How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Odor & Refresh Your Cars Interior! Chemical Guys

How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Odor & Refresh Your Cars Interior! Chemical Guys

– What’s up everybody, welcome back to another episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. As you saw by the title today we’re gonna be covering the topic of
how to remove smoke ash and cigarette odor from the
interior of your vehicle. This 2010 MazdaSpeed3
rolled into the shop, and the owner obviously smokes. And this is something that comes up whether you’re looking
to purchase a vehicle, or you recently purchased a vehicle, or maybe you’re selling a
vehicle that has smoke odor. This is something that
deters from the actual value of the vehicle because it may look great, but as soon as you open
the door you can smell that heavy thick smell
of cigarettes or cigars. And today we’re gonna show you how to remove that so there’s no trace, there’s no left behind
residues, just a factory finish. So to begin we need to
obviously knock down any of the ash that’s in the vehicle. Then I’m gonna show you
how to properly remove that odor so that there’s
no scent left behind. And, also, one last
trick on how to maintain that smell of a fresh vehicle
or your favorite scent. So, let’s get started. Like I mentioned the owner is a smoker, so we’re gonna show you guys
how to remove that odor scent. Starting off here, we’re gonna work away from the windshield back
because it’s gonna save us a lot of time, or we’re not
gonna have to clean up areas we’ve already, you know, made a mess of. The windshield might be
hard to tell on camera, but as any of you who have
been in a smoker’s car or have a smoker’s car you
know that the cigarette ash and the cigarette residue
leaves this kind of haze on the glass, and mirrors,
and things like that. So we’re gonna use a little bit
of streak-free glass cleaner just to remove it from the mirror here, you can use it on the glass. You can also use it on the gauge cluster. Safely remove anything without
scratching the surface. And let’s do half so you guys can see at home just what I’m talking about. We’ll buff off the excess. And already we’re making a difference on the interior of this vehicle. Since we’re already on
this side of the vehicle I’ll finish up that side of
the glass in just a minute. But now we’re gonna move onto the dash, and the steering wheel,
as well as the console using some Inner Clean, which you can use to clean and protect any
of your vinyl, rubber, plastic, clear optical
plastic, and even leather. And this is just gonna simply spray onto a towel or to the surface. Then you wipe away dust, fingerprints, in the case of this vehicle ash. And this is also going to
help remove any kind of odors. Because like you see on the glass here the smoke clings to anything, and that is what’s giving
off the odor essentially. It also clings to the fibers
in the headliner and the seats. But it’s also clinging to vinyl, plastic anything that’s porous because that’s going to
absorb any kind of material. That’s going to remove some of that odor because it’s gonna slowly chip away at all of that scent
that’s in the vehicle. Now, this isn’t gonna mask anything, but this is just gonna help
to remove any of the particles that are in here giving off that scent. But, again, that’s gonna
give you that factory finish, so they can last as long as they can. Also, giving you just
a better overall look. As we all know, we spend most
of our time on the interior, so it might as well look
its best and smell its best. You got hand grease,
you got suntan lotion, cigarette hands, just
nasty little elf hands, all that kind of stuff
on the steering wheel. I’m gonna show you all those body oils just coming off on the towel. See what I mean? Now, the towel and Inner Clean alone are taking off a lot of the dust, and also the ash, but there’s also some hard to reach areas, which is why I’m gonna use one of the
All in the Details brushes. Just a very soft bristle that
gets in-between the crevices, such as the switches here, and
also any kind of tight cracks where it’d be hard to
get a towel in there. You also don’t want to saturate that heavily because
then you can’t dry it. So a brush is gonna
help you knock that out. And then you can vacuum it up
later or simply wipe it off. Also, a commonly overlooked
area is the door jambs here. Even a smoker’s car,
the ash gets everywhere because it really is just a mess. And you can see here on the seal, as well as between the
door jams here we have the ash that’s just been sitting in there. So, again, using some Inner Clean we’re just gonna spray the towel. You can also use an all-purpose cleaner or maybe even your favorite
quick detail spray. This is just gonna gently wipe it away. And the reason why I’ve
gone with Inner Clean is because this is also gonna protect the surface without changing the finish. You can use this, again, on
your vinyl, rubber, plastics to help them resist any kind
of harsh elements and UV rays. And this is a lot better
than just having them dry so they don’t start cracking
or fading over time. And then, also, just simply picks up any kind of dust, and
grease, and fingerprints that are lying around the interior, as well as some exterior
parts of your vehicle. We’re gonna move on to
cleaning the seats because, again, this vehicle, it’s a smoker’s car. So this is where a lot of the
kind of ash and odor smell, it sits in the fibers, and this is where it gives you that really
kind of dense heavy odor. Also, the carpet, we need to vacuum it because I don’t know if
you can tell on camera now, but there’s just a ton of ash on here. So we’re gonna work away,
try to be methodical by going from top to
bottom, so we’re not making a mess or having to redo a lot of work. But now, again, we’re gonna use either an all-purpose cleaner to clean up some of the stains that are on the seat. But, again, using just a little bit of Inner Clean on the vinyl and leather on these seats to make
them look their best. Alrighty guys, we’re moving right along with the detail on this MazdaSpeed3. You saw that the Inner Clean removed a lot of that loose dirt and debris that was on the dashboard, as well as the center console, and the seats. But now we need to pick up the areas that we’ve obviously missed,
or the things that are heavier, and also the carpet using a vacuum. Also, this is gonna help to
remove the embedded odors and things that are sitting
in the fibers of the seats. And it’s gonna make this
vehicle look its best. Now, a lot of you guys
are probably wondering, Nick, why aren’t you
using an ozone generator? And that’s because, one, I wanted to show you guys an easy way to do this at home if you don’t have this machine. If you do that’s great, but also there are some cons to having an ozone machine, such as it’s going to be harmful if you should say leave
some residue in there. Because if you think
about it ozone is actually also a carcinogen, so we
want to do this as gently as possible, and also the
most cost-efficient way. This is going to remove as
much of the kind of impurities that are inside the vehicle as possible. And we’re going to make it look its best on the budget that we’re
working with today. We’re gonna start by vacuuming
off the seats because, again, we’re working from top to bottom just like we do on the
exterior of the vehicle to drop as much of it onto the carpet. Which is going to be, again, the easiest place to clean it all up. And then we’re going to
show you one last step to revive the interior of this vehicle. Now, if you wanted to
take it a step further and actually deep clean
your seats using say a carpet shampooer or
something like that, and also with your headliner and seat
belts you can use a damp cloth. And just kind help wipe
away any of the residue because on a car like this
that has a light headliner you’ll see kind of a brown residue. Again, that’s just because
of the smoke odor, and also you know all those kind of
things responding to the fibers. I’ll be using a damp microfiber towel it’s going to help wipe it away without harming the adhesive
that’s on the headliner because if you didn’t know
if you start scrubbing on there or use some kind
of aggressive cleaner that’s going to make it sag or it
could ruin the texture overall. And, again, with your seat belts there’s a kind of repellent on there, a fire repellent if you will,
that’s kind of sensitive to any kind of heavy-duty cleaners. So, using a, again, damp microfiber cloth, that’s going to help clean
it easily and gently. So, let’s begin with
the vacuuming process, then we can do our final step. Then I’ll give you guys that
overall finished product. Alrighty guys, we’ve made it to the last step of our detail for today. I’m gonna show you one easy process to rejuvenate your AC system, also to help kind of clean out your cabin filter. Just by simply spraying a little bit of your favorite air freshener into the footwell, where
it’s gonna recirculate into your AC system and
blow out fresh cool air. And that’s going to also
be eliminating odors, depending on which air
freshener you choose. The owner personally
requested JDM Squash Scent because this is a JDM car,
he kind of likes that scent, kind of want to go with that theme. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna turn the car on. Turn the AC system to max
cold, also to recirculate. And just a few sprays into the footwell that’s going to help it
circulate through the AC system. And then you can also spray
some underneath the seats and a little bit in the back seat. But you want to make sure it’s going right into the fibers of the carpet,
rather than your floor mats, or into the seat where it can stain. So, the owner’s on his way,
I’m gonna wrap up this. In the meantime you guys can
head over to our website,, to check out
these products for yourself. If you like this video
or you want to learn more about these products be sure to give it a thumbs up and comment down below. As always, we’ll see you guys next time right here in the detail garage. Oh, this car’s equipped with a
modern day anti-theft system. So you make sure it’s in neutral. Alrighty, RJ, come on out. You’re all clear, come on out. – Oh, thanks a bunch Nick. – It smells great, next
time we’ll get the outside? – Yeah dude it looks
awesome, thank you so much. – Hey, come by.
– Will do. Take it easy.

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  2. I've smoked in my cars for years…never had ash all over the damn place like that… I guess some just care more than others.

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