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  1. greetings, thanks for the vid. i purchased the same battery for my 2003 Audi Allroad 2.7t in early August 2017 and i'm wondering how your battery is holding up.

    the battery i bought got me stranded in January 2018, NJ winter, and when i took it to Advance Auto, i was told that the extreme low temps that winter was brutal and the battery is fine, no tests were done. in July 2018, the battery light appeared on my dash while driving thru NYC, along west side of Central Park, as i was stuck in traffic. however, the light went away about 15mins later. today, August 2018, the battery light on the dash came on as i drove down from Union, NJ to Hazlet, NJ to pickup a Troy Bilt trimmer. this time, the battery light did not go away. i was lucky to make it home where i traveled a round trip of 52 miles. my Allroad has a voltage gauge and i noticed that the car is detecting that the battery only has 11.5 volts. by the time i got home, the volt needle has gone lower and the air-suspension settled to the lowest setting; the air compressor is unable to run. at home, i tried to charge the battery using my Schumacher with AGM settings; it would not charge past 12.4v. I'll be taking it to Advance Auto Parts as it's under warranty; i just have to find my receipt, wish me luck…

  2. I thought BMW required AGM batteries in their later models of the last 10 or 15 years?

    Just noted the classic MB in the picture. Duh.

  3. You shouldn't pay any attention to the cold cranking amps, it's irrelevant. What you should pay attention to is the Amp-Hours, or the Reserve Capacity. These are the real measure of the lifetime and capability of the battery, not CCA.

  4. I had not heard of topcash. I signed up through your link. THX!

    These batteries are great for boats except you have to buy some terminals with wing nuts. Marine AGM batteries do not come with as long of warranty.

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