How To Foam A Classic Show Car – 1954 Buick Special – Chemical Guys

How To Foam A Classic Show Car – 1954 Buick Special – Chemical Guys

What’s up cats and kittens welcome back to the
Detail Garage! Today as you can see we have a
1954 Buick Special. It’s black which shows any kind of imperfection
as well as dirt and debris. This car has been sitting outside of my buddies
shop where it has collected a lot of dust and some water spots but we’re going to take
care of that today using our TORQ Foam Cannon and Black Light Soap. Black Light Soap is designed for dark colored
cars to produce a lot of foam which acts as lubrication and also that foaming action emulsifies
any dirt or debris so you won’t scratch the finish. To get started I’ve got my two buckets set
up here, we’re going to place one Dirt Trap in each bucket. I’ve gone with black and red, the color doesn’t
make a difference but since this car has a black exterior and a red interior it makes
a neat combination. We’ll place one inside of our clean bucket
and this is where we will put our soap. I place it in at an angle this way we don’t
trap any air underneath it and as you press it all the way to the bottom it will create
a seal and this way when you wring your wash mitt inside of here it will prevent dirt from
coming back up through the cones. Over here I have a rinse bucket that I will
place the second Dirt Trap in. This is to further reduce the amount of dirt
and debris that is returning to the vehicle. So now that I’ve got both Dirt Traps set up
I’m going to load up our wash bucket. Using about an ounce of Black Light Soap for
the bucket and I’ll also fill up our Foam Cannon while we’re at it. I’ve already pre-filled this bottle with water
and now I’ll add about an ounce of the solution to the water bottle. Now I’ll reattach the top and mix it all together
this way the water and soap solution can create a decent amount of foam. The foam, like I said, is going to help emulsify
the dirt and it is also acting as lubrication and this lubrication reduces the chances of
scratching for a perfect scratch-free shine. So before we start foaming up the car we are
going to activate the suds in this bucket and then we can rinse down the car that way
we can knock off as much of the loose dirt and debris as we can and then we’ll attach
the Foam Cannon and start foaming and washing this baby. So, now I’m done foaming the car we are going
to start washing it. Using our Wash Pad, this is going to trap
a lot of foam and the foam is going to lubricate which reduces scratches. I’ll take it over to the vehicle and starting
at the highest point. We’ll work in straight lines and this is pulling
off all the dirt and debris without scratching. As you wash you’re going to start picking
up all that dirt and debris but that is what your second bucket is for, you’ll press the
pad all the way down against the Dirt Trap and that is helping release any of the grime
that is stuck in the noodles and trap them underneath cones this way you’re not bringing
it back on the car. I’ll wring it out on the ground. By wringing it out on the ground I’m taking
as much of the filth and debris out of the bucket to prevent it from getting back on
the car. We’ll grab some more foam and keep on washing. So by using the Wash Pad I was able to safely
remove all the dirt and debris that was sitting on top of the surface. Also by using the Black Light Soap it has
created tons of shaving cream thick foam which acts as lubrication so we don’t scratch it. Now black is something that shows any kind
of imperfection but this being a classic car we want to take as much precaution that way
we don’t damage the finish. So, to prevent water spots and the soap from
drying we are going to rinse it off now. Typically on a sunny day you don’t have much
time to work with this but since it’s pretty gloomy out we’re going to take our time and
make sure we get all the water off of it and we’ll dry it for a perfect dry finish. So now that the car is all rinsed down, I’m
going to take off all the water so we don’t create any water spots. To help me accomplish that I’m using our Woolly
Mammoth Drying Towel. This towel is super plush so it’s going to
pick up all that water without streaking and since it has this silk banded edge we don’t
have to worry about installing new swirls or scratches. Just like I did when I was washing I’ll start
at the highest point. I’ll drape this on the vehicle and gently
pull off all this water. You can always fold it in four to buff off
or if you are working on small sections just as long as you get all that water off for
a perfect streak-free shine. Alright guys, I’ve just finished washing and
drying this 1954 Buick Special. It’s a mild custom, it has these side pipes
and MOON discs. Just looking at the paintwork you can tell
it’s really shiny. Using Black Light Soap I was able to emulsify
all the dirt and debris that was sitting on the surface and since it creates these thick
suds it lubricates so we don’t add any new scratches or swirls. So tomorrow we’ll bring it back and coat it
with C9 and that is going to give it a slick finish and prevent harmful UV rays from degrading the finish. So if you want to learn more about these products check them out on our website If you like this car or this video or if you just like pressing buttons go ahead and hit that like and subscribe button. We’ll see you guys next time right here in the
Detail Garage.

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  1. Can you guys make new videos and not repeat them? Like teach us something new and go really in depth instead of making 10 different videos on the same subject.

  2. not trying to be rude or funny but how is this different from foaming a brand new car or any other car for that matter. also where is Jen have not seen her on in a while

  3. Man my car was so dirty I washed it yesterday using my foam cannon and pressure washer and two buckets and it looks mint. I had to wash it twice that's how dirty it was used so much soap I had a blast. Take care chemguys I love the videos.


    Your number one fan


  4. Not sure I get the point of doing the "drape and dry" blotting method when you're just going to proceed to drag it across the car.

  5. For the foam cannon. Do you use regular hose water to fill it up? Or distilled water? And how much water do you fill it up with?

  6. You guys post far too many videos. All the same average content with different vehicles. You need more high quality content that isn't already covered by another 456 videos on your channel.

  7. I'm a big fan of Chem Guys products and vids. I heard him mention putting C9 on the car to block UV rays. Don't waxes already block UV?

  8. I've read a few articles stating that water washing classic cars is a no no due to possible areas of rust. I know this video is old but was looking for a classic car you guys washed. Please shed some insight on this for me please and keep up the great products.

  9. I have a 55 Buick Special and to answer some of the questions/snarky comments "so… the same as any other car then?" Well yes. In fact as it turns out it IS… but with 50 year old paint it's good to KNOW that it's the same process, which as it turns out in my case is exactly why I watched the video. Thanks gentlemen for posting.

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