How to Get A FREE Car! | Seriously!

How to Get A FREE Car! | Seriously!

some of the questions that keep me up at
night how can I get a free car so I can use that money instead to go traveling
hi guys if you’re new to my channel my name is Kat Theo and whether you can
afford a car or not if you live in the United States or Canada or Mexico or
many places that don’t have public transportation you’re gonna have to have
a car to get to work to get groceries to go traveling or
whatever the case may be you’re gonna have to have a car but did you know you
can get a free car I mean if y’all are appreciate all this
information let me borrow your thumb again for a
second it just click that like button I would really appreciate it
I’m so annoyed today so today we are gonna be talking about how you can get a
free car all of these ways are legitimate and none of them are scams
it’s not gonna be any like weird things going on there are ways to get a free
car I bet you didn’t know any of them until now let’s go so just like in my other video how to
get a computer for free if you haven’t check that out you should it’s right
here just click there but essentially it’s not gonna be for people that I can
afford a car or can afford a computer it’s gonna be for people that are a low
income but someone who that might qualify for a free car also veterans
active duty military victims of domestic violence those with medical disabilities
victims of national disasters families making a transition from public
assistance to work and just poor working-class people like kind of like
myself I’m gonna go over briefly some of the requirements but do click on the
links and look up if you’re illegible or not you know go through the websites and
know it’s not an affiliate link it’s literally just a link on the website you
can just google it it will come up as well the first company is called cars
for Christmas cars for Christmas is a wonderful organization that provides
free cars but not just for Christmas but all year around all you have to do is
fill out the form and wait for approval so yeah it’s that easy
the second company is called cars for Heroes cars for Heroes is another
partner with cars for Christmas as the name suggests cars for Heroes is an
organization that provides free cars to responders veterans active duty military
and their families so if you’re currently serving in the military or you
serve in the military you and your family can request a vehicle form for
cars for Heroes it definitely does pay to be in the military
my third organization is called good news garage
good news garage is a donation charity that don’t need cars trucks vans to
illegible recipients however if you are located in the New England area you
could get a car from them how this organization works is people donate
their old cars to them and then they can donate those cars to you each state in
the New England area has their own requirements so do make sure to look
at your state’s requirements specifically before you call them when
you have already looked over all the requirements and see that you do qualify
then all you have to do is call them up tell them your area code and leave them
a good contact number my fourth organization is called 800
charity cars 800 charity cars is a well-known company that pairs donated
cars with families 800 charity cars has been around since 1996 and they’ve been
helping disadvantaged families get transportation so they can go to work
and they can go to church they can take their kids to school it’s a really great
organization 800 charity cars is all is also another organization where people
donate cars to them and then they donate to you just check the link in the
description to see who can apply and what you need to be legible my fifth
organization is called online card donation online card donation is an
organization that helps families and it need but what’s great about this
organization that’s different from the others is that they review each and
every card donation as well as every person that applies is on a case-to-case
basis so if you don’t qualify for the other organizations you just might
qualify for this one they help a variety of different people but especially
people that have served in the military active duty military if you are a victim
of domestic violence but they’ve also helped people who are are living and
have lived in homeless shelters and those with disabilities my six
organization is vehicles for change vehicles for change you can get a
donated car as well however it is not necessarily going to be entirely for
free sorry that was a little bit of clickbait however they do receive these
cars out of donations so these cars are free for them but then they offer these
cars to for very affordable prices to families located in in Maryland in
Northern Virginia and Michigan no one’s ever doing this in Nebraska I
don’t know why my seventh organization is called with causes if you did watch
my comfrey computer video which you can look at that up here they also deal with
some cars so with causes they deal with of right
people that are domestic violence victims veterans active duty military in
their family and homeless people if you’re in a desperate need and need to
get a car with causes is a really good company to go with however if you are
receiving any kind of assistance from the government as far as snap food
stamps TANF SSI SSDI welfare or any other kind of assistance
this may terminate your government assistance because you’re receiving a
tangible item from this organization my 8th organization is called modest needs
modest needs provides assistance to individuals and families in the United
States and in Canada – needs doesn’t offer a free car per se but they offer
grants that you can use to get a car if you do qualify for modest needs at
modest needs grant they will give you enough money to purchase a new car not a
new car but new for you car my ninth and last organization is United Way
worldwide United Way worldwide a nonprofit organization that works with
more than 1,800 communities in 40 plus countries and territories around the
world one of the most known programs is to one one to one one is a confidential
service that is supposed to help people throughout the United States to find
nearby resources if you’re struggling to afford a vehicle it is worth contacting
them and they can set you up with someone that can help you and talk you
through the program specifically and of course it’s free okay number 10 it’s a
little bit of a bonus it’s not a way to get a free car sorry I could not find
another one that actually was legitimate but if you wrap your car in
advertisement a car that you already have this can pay you 400 you know up to
like six hundred dollars a month by just wrapping your car if you have a call
ready but you want to make money from your car you should check out this video
because it’s pretty fantastic okay but thanks for watching this video if you
liked it you know please tell me some support in the comment section and if
there’s any other ways that you know about please share it
help the community we’re community and I will see you in the next video bye-bye

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  1. Hey guys! It's MONEY MONDAY!! To all the service members out there THANK YOU for your service! If you need a free car, I got you! Seriously thanks for all the love and support! USA only, Sorry!
    Kat Theo

  2. I'm so happy for all the great helpful videos you post about so many wonderful help things, your a life saver
    Keep going girl Love ya!!!

  3. HEY! Kat Theo! I don’t know if ANYONE has told you, BUT… YOU ROCK! Thank you for CONTINUALLY coming on here to “pay- it-forward’! Lord’s CONTINUOUS BLESSINGS be upon your life! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾

  4. You have no idea how major this info is for me right now! Been brainstorming what I'm going to do for a car when I move back to the states soon. Gonna try the cars4heroes.

  5. Today I prayed and asked God for a more dependable car and BOOM this video pops up on my home page. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Now I am ready to receive my car sent from God himself. Amen 🙏🏾

  6. please help get a car im disable,Have been homeless in Michigan, I have been sexual harassed for three years by apartment maintenance with no help from Michigan dept of Civil Rights, not help from fair housing. and I can prove it all on tape recording. this matter of my suffering is still going yet still 2019 . Please help find the right company to help me get a car in Michigan no job ,I need a car crash TTY I be able to go back to school.need a card to help me get my goal reached please help me Today .

  7. Very good info. I shared your video. I know a few people who may be in need. Thanks!!!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these organizations. I work with youth transitioning out of foster care & learning to become more independent. I'm always researching ways to better assist them to get started in their young adulthood. Thank you again!🙌🏾 New subscriber!

  9. You are so good at this! Thank you for all your help. Your channel is amazing, I'd love to visit Spain one day.

  10. I wish people would know that this is just a way for marketers to get your personal info for free.

  11. I have set up a gofundme due to my car breaking down. I just started a new job. I will be let go if no reliable car. I dont think getting a free car will work. However I really need help please go to for a vehicle. Thank you for your help. Please help

  12. WOW, I got some good info today. Thank You, I will try those programs out. This site is free to use and gives money away.

  13. Hi Kat. My husband and I are homeless seniors living with our fur babys in a 1992 van that is not doing well. It would be such a blessing to get a newer van. Will definitely try these sites. Do you know if any of these sites work?

  14. Kat you are awesome times 10! You always have such great and valuable information. This came right on time because I just moved and need a car. I will check out the links below, Thank you. Have a fantastic day!

  15. This Gorgeous.. but help a beautiful Africa-America-👸 Queen out and spill the Tea on how you added all those pop ups???? Thanks for helping a YouTube Virgin (hence the reason Why my vids are private)

  16. Me and my 1 year old have to walk over 10 miles in the blistering heat no thanks to my parents. I was paying them for the loan they got on the vehicle and the money I was giving them was going somewhere else I guess because I went to leave to go to a interview one day and my car had "vanished" they don't care about their grandson one bit. I have tried the cars for Christmas and I have been waiting almost 2 years and never heard anything.

  17. You have this corkiness about you thats funny! I like your videos its very informative but your also not boring! There's a lot of information I know I need to take it but feels like I must be strapped to a chair to pay attention because its honestly borrow…

  18. Thank you for thinking not to only yourself but to all that could need a boost. God bless you and your family, abundantly.

  19. Hi, Kat Theo.. This is Lindsey Shaffer checking in,.. weve helped each other with facebook Ads, helping me to get 2 free laptops ect… I wanted to check in with you as well as Everybody oh here, if anyone know of any Car rental Comanies I can rent my car out to for half of the day and get payed for renting my car out to a rental company, please let me know,… Im also looking for a Car rental place that will do this for me But also Repair my Car,becasue its dead then after its repaired sighn douments with the Car rental place to rent it out to them and get it back by the end of the day,… If anyone knows any car companies that do this please let me know,… Thanks Everyone 🙂

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