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  1. Whenever i plug the aux and press the aux/cd button it says no media. Qill this also help for that issue cause the radio works for everything else except that.

  2. just wanted to say Thank You, Just reset the radio and problem solved, I was looking into having to buy another radio. So you saved me $$$.

  3. friend the radio of my car does not read cd mp3, also the air conditioning sometimes activates the ventilate and sometimes this problem will not be related its elantra 2008

  4. On my husband's account-Will it fix the cd player? Got a cd that won't eject and or play even though orange light is always on.Cd player,(got car used)worked for years up until about a year or so ago.Service department said it could be fixed for $900,NO THANKS

  5. In my Elantra it shows Bluetooth logo.. I pressed many button combination at last it came "pairing mode" now I forgot which combination buttons worked at that time… Please help me to reconnect bluetooth

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