How to get the most for your trade in at Toyota of Gladstone

How to get the most for your trade in at Toyota of Gladstone

At Toyota of Gladstone we understand that everyone has a tight budget and that every dollar that we can save you on a vehicle purchase will matter to that final payment sometimes in a competitive market the only way for us to make a better offer to our customers is to put a higher value on that vehicle that they are trading in during the purchase we make the extra effort to hand inspect each potential trade rather than to just referring to it’s book values we consider where your car was driven and when it was serviced as part of our offer because we know how important it is to give the highest trade-in values in the area it’s really important to me that the dealers going to give me an honest and fair price for my trade-in when I bring my used car in to get a new one I want to know that I am getting the best deal it gives me piece of mind and I know that I can always return to the same place and not have to worry about going anywhere else we put the extra effort into evaluating your trade-in so that we can invest a little bit more money and hopefully earn your business so if you want the best deal you can find and you want more for your trade-in then come see us at Toyota of Gladstone because we listen to our customers and we get it

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  1. I'd love to trade in my truck for one of those sweet new Tacoma's but I bought a Dodge and will be underwater for the next century because of the resale value

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