How To Get Better Gas Mileage

How To Get Better Gas Mileage

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how to get
better gas mileage in your car now realize for every gallon of gasoline at
your engine burns it also burns thousands of cubic feet of air, so if your air
filter is dirty guess what, crappy gas mileage, now don’t
get suckered into all these special air filters will get better gas mileage, normal
filters work just fine, now the oil-soaked ones will filter a
little bit better but if you live in a dusty condition they will clog up more and you
have to clean them all the time so the plain old ones they come with are
perfectly fine now the next thing to check is your spark plugs you want to
make sure they’re not worn out because if they’re worn out you’re going to get
worse gas mileage now if you look at this spark plug it says split fire, years
ago this company sold these plugs with a little v split on them and they claimed
they got better gas mileage more horsepower but it was really a bunch of
nonsense because car manufacturers are under immense pressure to get better gas
mileage and have more power if a spark plug could do it, believe me, they would put them
in when they build them at the factory let’s don’t go for any of those
gimmicks just use the same type that it originally came. next thing is to have
your cat check your air pressure but of course cats don’t take orders very well
so you’re gonna have to do it yourself and the reason you want to do that is
because tires have rolling resistance and if you don’t have the right pressure in
them you’re going to have more rolling resistance and you’re going to get worse
gas mileage you can check the pressure for your own car but I generally use
about 32 psi in normal cars and the next thing for better gas mileage is keep
your engine oil clean and use the recommended oil in this case it’s five
weight thirty you’ll get better gas mileage than a heavier oil and many
modern cars uses zero w 10 oil that’s very light oil you’re going to get
better gas mileage, the engines were designed for it they’ll work perfectly
fine but you’ll get better gas mileage with a lighter oil and of course drive more
conservatively if you drive at a leisurely pace you’re going to get
better gas mileage don’t drive like this because when I drove that Mustang like
that I got a whopping 3 miles per gallon gas
mileage but if you don’t mind conservative driving there’s a device
that can help you get better gas mileage it’s called wind booster just google it
if you have a modern car with an electronic throttle you just go to the
throttle pedal and unplug the connector here it comes right off then you plug
this into the wind booster onto the accelerator sensor just snaps on and you
get the other end of the wind booster and plug that into the electrical
connection on the car it just snaps on too in it goes, then you reset the mode
button it will push on it normal economy now it’s in the economy mode and you’ll
get better gas mileage because in the economy mode the accelerator now has a
lag the computer has a lag so instead of having really fast acceleration it
accelerates slower and you’ll get better gas mileage granted you will have worse
acceleration but you can have the best of both worlds with this if you want
because it also has a sport mode, a sport plus mode, and a race mode for the most
acceleration so you can turn it on or off as you’re driving if you want a
little faster acceleration you can do that now if you want to get better gas
mileage just put it back to economy now some modern cars already have this
feature built in the button is just on the dash for you to do it but if yours
doesn’t heck you can buy one of these kits pretty cheap and just put it on
yourself the lowest priced one I found by Google in
it was about 92 bucks so hey not a bad deal though I have to admit most guys
buy these to drive faster but you can drive them in economy mode and they save
you gas mileage so if you’re looking to get better gas mileage out of your car
now you know what you can do about it and remember if you’ve got any car
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel before it’s too late.

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  2. How would I know it fits with my gas pedal connector? Is this the only one you recommend?
    Thanks (-:

  3. Fast acceleration doesn't cause bad gas mileage. It's the fast braking that usually comes after that does. It's not just a good idea — it's the law ( of physics ).

  4. #1- Slow down. Doing 65 will burn less gas per mile than doing 75. I get 32 mpg doing 65mph and 30 mpg  doing 75.

  5. Hey Scotty where can I get one of those computers to plug in to help with my fuel mileage for economy mode?

  6. Hey Scotty need some help and I love your videos. Everything I do to my car I watch you before I do it. So my question is how can I get rid of this p2243 code on my car. It says there's a open loop on bank one.

  7. That wind gizmo sounds a lot like eco mode in my Fusion Hybrid although eco mode does some other things specific to hybrids. Don’t forget to run your AC on recirc, it won’t have to work as hard as it would trying to condition all that hot outside air.

  8. Could you do a video on how to replace a spider fuel injector on a 2000 chevy blazer with the 4.3 v6 vortec engine?

  9. If you get a filter that needs an oil film that film will cover your mass air flow sensor and you will get even worse mileage.
    It won't read the air flowing over it and will show lean and tell the computer to add more gas.

  10. I have an overdrive switch on my 1994 Ford Econoline and I always keep it on but should I turn it on or off, how does it work?

  11. *have a manual transmition car , my major concern is fuel efficiency , what do you recommend ?

    do i need to install the windbooster to save gas ? i dont tend to speed , would it help.*

  12. back in 03 when l bought my Ram 1500 hemi l saw guys constantly complaining about mileage LOL most of those same guys admitted to having 3:92 gears and few of them towed much???? Then to top it off almost none of them used the cruze control. l tested it numerous times and by using the cruze faithfully l got at least 50% better mileage than my wife did without. if you can get in the habit of using your cruze most of the time your wallet will thank you. l find it just becomes habit after a short while…easy.

  13. Can i use wind booster in my 2016 Highlander xle v6 AWD. If i use it what model should i use? And is there any chances to having any issue with car in future if i use it?

  14. Hi, Scotty. I'm trying to get a car under 10k (in the US) that delivers good mpg, and that's reliable. I prefer manual transmission and want something with four doors. What would you recommend? Thanks for your videos and advice.

  15. I heard a car salesman state that the more expensive trucks have a program in the computer that increases the cars gas mileage. I looked around and found a supposed computer that I can hook up to my trucks computer that will alter the programming that will supposedly increase the trucks performance. Is this fake or not?

  16. How about using pills octane booster to your car as a gas mileage booster i use eco racing and i have saved around 45% of my fuel budget

  17. a little correction the "w" in the oil stands for winter not weight. it would be 5winter30 not 5weight30

  18. I changed my filter and now my gas mileage is horrible it used to be really really great. How is that possible? Please help me with this I asked firestone where it was changed and they were clueless.

  19. My car came with iridium spark plugs. I got 70mpg. I replaced them at the service interval with a cheaper NGK set costing roughly 1/3 compared to an iridium plug. I still get 70mpg.

  20. Does filling up your tank give you better gas mileage that's what I heard? Or is this some myth that people have passed around

  21. This only guy I would trust thanks for the wind buster I have a new car but don't have any of those modes thanks.

  22. 2:31: Wind Booster. Improves fuel consumption but reduces acveleration. If I used this device on my 2008 Peugeot 308 it'd be quicker to park, get out and walk instead.

  23. Dont forget to shed some pounds off too. I'm 320lbs so its like im always driving woth two people in the car. They should let me use the car pool

  24. Hey Scotty, doesn't the type of gas makes the difference in gas mileage With most modern car's???

  25. So I have a 2010 Mustang GT, which obviously doesn't have any fancy eco, sport, etc. modes. I'm wodering if that wind booster would work well on my car. It would be nice if there was a way to actually turn it off as opposed ti switching modes. Like, do you think with the sport, sport +, or race mode would be the equivalent of before installing a wind booster, or does it still put limitations of some sort on the ECU? I'm also curious as to how that mod will be affected with tuning. Does it change anything? I'm struggling for gas mileage with my Mustang.

  26. My old 05 focus wagon has an air filter that’s suppose to last the life of the car. I went to buy a new air filter but they told me it’s not replaceable. This sounds off to me. What do you think 🤔

  27. My mothers nissan had a display that tracked gas mileage. I learned that letting up on the gas ever so slightly can make a HUGE difference in mpg in certain situations.

    On the highway, letting up and slowing down on hills 2-3 mph. Also notice when you are on a long but not steep incline. Slowing down even 1 or 2 mph will save ALOT of gas.

    Accelerating going down hills wont cost you much. Even in the 70-80mph range.

    I was able to get 50mpg highway with a 200 horse power v6 being ultra conservative. Keep in mind this was a sunday at 5am so I wasnt ticking other drivers off.

    But if every car came with this computer program that gives a visual of exactly how much gas you are using, it would save us a lot.

  28. Hi Scotty, there is a similar device but with more features called "Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller" could you please tell me if that device could damage my car? I read something about people getting some errors. I would appreciate your response.

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