How To Fix Cars Using a High Level Scan Tool

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel now if you’ve ever checked under the hood
of a modern car, you’ll notice everything is run by computers, the ABS braking
system is all run by computers and the fuel injection system is all run by
computers, as is the ignition system and to understand what these computers are
doing, sometimes to fix a modern car you just have to break down and buy another
computer to analyze them, and my newest computer tool to do that is made by a
company called Autel, it’s called the MaxiDAS now you can bet it wasn’t
cheap I paid about $1600 for this unit but for what it does, it’s worth the
price and much more, I’ll show you how it works on this 98 Toyota Corolla, first
thing you do is find the data port which is right here, you just take the cover
off there it is, you just plug in right there, you can see this car is running
and there’s no check engine light on, but in a modern car that doesn’t mean that
much, there’s all kinds of problems that can exist in the car that don’t trip a
check engine light code, but this baby can find them, we’ll just turn it on, then
we’ll click on Toyota, now it’s starting to analyze and it’s a Corolla, so we’ll
click on that, date and now it’s giving us a choice, what I always do first is
click the auto scan, it goes through all the systems of the car and analyzes to
see if there’s any problems that exist you can see it’s doing its job and
checking through all the different systems, and it’s found two faults here
in the engine and ect system, so we’ll click OK and we’ll find out what it is,
we’ll click on read codes and as you can see, it as two codes P 2103 and P 2118
then for each code, we can click on freeze frame data and it’ll show us what
happened when that code tripped and here’s all the data, it goes on for pages,
a good mechanic learns how to analyze all that data and this machine has
something else up its sleeve, it also has a bunch of active tests you can do, you
can activate any of these relevant tests, just go through and look at them
all and see which one is relevant that way you can activate parts to test to
see if they’re working correctly rather than just guessing wildly with a code
and thinking that one part is bad just because it tripped a code, because
unfortunately these codes are relatively generic, one code can have scores of
different causes, so you need to test because even though I’ve been working on
cars to the last forty four years, on a modern car for some systems even I’m
lost without one of these scan computers really they’re just making them too
complex and without one of these tools there’s no way you can fix a bunch of
systems, but at least this tool works on all kinds of cars, all these different
Japanese cars, all these European makes and even GM Ford and Chrysler, so at
least I don’t have to go out and buy forty different scan tools, because if I had to
spend money on yet another tool, I want to get the most from my money and get
one that does as much as possible and remember if you have any car questions
just visit Scotty

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