How to get a Tennessee Car Dealer License [A 5 step guide]

How to get a Tennessee Car Dealer License [A 5 step guide]

How to get a Tennessee dealer license.
Step number one is to establish your place of business. Temporary facilities
and residents are prohibited. Your area of business must meet the following
requirements: facility, signage, and display lot. Step number two is to get
your business location inspected by an area field investigator. To schedule an
inspection, contact the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission. Step number three is
to complete your Tennessee dealer license application. Be sure to apply for
the correct license type. Tennessee does not have a wholesale, broker, or exporter
license type. If you’re worried about a felony on your record, watch our other
video. Step number four is to purchase a Tennessee motor vehicle dealer bond. This
is a type of surety bond that protects your customers. If you fail to follow
rules and regulations someone can make a claim against your bond. The bond amount
is set at $50,000 but you will just pay a small percentage of this amount. It’s a
one-time payment, not a monthly payment. You can purchase a surety bond from a
surety bond provider. The last step is to complete the other paperwork which can
be found on the Tennessee website, pay the licensing fees, and submit. Upon
approval, you will receive your Tennessee dealer license in the mail within seven
to ten business days. Take your licensing certificate to your
local county clerk. Usually it’s your local county clerk who will issue you
your dealer license plates.

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