How to Get the Dealership to Fix Your Car for Free

rev up your engines
from my experience of any poorly built cars when people buy them and then they
find a problem then they take it back to the dealership ninety percent of the
time the dealership either doesn’t fix it or they say well there’s no problem
they’re all like that, you ever run into that you buy a car yourself here’s
what I tell people to do because I’ve had my customers do it I told them and they
said gee thanks Scotty it really worked out good, you buy a new car and it’s got
a problem and they say oh no they’re all like that go to another dealer road test
one bring your camcorder or your phone and use that and if it doesn’t make that
kind of noise or doesn’t shift weird like that one say I just road test and
one there it doesn’t do it that’s BS fix use your head when it comes to dealing
with these guys cuz they lie all the time but if you use your head
and you show them hey this car doesn’t do it it’s the same car as the one I
bought how come mine is and if it’s under warranty
they’ll have to fix it if you’ve got proof like that, John says I’ve been
taking about getting a cheap 2007 Subaru Outback as a second car for two thousand
dollars alright two thousand dollars isn’t that much for car it’s a 13 year
old Subaru they’ve had head gasket problems they have automatic transmission
problems but that’s not much money if you like the vehicle before you buy find
a guy like me a pro mechanic take it to him I charge 100 bucks when I check them
out I would do block leak test with my machines that gaskets leaking I said
I’ll buy a road tested feel the transmission and I would put my fancy $5,000 scan tool
and go through the transmission to see if it’s got any problems and if it didn’t I
said go ahead and buy but don’t buy it and just drive it around without a
mechanic checking it out because they can be money but they can
okay I had customers buy them like that and if I check that out sometimes they
can drive in 3 4 years not to have a fortune sent on them too, but you gotta get
checked out first dm 17 says what’s the best use
convertible I was looking at a Porsche Boxster things are endless money pits
i customer buy one and headlight stopped working and it was bad enough that the
stupid headlight switch was like $395 but I got out my computer I’m looking at
right now and I used all data which is fantastic information for fixing cars
you ever want to get information use all data you can
DIY stuff for like 30 bucks here which is dirt cheap mine cost thousands cuz it
doesn’t mom I’m a professional mechanic but so I looked it up I added up what
all including had lights in the computer that runs the headlights and all the
relays and switches and everything and if you had to replace the whole just
headlight system and that stupid Boxster it was gonna be like five or six
thousand dollars from me during this money but stay away you want a nice cute
low convertible get a Mazda Miata there’s zillions of them they’re cheap
they’re not race cars the problem is if you get any kind of a race car
convertible they generally have the heck beat out of them or they’re just bad like
the Boxster from the get-go and unless you buy one new what can last years and
not fall apart but you buy one for I don’t know $70,000
and sell it when it’s five years old you’ll get like fifteen or twenty sir
you lost fifty fifty five thousand dollars do you really wanna do that you
get a nice used Mazda Miata for four or five grand if you look around
220 says I’m 17 about to buy my first used car what do you think about a2012
Honda Civic lx, those are great
vehicles make sure that you know it doesn’t have any problems a mechanic
like me to check it out before you buy it but that can be a very good choice
are you 17 if you know how to drive a standard I knew how to drive standard then
because I started driving I was 14 working my
father’s gas station driving around in and out of the bays and around the
parking lot and stuff if you can drive a standard get a standard they’re
much better than the automatics but if you can’t the automatics can
still last you just don’t want to drive like a maniac because you can burn them
out I had a customer had one any burners out but the standard ones they’re a lot
stronger, benny-boy Kent says my car steering wheel starts shaking around 55
miles an hour any causes I had the first thing just put the front tires in the
back in the back of the front if it goes away it means that the front tires are
out of balance and a lot of times it doesn’t shake cause you put them in the
back you can just leave them there I do that all the time I’m cheap but if you
were fanatic then you could get the rear tires balanced now if it’s not the tire
balance you can have a worn tie rod ball-joint you want to jack it up pull
see if you got any wobble and I play or this is a rarity but it can happen if
everything else is okay nothing’s worn the tires are fine they’re bounced okay
it could be it’s out of that’s a rarity but every once in a
while I get a customer with a car like that I send it down the street to cotton
brothers that are my front end guys and they say Scotty all right it was out of
alignment we aligned it and then it shaking one away but that’s the last
thing to do because normally it’s just the tires are out of balance or if you
see them they’re all worn out by new tires cuz worn-out tires are gonna make
it shake to, Maillol one two three hey Scotty what causes alternators
to go bad if they’re just cheap junk you buy cheap junk rebuilt one made in
Mexico they just are made bad and they wear out too fast but the normal ones
you got a good one brand-new factory one on your car eventually they wear out
because they spin and they are bearings on the front in the back and the
bearings eventually will wear out and it’ll start rattling and making noise
then you gotta replace them but from my experience the way that they generally
wear out the worst is by poor battery maintenance because if you’ve got a weak
battery say it’s all faded inside we mechanics have machines to check for
that but you keep driving the car cuz it does start then the battery is gonna be
keep charging it too much it’s an alternator will charge the
battery too much and you’ll have problems with an overcharging and it
will eventually burn the alternator out because the alternator has to work too
hard that’s I tell people every year two or three years you know mechanic like me
see from our machines on it give us the percentage of wear and we can say well
yeah I only got 20% you might as well change it or if we say I got sixty five
percent you can wait quite some time before it goes out on you but you’ll
want to check because when it gets lower the alternator is to work harder and it
will burn out faster that batteries are a lot cheaper than alternators too,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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