How to Fix a Slipping Clutch in Your Car (Clutch Replacement)

How to Fix a Slipping Clutch in Your Car (Clutch Replacement)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car’s clutch is slipping then stay tuned,
because today I’m going to show you how to replace a clutch on your car,
now this Mazdas clutch has been slipping for a while, but now when you put it in
gear, it doesn’t even move when you give it gas, it just sits there, it’s slipping
so bad, so it’s time to put a new clutch in and here we go, so the first thing we
do is jack it up in the air, stick it up on jack stands, do both sides to get it nice
and level, then we crawl under the car, and since
this is a rear-wheel drive car, we got to remove the driveshaft,
and in the case of this Mazda, this big bars is in the way, so we have to bolt that
off first, then you take the bolts off the back of the driveshaft, and grab the end
of the shaft, and pull it out of the transmission, and move the backfiring off
so the transmission has room, with that out of the way, when we on both the
transmission we’ll be able to slide back, so we can get to the clutch, but
before we do that we got to get the gear shift out of the way, so we’ll take the
son of console piece out, get rid of the screws all around pull it up, after we
take all the screws out, we unscrew the gearshift knob, then the whole assembly pulls
out of the way, then you just remove the three little bolts in here, and then the
gearshift knob just pulls out of the way, then we’ll go back under the transmission
and unscrew the speedometer cable here, then pull it out of the way, so it
doesn’t get in the way, and now comes the fun part,
we got to take all the bolts off on a transmission that bolted it to the engine,
and some of them are real stinker positions, but with enough persistence
you can get all the bolts off, and you also have to unbolt the clutch slave
cylinder here, and move that out of the way, and before you drop the transmission
put a drip pan under the back, because fluid will drip down from the back of the
transmission where the driveshaft was taking off, now transmissions are pretty
heavy, so put a jack under the bottom of the transmission to hold it in place
while you slide it off the engine, and now that we’ve slid the transmission off,
here’s a clutch assembly in here we’ll just on bolt it, in this case the six
bolts holding the clutch on, you take all six off, then just give it a few taps of
the hammer a big screwdriver, and out it falls, as you can see on the
old clutch disk, it wore right down to the rivets, as you see here, the new one
the rivets are real deep, that’s how much thickness has worn off on the old one,
now whenever I replace a clutch, I buy a whole kit with all the parts, including this
cute little alignment tool, to align it back in right, it’s the best deal, buy the whole
kit, don’t buy one or two pieces, the kit comes with everything including a little
pilot bearing that goes inside here the hammer in, and it comes to the new throw out
bearing instead of this old junkie one that’s all worn out and doesn’t move much, it just
slips on the end of the yoke of the transmission, and even comes with this
little pack of grease, that you put a little bit of grease inside the splines,
so it slides on better, now the only trick you have to remember is, the side
with a lump in it faces the transmission, and the flat side in the front, faces the
engine, otherwise you’d put it in backwards, now some people will resurface
the flywheel here on the engine, but this one doesn’t have any grooves in there,
and it’s really smooth, so I just leave it alone, they’re very expensive, and in a
small car like this, they can last as long as a car, then you slide the clutch
alignment tool with a little clutch disk in place, so it’s set in place
correctly by the tool, then the clutch plate fits right on the top and bolts
back on, then you slide the transmission in, and it might take a lot of wiggling, then
put some big bolts on, to hold it in place while you jack the rest up, then
you slide the drive shaft back in the transmission, then you bolt the drive
shaft to the rear end, then after you bolt all the bottom in, put the gearshift
lever back in and bolt in, bolt it in place, and then screw the gearshift knob
back on, then Jack it up and get rid of the jack stands, let the car down, and
start her up and take for a spin, so the next time your clutch starts
slipping, why not replace it yourself, and remember if you got any car questions
just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. You need to do a video about clutch delay valves and why they’re worse for your clutch than a traditional valve. CDV deletes help eliminate missed shifts and less wear and tear on synchros. Thanks great videos!

  3. I thought it only takes 5mins to replace by myself. Now its 5hrs since I started. I haven't figured out how to remove my gear shift pedal.

  4. i always machine or replace the flywheel as I do with brakes, aftermarket flywheels are surprisingly cheap these days and gives a nice clean surface for clutch to bed down on. if ones slipped till it can't even move the car I bet the flywheels all heat scored and possibly cracked. I agree it adds cost but on older high milage cars might have seen 2 or 3 clutches on the same flywheel. its like 50 bucks at a machine shop if you take just the flywheel in or a couple beers to borrow a mates lathe for 5mins.

  5. Hey scotty I have a 6speed lsd gearbox on a high reving 20valve blacktop engine normally i could rev out 1st gear all the way up to 8200 rpm but now whenever I do that while shifting from 1st to 2nd the gear just won't go in no grating sounds or anything…however if I drive normally the gears go in perfect but only 1st-2nd sticks whenever I try launching the car is that a slipping clutch or another problem?

  6. back in the day if you clutch started slipping you would adjust the linkage a tad a and get home but when my 1999 gmc sonoma started slipping it blew the fu-k up before i made it home left stuff smoking all down the highway and blew the housing off my transmission nobody ever told me that could happen i would have listened if they told me

  7. why not take 10 more minutes put the transmission on the ground so you can easily replace the rear main seal as well

  8. Could anyone tell me what happened to my car? I put it in first gear and as I released the clutch I started to hear kind of like a clicking noise and so I took it off of first gear and back into neutral. I then attempted to move it again but when I released the clutch, my car wouldn’t move. I can release the clutch in any gear and it wont move, and it won’t stall if I don’t accelerate. I don’t even have to push in the clutch in order for it to go into gear now. Can anyone help. My car is a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T quattro

  9. I've seen 2 of ur clutch replacement videos and I gotta ask (idiot diy guy):
    1) why in this one you had to go to the rear and the other one you just oulled it out of the hood.
    2) How would you do it with an AWD car (I drive a Subaru)

  10. Hey so my car is an aoitomatic when I put it in drive it make a very loud ticking noise. It won't drive. When umi pit it in parking it makes the same tucking noise but Lauder. Can some one help me pls.

  11. Sounds like the clutch might have been the least of the worries the owner should have. Did anyone hear the knocking sound when he started it? Either has a bad timing chain issue or it has rod knock. Couldn’t tell from the short audio clip.

  12. Hello dear Sir! Can I change the clucth in the same way, to a Daihatsu Feroza/Sportrak, or I have to take out the engine? thank you

  13. Good video. But when replacing a clutch ALWAYS have your flywheel resurfaced. Heck it usually only costs $50-$60 and increases the life of your clutch and reduces the chance of having problems like chatter/slippage etc. Its also a good habit to replace your master&slave while your down there. Ive seen to many people replace their clutch and a week to a month later have the clutch pedal fall to the floor due to a failed master/slave cylinder.

  14. Can someone help me? I have an 03 Tacoma 5spd and it seems my 4th gear is worn out. I don’t know much about cars but whenever I’m driving and I shift into 4th gear, it’ll say in gear after driving on it for about 5 seconds and it’ll shoot itself back into neutral and make a slight grinding noise. It started the other day and it’s happened about 5 times so far. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it’ll act up. During the times it does that I’ll skip 4th and go straight from 3rd to 5th gear. When I shift gears from 1,2,3, and 5, they all seem to fit snug and tight into each gear (not sure how to explain that) but the 4tg gear feels like the shift stick thing won’t go all the way into gear. Kinda hard for me to explain. Anyways, I’ve talked to a few guys that know more about cars. Some say I’m low on transmission fluid (which is good right now) clutch is bad, fly wheel is bad, gear slippage, and to rebuild my whole tranny. Last thing I wanna do is take it to the shop and have them rape me with bullshit. Do you guys think it’s worth me putting money into it to get it fixed? Or should I try to sell it ASAP and find a new car? I’ve only had this truck for about 2yrs coming on 3. I’m the second owner and I’ve taken care of it very well. And it’s got a 107,000 miles on it

  15. Should I also do the Flywheel ??
    I call a store they say to do also the flywheel also, they make it sound as if it is totally necessary

  16. Hey Scotty, hopefully you can respond very quickly. I have a 1998 Honda Torneo with an automatic transmission. The connection from 1 of my solenoids broke, is it ok for me to still drive the car until I am able to take it to the shop tomorrow?

  17. I know you're auto pro but appreciate if you could make your video longer without editing much. Newbie might took 2 hours to do the same job

  18. A guy who is dumb as a door knob watches your videos and decides to follow you and he ends up knowing that he got an AUTO transmission….scotty i really like your videos and i enjoy them cuz i myself have been working under the cars for almost 2 decades so i would like to request you as you are my senior please also mention in your videos that to follow your videos a viewer must have some experience in garage work…love from Australia.

  19. he is joking right…i will be more then happy to pay 513 bucks for the job,,,,oh wait ,,i did ,,,thanks lube mobile,2 yr grantee,sweet

  20. Scotty, I notice u changed the clutch on the ground without a lift. I seen a couple of your videos doing this. So I wanted to do one on a 07 Mercedes c230 but wasn't sure of the ground jack raise height. Any suggestions ??

  21. Hey scotty I really like your utube videos, very helpful, I want to ask you a question, I have a 04 GMC CANYON 5 speed, but my 3rd gear pops out it will not stay in gear, why wont it stay in gear??

  22. I just got new clutch, pressure plate, trow out barring, front lower engine mount, bleed clutch, topped off transmission fluid, clutch master cylinder but now unfortunately I'm burning so much gas. I have a 1995 Toyota corrolla. Do I need a tune up?

  23. I've been wondering how fed up are those neighbors with Scotty yelling and rewing up his engines like hell years after another? I still love him, he's so nice and funny with his own way and gives us amazing tips how to protect car and save tons of euros or dollars.

  24. I just did it on my car but the new one didn't fit so I took it back to the store and bought another one with the same problem. both clutches were supposed to fit on my car, anyone have any tips?

  25. Us old geeks used to use paint stick to match mark drive shaft to companion flange . Do you young guys have cars with better balancing?

  26. Sure pal . What about the all the parts that fall out when you loosen the bolts? Or the I got 2 bolts left over but it runs….

  27. I changed the clutch in my car and it took over 10 hours .. this is best case senecio. I had to remove the fuse box, coolant reservoir, then had to remove the sub frame which included axles, tie rods , sway bar links, steering rack and every bolt was either seized or rusted. It was messy.

  28. U know I've never used a allighnment tool, I always use a deep socket with extension bar, works for me every time!

    Your a jammy git, rear wheel drive is easyer than front wheel drive, I got the wife's front wheel drive ford focus to do, I can think of more fun things!

  29. I had my clutch replaced 3 times in 5 years. They resurfaced the flywheel the first 2 times and put in the entire kit each time. The third time the mechanic suggested a new flywheel to solve the early burned clutch problem and that seems to have fixed it. When you just eyeball the flywheel and declare it smooth, I have to be skeptical. I would at least resurface the flywheel when installing any new clutch.
    That said, I do not think I could buy all the tools and find a space to do this myself.

  30. Thank you. Now I know why I’m going to pay Ford 1500.00 to replace mine. ( I’m a girl, and I don’t do clutches. I just had my nails done. )

  31. a 4:41 second clutch change sounds like heaven.

    in reality we will all be here 5- 9 hours struggling, getting frustrated, throwing tools, cursing every word in the book, and taking out our anger on the dog and the girl

  32. Hi Scotty, How often do I need to replace the clutch ? Once a year or twice a year/ only replacing when the cluth is slipping ?

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