How to Get a Good Deal When Buying a Used Car

How to Get a Good Deal When Buying a Used Car

Rev up your engines,
cara says scotty I recently bought a 06 scion tc 112,000 miles for $2,000, it just needs
dent repair on the quarter panel is that a good buy,
oh yeah that’s what I tell people to do all the time, if you and to save money buying
a toyota or honda get one that has body damage, as long as a mechanic says, well no that’s
just body damage it didn’t hurt anything it’s a fender or a bumper or something,
because body work can cost a lot of money to get done perfectly but it really lowers
the value of the car, and if you don’t care about dents, like you live in New York City
where you’re going to get more dents anyways, people like pre dented cars in New York City
because then they’re not buying a nice undented car and getting mad when somebody smashes
into it, they just say, ah well it’s already a New York City car it has the dent built
in so, you got a good deal theirs nothing wrong with that,
beast bg, scotty what do you think about Russian soviet made ladas, well I know a lot about
them because I used to live in Canada, now the Russias, they started in 1970 and they
made the Ladas which were basically a copy of a 1966 fiat 124, so they were basically
copies of a car that wasn’t that great to begin with,
but of course they sold millions of them in Russia because when basically it’s about the
only car you can get and there’s a waiting list for them, they sold millions of those
things, some people though hey you know it beats riding a horse or walking when it’s
freezing cold outside, they did sell them in Canada and they sold
thousands of them a year when they started selling them, their pretty hardy cars you
know and if you want a little bitty car to get around in and they had 4 wheel drive ones
so they were good in the snow in Canada and their light little car they got really good
gas mileage, but of course back then it was the only thing
the Russians could buy so, it’s kind of like a captive market there, they made a whole
range of cars eventually of course even police cars in Russia but the main one was the copy
of the fiat 124, and they were just junky little cars but if that’s all you had, it
beats walking I guess, alex says what do you think about the Hellcat,
oh their screaming cars to drive, I drove one once on a test track, that thing was fast,
it had 700 something horsepower, their really fun to drive, of course that said, they get
terrible gas mileage, your insurance is going to cost you a small fortune and guys tend
to beat them so they tend to kind of fall apart as they age,
and then their not worth that much when their really older,
but if you got a whole bunch of money and want to buy a brand new one, buy one that’s
got low mileage their a lot of fun to drive I’ll say that,
Ivan, my toyota care is ending soon and it’s a 2017 tacoma and after it ends I’m going
to do oil changes, do you think it’s a good idea to stick with all toyota products, like
oil filter, oil and antifreeze, doesn’t really matter as long as you use the
quality stuff, now you want to stick to like their antifreeze, toyota uses what’s called
HOAT hybrid organic acid technology, but you don’t have to go to toyota you can buy them
from somebody else, it really doesn’t make all that much difference,
as long as you buy that same quality, realize toyota doesn’t make coolant, they don’t make
engine oil, they don’t make transmission fluid, they just buy it from somebody else,
so as long as you’re getting stuff that has the same specs, it’s perfectly fine to use
them, james says scotty I have a 2000 celica new
water pump is leaking badly I believe the coolant is getting past the o ring what gives,
first of all if you did buy a water pump for that, you’re better off buying an OEM water
pump and like I said before you don’t have to go to toyota, lots of places make these
pumps that you can buy, you don’t have to buy them from toyota,
but you don’t want to buy one of these cheaply made, cheapest Chinese ones out there and
put it on because a lot of times their poorly made,
but when you do do a water pump job, you have to make sure the mating surfaces are perfect,
you have to clean them off, I have special little thin scrappers sometime I use razor
blades, you got to get all the old material off and
then if you got one that’s got the o ring on it, put the o ring on the pump first, and
when you do that, put a little bit of weather stripping glue, put the o ring on the pump,
then let it dry for about an hour, then it’s not going to fall off and move,
then when you put it back in place it’s not going to leak, even I in my many years of
fixing cars have had ones where, I didn’t do that and the o ring slipped and when I
put it on and then it leaked so, you want to check that too, that does happen,
harley says my 05 toyota mr2 spyder central remote locking only works sometimes, I have
the problem with both keys and the batteries are new, any idea, yeah they had problems
with those systems, if unfortunate but the receiving unit that’s in there, the control
module goes bad on those things as they age, they cost a small fortune to buy and then
they have to be reprogrammed, if I were you I’d just live without the thing, you know
because if you price what it costs to buy the parts for that, it will cost you so much
money and I had quite a few customers with them as they age, those things just broke
down and I’d just say forget it because unless you’re willing to spend a whole bunch of money
replacing that module and having it reprogrammed you know it’s really not worth it,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. What about mitsubishi attrage 2018 ? Is it good car with cvt gear automatic transmission ?? I want buy it to save money and fuel 🤔

  3. hello Scoty can you make video about toyota diesel engines , what is worth buying what is a crap im thinking about corola or corola verso car about 2000 – 2010. Thank you

  4. The lock control module can be replaced with an universal keyless entry module from Ebay, it only costs $20 it comes with two fobs, as long as the wiring and the actuators are in good shape, it should work. I put one on my car and works great, there are a lot of youtube videos on how to install.

  5. Guys if you want to live happily ever after please do the following 2 things:
    1. Buy a toyota (preferably ones still made in Japan)
    2. Move to Houston Texas

  6. I grew up on LI NY. I once saw a neighbor bring home a new car and immediately put a ball-peen hammer to a fender. He looked at me standing gobstruck and said, "Now I don't need get upset when it gets the other dents".

  7. crazy, We had a call In repair show on the radio. This woman phoned and said her fancy car said the car needed a litre and a half oil to the engine. She thought If there Is anything I know how to do on a car, I can check the dip stick. Her dad taught her that. So great she lifted the hood. She explained that the car had a plate on top of the dip stick so that owners can't check the oil. End of the story, It was the sensor that was not right. Whats money for? Is what I ask.

  8. Love your videos very helpful. Looking at 2007 Lexus Rx350 with performance package leather,18 inch wheels etc. 158,000 miles. Can’t find any negative reviews but your more of the true expert on repairs etc

  9. The FIAT 124 was sold as Premier 118NE in India … It'd got a 1200cc NA petrol engine that output 50bhp & the cars only saving grace was the 👌🏼 Nissan gearbox.

  10. Hi Scotty, looking into buing a cheap used car and build a cheap sleeper car. any recommendations? ps. Euro guy here, so below 2000cc. probably not your think but hey, i appreciate experience speaking

  11. Scotty, I need your help. I have a 2005 Kia Spectra that sometimes hesitates to accelerate when I push on the gas and sometimes idles funny. Other times it seems to work perfectly fine. I replaced the spark plus and wires and that helped some but didn't fix the whole problem. I replaced the ignition coil and cleaned the MAF sensor when I put in a new air filter but it still has the same issue. My next guess is something with the throttle, but I don't want to sink too much money into this car without having a real solution. What should I do?

  12. Scotty, I'm looking into buying a early 2000s manual trans S10 pick up. Opinions please and thank you. pick up that phone!!

  13. Hey Scotty! I'm a college student and I just bought a 2005 Subaru Outback XT Limited in July and now there is a squeak that gets faster and faster as the wheels turn faster and my car vibrates between speeds of 45 and 50 only when I accelerate, if i let off the gas the vibration stops. Are these problems related? I was thinking it could be a stuck break pad or the rear drive shaft and the u joints, what do you think? I need a second opinion thanks!

  14. Can you tell me what you think about buying an 06 Lexus ls430 100k Miles many things on line say they regularly last 300-500k miles.

  15. Great video as always, Scotty! Love your good, solid, no-nonsense advice. I particularly LOL'd at 1:50 when you put up the inset comparison of model-year changes between BMW and Lada! Too funny.

  16. They used to sell Ladas in the UK too, in fact my grandfather almost bought one new but went for a 1984 VW Passat instead, which was a damn sight better at the time. Compared to the new Passats though maybe a Lada would be a better bet!!!

  17. What is your opinion on the Buick regal tourx wagon. I'm thinking about waiting till after I graduate college to get one used. Are there any issues with buicks that I might need to consider. Are there any better wagons sold in the US I should consider.

  18. I want my question to be in one of your video's! I'm gonna buy my fathers 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LS with 138k for 3grans, just rebuilt the 4×4 mechanism besides that no issues. Is that a good deal? New tires, also has a 1000watt alpine stereo system in it.

  19. I watch you all the time on you tube. Trust everything you say..please touch base on some Pontiac firebirds. I've had 3 of them, and I love the style, but the v6 is horrible..I really want another one but will only now look for a v8.
    Am I delusional…or should I keep looking for that perfect fitebird.

  20. Scotty, what's the top three mainstream car brands you would recommended based on reliability and quality? And what would be your top three luxury brands as well?

  21. Scotty, I have a 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder that I bought new. It's now 18 years old with 210,000 miles and the remote still works perfectly fine, never had a problem with the thing. It's a wonderful car
    to drive.

  22. Scotty, What do you think of the late 90s cameros with the v6 engines. My brothers thinking of getting rid of his but it seems like a reliable car? Thoughts?

  23. Hi Scotty, I know you get a lot of question but I would really like your opinion about buying a Transit type van with a Diesel engine which one is the best, Ford, Mercedes or Dodge? How about towing with one too.

  24. SCOTTY, please help, I have a 04 Impala LS, with 217,000 miles on it. With what I believe to be the transmission slipping when I take off shifting from first to second gear, Is my Transmission going out? What are your thoughts on Lucas Transmission stop slip?

  25. Can you help, I have my late sons car a car Chevy 96 Camaro . It starts when it wants too. The only thing I did was pulled the instrument fuse. After that the alarm doesn’t work and the car starts when it wants too.

  26. Thanks for pointing out HOAT and that it matters. Autozone will tell you to put anything in your cooling system and it’s just not a good idea. I researched and found Pentofrost A3 to be compatible with my Mazda 3 (HOAT). Seems like some good stuff!

  27. Zhiguli you mention was not a copy. They simply ordered whole design and building equipment from FIAT. So yes it was a fiat, just not a copy but a design that was bought licence from FIAT. Please check this statement in wikepedia about VAZ-2101

  28. Have you ever watch a YouTube video from Russia involving car crashes. Most of the time when one of these older Russian cars gets in an accident the cars are really mangled about like Chinese cars. Sometimes the drivers are ejected out of the car on impact.
    I'm surmising that there a lot of fatalities with those cars.

  29. What do you think about Mazda sedans? Longevity and high mileage ? I’m looking a 2014 Mazda6 with 115k miles. What’s a good price for a car so young but with so many miles?

  30. Hey I'm offended by that comment. Lol! U know dang on well there's no place to park cars in the NYC 😂 It's all about the subways & the yellow cabs. .And for those of us who do have vehicles …let's not talk about the alternate pkg days, expensive pkg garages fees $25 for 2hr and etc…

    Bruh…you could do a whole segment based on states alone. Over here it's about snatch & grab (busting windows), taking it over to Jersey to the chop shop. Let me stop! I've said way too much. Feel like I'm writing a book.(0:33)

  31. Please talk about more trucks. I live here in the south of Arkansas and I need any advice I can take. Always trying to learn more

  32. Wow. Scotty saying something good about a Dodge. Dodge Chargers and Challengers are fun to drive!

  33. Agree with Scotty about Lada cars. Plus they don't have any safety and engine is 1.7 liter of less. All manual, and like 4×4 Niva, take 14 liter gas for 100 km… Just looked strange, when you drive… Any frontal car crash, and two choices you have, or dead, or going to hospital for long time ..

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