How to Fix a Gas Gauge (Sending Unit Replacement) – DIY Car Repair with Scotty Kilmer

How to Fix a Gas Gauge (Sending Unit Replacement) – DIY Car Repair with Scotty Kilmer

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your gas gauge doesn’t work anymore then stay
tuned, because today I’m going to show you how to fix a broken fuel gauge, now gas
gauges are pretty simple devices, they have a sending unit that floats up and
down as the gas goes down, and a gauge unit in the dash that takes those
readings and tells you how much fuel is inside, now in the case of this Corvette
it’s pretty simple, when I look inside the tank, I can see that this is rusted
solid and won’t move anymore, and I tried poking around inside, pulling it up and
down with a coat hanger, but it still wouldn’t work, so I know it needs a new
sending unit, so the first thing to do is to suck the gas out of the tank, now
some guys suck it in, but that’s dangerous you could swallow gas, so I use a suction
pump to start it, then put it in the tank, in it goes, now in this case, the spare
tire is in the way, so we got to take the spare tire out to get to the gas tank,
so down it comes, and when we look up, here’s the sending unit here, we just have to
disconnect the electrical connections and snap it out, now there’s a ring that
surrounds this, they have little tabs, and you tap them, then the ring comes off and
you can pull the whole assembly out, then you have to do a bit of wiggling, but the
whole thing will come out, and here’s the old rusty broken sending unit, then
you get the new shiny one and fish it back up in, but most importantly, don’t
forget the new gasket that goes inside to seal it, so the gas doesn’t leak, it
goes on the top of the sending unit here, so it pushes in and seals the gas from
leaking, then you fish the whole thing in and snap it in place, then comes the hard
part, you got to get this ring on and then slightly tap it so it seals it in
place, once you slip the ring inside you got to tap it to lock it in place, so it
stays nice and solid, then you just connect the hose back and the lines, and
then plug the sending unit electric wire back on, then pour the gas back in the
tank, and now as we turn the key on, can we can see
the gas gauge is working, it used to be stuck on full all the time,
now it’s going to go to about a quarter of a tank, because it’s only got five gallons in
it now, so next time your gas gauge stops working, fix it yourself, and remember
if you’ve got any car questions just visit scotty

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  1. Scotty I want a comment from your comparing the ease of access to replace that, to a modern car which has the fuel pump, gauge and other crap all inside the tank… Please!

  2. What do you think would cause the gauge to not go all the way to full even when the pump stops gas starts pouring out the side?

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  4. hi scotty my chevy silverado 90 fuel gauge goes to full when i put the brakes on when i release them it goes back to normal before that it was stuck on full all the time till i put in gas one day & then it started moving again what do you think the prob could be ????

  5. wow, Wow, WOW,……I think your spare is super old…..Those tire sizes went out with high button shoes! As always, a great video.

  6. Will most fuel level sensors be accessible through the backseat or underneath vehicles? I have a 2002 buick regal.

  7. Can they get dead spots? On my car when it gets just below 1/2, it drops down to E, then goes back to the correct position when a little more fuel is consumed.

  8. have a 2000 bmw 323ci I bought a new fuel pump with the whole level sensor and sending unit, and when it hit zero it never went back up, ONLY goes back up when I disconnect the battery and plug it back on…..ANY IDEAS???

  9. I have a 95 ram 2500 and the gauge is suck at half full but when I fill the tank it moves and go's to full hard to deal with since if I go down back to half a tank I don't know when I'm close to empty And having to try to push that truck is impossible

  10. I wonder why thoughs darn Fuel Sending Units are dang High ? $149.99 for mine its OEM … can I get away with buying a decent aft4er market one for my Toyota T-100 Truck ?

  11. My truck smells like gas really bad but im not losing any fuel. i cant find any leaks. my mechanic says it could be the fuel sending unit. Wants almost 700 for a 11 chevy tahoe(this was over the phone he never looked at it). im contemplating doing it myself. Do you think the sending unit could be causing my gas smell?

  12. My car's gas gauge was all over the place (Deville 2001). Before I took it out I cleaned the connectors with electronic spray connector cleaner. I did give the pump a whack or two. After cleaning everything up, the gauge worked perfectly. About 50% of my own DIY repairs have been due to dirty and/or loose connectors!

  13. Hi scotty my gauge on my 1964 impala goes up and down it doesn't stay still. I change the sending unit but still the same

  14. So my gas gauge is broke in my Pontiac grand am 2005 you got a video on how to fix for this type car. Thank you😘

  15. My van is doing the same thing as the van in this youtube video: 2002 Chevy Venture Gas guage issue…
    Can you help?

  16. On a car with 2 sending units. If one went out causing a full tank to read half full. Would the fuel level just read half of what is in the fuel tank?

  17. Scotty Kilmer the one thing that's really cool about your videos, is you're really in to self-empowerment, that is excellent thank you.

  18. Does this go the same for Pick up trucks as well? I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado which the fuel gauge won't read anymore. And Thanks for the video Scotty,don't think anyone could have explained it way easier!

  19. Hopefully this fixes my problem with my 1998 Jeep Cherokee. The gas gauge always reads full when I know I only put in $25-30 of gas which that’s less than full. Thx for the video

  20. Scotty.
    I have a 1968 lemans and my gas gauge always on full can you do a how a fuel system works for idiot's, very simply the electricity comes in here goes out their then travels down here so I have an idea of how the power runs and figure out if it's my sending unit, gauge or maybe the tan wire in between. Thanks Fred

  21. Hi Scotty I have a Oldsmobile intregue 2002 code P0410 come on how bad is the emergency to fix it I looked some videos I think is the (secondary air injection) thanks

  22. Someone help,I jump started my car,and everything went bizarre.
    Fuel gauge kinda works but it takes time to show you the gauge.
    When you start your car,it takes a while to work,even my car stereo stopped working and my car time keeps resetting itself

  23. Thank you Scotty. I enjoy all your videos! Is there anything I can check before I drop the tank? I have a 97 Dodge Ram 1500 and the gage is all the way down on empty and does not move.

  24. Hi scotty
    Iight just came on in my truck put 80$ of gas and still on and needle stiil marking empty is this something that i need to change? Please help

  25. Wow I and I mean wow when cars where easy to work on! Simple one 2 3 and your done. Try and do that on a modern car itll be a mess and take much more time.

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  27. Can someone help?
    1980 C10.

    Getting no reading on battery voltage, fuel level stays the same 1/4 of a tank, on each gas tank. Speedometer and temp work and the dashlights work.

    After I brought it home and shut it off, I went to crank it again (I had had work done to it to replace the distributor, the old one someone had JB welded into place so we couldn’t set the timing. It was too advanced so it caused hard starting, they also welded my intake manifold as I had a crack in it) and I just got a clicking noise, followed by nothing. I got out, checked under the hood that the battery was connected. Slammed the hood. Got back in and I had power.

    I replaced my battery cable clamps and cleaned the block ground. I’m cranking and turning over fine. Everything seems to work. Except what I stated above.

    A family member had his college class do the work for me so I know it was nothing intentional. I’m just running out of things to do, is there another ground point or anything anyone suggests? Anything is appreciated.

  28. Hello mate from England – I have to do mine in the coming days…..I thought I'd need some gasket seal for the new disc? But in your video it's just the new rubber seal and then tighten that up when you close it all. So no gasket seal/glue then?

  29. Reading through all the comments. Trust me folks- Scotty knows how lucky he had it on that Corvette. He’s had to drop more fuel tanks than all of us combined..

  30. Hey scot! My fathers 2003 Chevy Silverado has a gas gauge problem. Now it is not stuck on empty or full. It is completely fallen down where the arrow is pointing the ground. Would this be the same repair??

  31. Lmao, this happened to my car I recently bought. The guage worked fine for 3 days and I assumed my dad refilled it, but last night, soon as I got on the freeway, the throttle didn't wanna give in. Had to call a tow, but found out it didn't have any gas the next day -_- great night lol

  32. Hey, I posted a question on a live video you did today. I think my 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer electrical fuel gauge is not working properly. How can I test it to see if it’s incorrect?

  33. Hi I have a 2004 Saab 9-3 …I just had the gas gauge regulator put in and now my car is hesitating after putting gas in….yesterday I filled up my tank and the gauge did not go all the way to full until I drove 1.2 miles and my car literally stopped while driving….once I restarted it…the fuel gauge went back to full and car drove ok…still a little hesitant but eventually ran ok…..i got code p0446 AND p0300…..could this be from defective gas gauge…..I know the p0446 pertains to something else

  34. Does it make sense for a mechanic shop to charge $200 (troubleshooting ) the faulty gauge and the part will be another several hundred ( which we have yet to decide)????? Our 25 year old son is telling me this happened today. I'm unclear on this. Hes out $200 and car same as when he brought it in. It's a 2011 audi. Thank you. Please see help.

  35. Hey 👋 Scotty I recently had my mechanic replace my sending unit but it did not fix the problem of a misreading fuel gauge. He checked the wiring and relays and believes it’s the gauge cluster that went bad. Today I got a check engine light for PO462 Level sensor A circuit low input. Car runs fine just damn check engine problem now. What do you think it could be? My car is a 2003 Nissan Maxima SE.

    – Pedro

  36. I replace sending unit and now getting a over full reading but I know it only got 1/4 tank and it’s the same unit


  38. I have a fuel gauge problem very OD. took it out cleaned it, Works perfect. …. put it back in the tank, Not working. You can shack it. turn it. will not move the hand.. Oh its on a Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan. any ideal?? take it out of the tank move the float it goes full to empty Manually

  39. Hey Scotty my wife and i love ur videos we have a 01 impala the gas gauge floats is it a bad sending unit ? I try and do all my rrepairs myself. You r awesome

  40. I got a 1990 ford ranger 2.3L. The gas gauge is stuck on empty. But it works everyonce in awhile so it makes me think its electrical problem. Any ideas?

  41. Hello! Scotty! I have a 2010 Chevy Cobalt! The gas gauge is working but erratically! It shows empty, half, up & down, but never shows full, even though the tank is full! So, Scott- please send me your information and responses! Thanks! Cordially; Mr. Dee

  42. Hey Scotty my old float wasn’t showing full. So my dad changed the float and the pump today and my fuel gauge is showing below empty. What could cause that?

  43. Alright so I start up my 11 Ford CVPI and I have a dead fuel gauge. The Gas light is on, the tank shows empty and at first I assume someone stole my gas because yesterday night I had 3/4 of a tank. I turn off the car after I warm it up, let it sit and restart the engine to find a check engine light but my fuel gauge functions normally. The car runs fine and now I assume it is the fuel sending unit. Any thoughts gentlemen ?

  44. I change the fuel pump on my 93 Ford Explorer and the gas hand still goes all over the place. Got to be something else

  45. Hey Scotty, thanks for your awesome videos. I wish you could cover some of the trouble shooting part of the problem. It would be very instructional for us lacking car mechanics “common sense” and learning how you identify the source of the problem.

  46. My car is sporadic in the meter not reading properly. I once ran out of gas because the damn thing was stuck on full and while I knew that wasn't true, I also didn't have the money to keep putting in gas every few days. At least it ran out very close to where I bought it. They towed it for me the next day to their location and after tinkering to see if anything else was the issue, put $20 in the car and it started back up. I didn't have the money for the full issue to be resolved at the time.

    I usually only put $10 in the car since I dont go too many places, but this past week, I put in $20. This has now caused it to get stuck again. The car initially read 3 quarters full right after I started it but then jumped to full. So, eventually I'm going to need to replace this thing…or, more likely as I don't feel comfortable doing it myself, pay to have it done. I'm hoping it corrects itself again though. It's tried sticking itself to Full a few other times too but usually returns to normal after a day or two. It's been four days though so I'm getting nervous.

  47. 68 deville you have to bring that huge tank down just to get to the sending unit…. they should of made a little door in the trunk .🤣

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