How to Fix a Water Leak in Your Car

How to Fix a Water Leak in Your Car

rev up your engines, if your car has
water leaking inside it, then today’s your lucky day cuz I’m gonna show you
how to find where the leak is coming from and how to fix it, now water leaks
come from about four main places in cars, the first one is if it only happens
when you turn the AC on, that means your AC evaporator is clogged up, the water’s
building up and spilling inside the car so, jack your car up in the air and stick
a jack stand under there so you don’t get crushed, then crawl under the car and look
for the drain hose now it’s a black rubber hose that in many cases you can
see from the bottom but in this case this power steering is in a way so we’ll
get to it from the top and we’ll go inside the hood here’s the firewall when we
go down here, here’s the AC drain hose there’s the end of it here,
something inside gets clogged up all you have to do is put a garden hose over
this little hole and in this case the garden hose is a little bit too big, so I
get another hose that I can stick the garden hose in and then stick the other
end of this hose I’m the drain hose to clean it out, the other end of this hose
just slips right over the drain hose and if you want a tight fit, you can put a
little duct tape on it so that it’s really tight and it doesn’t leak, then
you just give the hose a bunch of quick bursts and that can clean out the
debris, it can be that easy just do it every once in a while and pray that you
don’t have a Jeep or other chrysler products cuz many of them, the drain hose
is inside the frame of the car and you can’t get to it they were evil, you gotta
take the whole dash apart to clean that and it cost a fortune, another reason not to buy
them and don’t put your hose away yet cuz here’s the second place that they
often leak from, your intake vents suck in air but they also suck in
dirt and leaves and there is an actual little drain dam that runs under them
and the water is supposed to drain down to the fender and come out right down here,
as you can see here there’s some of the dirty little needles from the trees that
fall out they’re trying to make their way through, you got to make sure that
this drain is clean and not clogged up with stuff, mine is getting clogged up
with stuff, so you get your hose again and squirt it off,
clean all the crud out and if it’s really bad like this, you might have to
get an ice pick or get an old coat hanger take it apart and poke it up
there to get all the crud out, because if these drains get clogged up,
then the little drain areas that they go through the little gutters will back up
and water will come dripping inside the car and the same thing holds true for
the inside of your doors, look at this, the inside of the doors they have a little
drain holes in it too, here’s the drain hole, you need to clean these out every
once in a while because none of these seals on the windows are perfect their not
made to be, water always gets in gets in the door and then it drains out the
bottom, those drains are clogged the door will fill up with water and water I’ll
get in the car and you’ll hear it sloshing when you take corners and speaking of water
leaks, check the trim inside the seals make sure it’s not cracked, look at that my
own car tried to bite me, now being a professional mechanic I actually have
ultrasonic machines that can find these leaks where there’s holes faster than
you can, I use this ultrasonic bomb you turn it on, you’re not gonna hear
anything, but it makes an ultrasonic sound and you throw it in the car, then
you put on these headphones plug them into the ultrasonic listening device and
check for where there’s an air gap you’ll hear the noise coming out louder,
when the noise gets loudest that’s where the break in the material is and then
you’ll be able to find the rip even faster, well I doubt most do it yourself
guys are gonna go buy this but the advantage of this is, let’s say that the
trim isn’t cracked but the door or the window is askew and it’s not gripping
right in one part, this will pick it up really fast, but if you want the cheap
man’s way to find air leaks where water can come in, just get a bucket fill it
with water and a little vegetable dye like red that really stands out then
when you pour it all over on the inside where you see red dye coming in, you know
that’s where the leaks coming from, now the fourth and last one I’m talking
about today where leaks commonly come from, are sun roofs leaking, now it might
sound a little crazy but all Sun roofs leak to some extent, the seals out here
aren’t perfect seals there’s little drains inside to sunroof that take the
little bit of excess water that get in and drain them out on the bottom of the
car, when you look inside the sunroof look right here, there’s a drain hole
that big circle, now some cars have as many as four drain holes in their sunroof, find
out how many yours has and clean them every once in a while, you can squirt a
little hose in there to clean them, sometimes I
used a little compressed air, you just want to make sure it’s clean because
you’re always getting water inside that drain pan inside it, that top seal isn’t
perfect and if those little holes clog up, then it’ll start dripping it on the
top and get all over the place, now I have to clean my wife’s all the time
because I park it under this beautiful Chinese Arbor Vita tree, which puts a lot
of stuff out, so I’m always cleaning it out so she doesn’t get wet, it’s a little
more labor-intensive yes but being on hot humid Texas that shade keeps this
car looking good and keeps the leather from cracking, so I don’t mind cleaning
it every once in a while to save all that other stuff by putting it in the
shade, so now you know how to find and fix water leaks in your car, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  2. Another thing is to never buy a car with a sunroof to start with and that is one leak you will never have to deal with. Don't get me wrong they are nice but if you keep a car for awhile like I do they will start to leak it's just their nature. As always good video Scottie.

  3. I keep finding water in the trunk of my 91 accord. As far as I can test the water is not coming in around the trunk lid seal. Any suggestions on where to look next?

  4. That explains why my sunroof leaks every time I went through the car wash (water would leak through the ceiling). I had made an appointment with the dealership; then cancelled as I didn't want to spend money. I just figured that I wouldn't go through the car wash anymore.

    I think i'll just spray the drains in the sunroof with a hose on the rinse setting to clear them out.. As I hate washing my car by hand in the winter…

    Thanks Scotty

  5. It’s better when your car doesn’t have A/C, a sunroof or windows.
    You don’t need windows.
    No leaks then.

  6. hey scotty I want to know how to keep my mustang gt 09 running for a long time. what should I be doing as I get more hp and over 100k? I would love to know more about my engine while Im learning about em.

  7. Ever hear he joke about car buyers. Most are driving company cars. As in the dealer finance companies actually owns the cars not the buyer

  8. How can i message or email you scotty im a new yorker w a 2000 lexus gs300 water being dumped onto passenger side floor, resealed windshield, have a tarp on it, and the a/c system not used and doesn't worked car is not being used and parked

  9. Scotty looking at buying a 06 toyota highlander with 100k miles. Dealer wants $6,500. Is this a good price? Also what should i look out for when buying it any problems i should know about. P.S. love the show. Its great!

  10. Great video and advice. Thanks Scotty.

    I have a 97 Civic that has a leaks in the trunk. Any thoughts? BTW, The trim is in good shape. No damage that I can see.

  11. to find a water leak around a windshield mix up soap & water solution & brush around the windshield & use an air compressor & blow gun & blow air from inside & look for bubbles outside! & BOB'S YOUR UNCLE!!

  12. Hey scotty I'm not sure what's going on with my cars steering wheel it vibrates when I go over 50 and squeaks . Not sure how to fix . I have a 2000 mustang

  13. Happy Birthday, Scotty! My sons older Lexus was leaking around the sunroof and we didn't want to hit with an air hose for fear of a separation inside the pillar someone told us could happen so I put a long piece of weedwacker filament gently working it back and forth a little as I went all of the ways down through the drains until I could see it on the ground each time. Problem solved and I didn't even have to cut the filament off of the reel so it was a free tool since I had another use for it when I bought it in the first place. Love your videos.

  14. I've watched a lot of your videos, and find them very entertaining and useful. however, your new "meme" format is stupid. Tell your editor to knock it off. We are not 11 year old kids that need something to keep our attention. Most of the pictures are irrelevant. You don't need to fit in. Scotty Kilmer is his own brand on Youtube, and I watch for the unique perspective he offers. No need for all the extra whatnot….
    Thanks Scotty! Keep it up!

  15. I have a 2009 dodge journey rt with 70,000 miles fixed intake manifold just had transmission rebuilt, then had to replace radiator and rad fan…should I sell? Or keep it ?

  16. I have a 98 Jeep tj 4.0 and the temp gauge says about 190-200 degrees when it is fully warmed up. It’s supposed to be running at 210. I just put in a new thermostat and no change. What could this be. Also my heat is warm but not hot. Could they be related?

  17. belated happy birthday sir,,i just want ask because i want to change the oil of my car toyota camry 93 model,what sort of oil should i buy,thanks sir scotty

  18. Hi Scotty. You missed out roof mounted radio antennas. When the seal around them hardens, they start leaking too.

  19. A lot of these issues can be avoided by parking away from falling leaves. I try keeping the cowl vent clear by routinely picking the leaves & sticks out. Great video thanks.

  20. Thank you Scotty I do have a leak in my car and I will try to steps that you suggested to find the leak

  21. I had the sunroof leak issue. There was a small crack where one of the rear tubes connected to the track. I had to pull down the headliner, clean the area with rubbing alcohol, then apply silicone sealant. Another cause of leaks inside your vehicle is a bad heater core.

  22. Hey Scotty, Everyone a trick I do for the sunroof drains is warm soapy water in a spray bottle and the largest gauge weedeater string .

    1st clean all debris from the sunroof drain pan area
    Spray a little of the warm soapy water into the drain holes using a length of weed eater string gently work it back and forth back and forth until you get all the way down and it will exit the car just in front of the door from the bottom of the fender.
    If the holes are really dirty you'll notice as you pull the string out it'll be black and nasty that's the way it is an undercover the woods over here just east of you in Arkansas we have lots of pine trees sweet gum trees and oak trees drop all manner of organic material on our car
    It may take several patient trip of soapy water running the weed eater string into the drain hole to get them completely clear once the string extends through the bottom of the car through the drains always run a little bit of warm soapy water in a spray bottle I use a garden sprayer 2-gallon garden sprayer you can use a regular spray bottle.
    Thanks Scotty I hope my little to help someone and may help you too and I appreciate your videos have a great day thanks.

  23. Use dye so not only does your interior have water stains but now they are even more noticeable. Use red so it looks like a murder scene

  24. Scotty i am having water leaking in my 2014 ford explorer no sunroof. But we get water inside dont know where its coming from. Can you help?

  25. I'm getting a water leak inside my 2008 Altima on the floor carpet behind the drives seat in the back. Can't quite figure out where its coming from. It makes the car smell bad. I think it only happens when the AC is running.

  26. Hey Scotty, after the water leak has been solved, how do you make sure that there isn't mold, mildew or even rust developing under the rug? Taking the rug out is a big job.

  27. Happy belated birthday – just the video i need, thanks. BTW do video on ELM scanners and software. I have a scanner and one software says one code and another says another code? is it the bluetooth device or software that is the cause?

  28. Mr Scotty. I'm looking at buying a vt Calais international. It's got the Buick 3.8 supercharged v6. It's got a blown head gasket and I'm thinking I'll just do it my self. the cars got about 140000 miles which isn't much for that car. thanks Scotty

  29. Hey Scotty I have a 2002 Ford Mustang 3.8 and I seem to have a problem with it right now when I turn on the car and the AC is on the voltage seems to go real low as soon as I turn the AC off and turn the car back on voltage is great. Turn it back to turn the AC back on and voltage is low again seems to be shorting my voltage do you know what the problem is

  30. My 99 Wrangler is letting water in on heavy rain days. Thanks for the help tracking it down. Turned out to be a clogged vent

  31. quick question Scotty, doesn't pertain to water leaks tho. Why does my car smell like gas really bad after starting it and driving for miles??

  32. Thanks, my 2016 volvo s40 5 cylinder 160.000 miles runs great, however leaks everywhere…. I will do your recommendations and 🙊 thanks.

  33. Pressurised Air nozzle and soapy water, my favourite! Just spray the soapy water in the area and blow pressurised air beneath the leaking area, will create bubbles where the leak is

  34. I've been trying to figure out where water is leaking into my 2010 Ford Escape and have come up empty. Does anyone know the best place to take it ? I was thinking a body shop or the dealer. Appreciate the help

  35. What about leaks in the trunk Scotty? Thought leak was entering through the seal around the trunk door itself. I purchased glue because the right side was raised. Only to note the seal doesn’t require glueing but did it anyway. Still leaks but now instead of where the jack sets it’s going into the spare tire well. I’ve taken the plug out and leaving it out…it stinks. Been ripped by the dealer. They said they adjusted the trunk…no they didn’t and charged $60bucks to leave a greasy handprint on the trunk. Said I’d need a leak expert. They take me every time trying to get $100.00 when I go therefor oil changes. Vehicle is a ‘09 Camry. I do have a sunroof. Thanks. sat because I had to clean up black tree grim on windows and leaves and acorns under the hood.

  36. Your not a loud to retire Scotty ,if you do we will have the Democrats come after you.! People like Maxine Waters, Adam Shiff, Elysia Cummings, Nancy Bologni. You get my drift. Your not going to retire,right!

  37. Another good one is the cabin air filter housing thing. I noticed the seal was in bad shape so I redone it in silicon. Got tired of rain water dripping in my floorboard

  38. Scotty where can I find the drainage hose of my car (nissan x trail 2003) can someone help me please the rear passenger carpet of the car gets wet i hope this method with fix the problem

  39. I had this very same problem. I took my car to 2 different mechanics and they both wanted $800-$1000 to tear out the dash and install a new heater core. Watched your video and 30 min later unclogged the drain tube no problem. Thanks!

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