 chips in my windscreen. I think I can manage this on my own ☺️

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