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  1. Why would you mail in the form or call the IRS instead of doing it online? Why would you add those steps if you already had steps to do it online? This doesn't cover the different types of entity.

  2. If you want an on-screen how-to video for your non-profit organization, go to our channel . You follow the steps of an expert who is ACTUALLY going through the steps of how to how to apply for an EIN online, and you're in.

  3. Obtaining a FEID is a very simple process, and as this video shows it can be completed online within a few moments.

  4. great! i want to apply for vendor credit with a business ein,so do i complete these steps in your video suggested above?? if so what do i choose???? llc for ein??? im a bit onfused

  5. your ein # or tin# is stuck with you for life , to prevent identity theft & to insure BUSINESS

    ,it's also good for the economy starting a business lead to great growth in the area you live

    take 1 step at a time

    be honest & start small

    avoid all unnecessary spending

    after you reach your goal
    work up the corporate ladder

    join a chamber if commerce
    & reap the rich benefits of owning a business.

    the gov is there to help

  6. The music sounds like a beer truck t boned a polka band. Why would you play that when people need to concentrate on what the heck your saying

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