How to Fix Car AC (the Easy Way)

Rev up your engine! It’s time for I know that you and Frank were
planning to disconnect me. And I’m afraid that’s something
I cannot allow to happen. Oh yeah? That’s what you think. I’ll disconnect
you if I want to. You may not know it, but most
modern-day air conditioning systems in cars are
computer driven. And like HAL, they
can turn against you, and you won’t have any cold air. So this morning, I’m
going to show you how to bypass your air
conditioning computer system with a simple, little
$30 thermostat switch. Your air conditioning
clutch is turned on by an electric switch. And if the computer
isn’t working right, it won’t turn it on. So here’s how you can
bypass all the computers. Unplug the switch. Then get some wire, and
run wire from the switch, inside the vehicle. There’s a million holes
in your car to go through. Where this cable goes through,
there’s a rubber outlet. Just push it through
with a screwdriver, then run the wire inside. Then after you pull
the wire through, connect one end to a toggle
switch, which you can mount anywhere that you want. Just drill a little
hole and bolt it in. Then you get your thermostat
and connect the wire to the end, right here. Now comes the hard part. This measures the temperature
of your evaporator. On the Ford, the
evaporator is right here, in this plastic case. You drill a tiny little hole. Now be careful when
you’re drilling a hole because you don’t want to
make a hole in the evaporator. You only need to drill
it about that deep. Just find a nice part in
the plastic tubing and– [DRILLING] Then you get
the end of the tube, and push it in the hole until
it rubs against the evaporator and is touching it, so it
measures the temperature. Then run a wire to the
out, to your battery. Now when you connect it
to the positive terminal of your battery, make sure you
use a fuse assembly to make the whole thing safe. This is a 10-amp fuse which
is good for the AC clutch. Now if your AC computer goes
bad and you want to fix it the way it was
designed, sometimes you have to spend $700 or $800. This little thermostat,
hey, it only cost $30. Now this particular thermostat
was designed for a Mazda, but they all work the same way. They measure the temperature
in the evaporator, and you can set them
colder or warmer by turning these little screws. Now they may not
have them in stock, but they can order for you
at any good auto parts store. They’re not that expensive. And as you can see, they’re
very simple to put in. That’s the way cars used
to be when things were simpler and cost less to fix. So if your car’s air
conditioning computer hasn’t been working right lately– I know everything hasn’t
been quite right with me, but I can assure you
now very confidently, that it’s going to
be all right again. Forget space-age technology. Buy yourself one of
these $30 thermostats. This is Scotty Kilmer,
helping you crank it up. And as always, if you
have any car questions, just go to,
and I’ll answer them.

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