How to Get Your Car Dealer License

How to Get Your Car Dealer License

My name is Don Massey. I’m a licensed
Colorado car dealer Can I sell cars from my home or do I have to have a place a business,
a lot? What’s the difference Don between a
wholesaler and a retailer? Which is the best? What are the core
requirements for both? What’s the best state to get a license
in? All these questions I’ve answered in the
resources that are available here on this website. I have a question for the caller. What do you know about the business? The typical answer I’ll get would be this…
well Don, I’ve sold a few cars and I know how to price them and I think
I can make some profit. I just wanna buy some cars put them on Craigslist and make a little extra money in my
spare time. I say fine that’s a great thing to try but let me ask you a
question. If you’re going to a dealers only auction on Tuesday and you saw that there’s
going to be a 2004 Honda Civic for sale with 120,000 miles on it, How would you price that car. Some people tell me I wouldn’t price it at all. I wouldn’t buy
it. It’s got 120,000 miles on it. Wrong!! So I ask and how would you price the car? The typical answer is something like this
I’d look at the NADA book guide or the Blue Book, the Black Book. I’d go on the Internet and I could find the price on the Internet.
Wrong! That’s not the best way, see as a dealer I have access to proprietary databases that are put up by the auction companies that tell me exactly what a car sold for, that
model that mileage, that year, this month, last month, anywhere in the country. So I can go by region because cars will sell for different
prices in regions. I can know exactly what another bigger or set of dealers are willing to pay
for that car. So gives me that benchmark what should I pay for that car. That kind of thing and other literally
hundreds of other things about the business aspects by getting a dealers license are in my
resources. Its more then just getting the dealers
license in fact this not about getting the dealer license. The
dealer license is a process just like you had to go through a process to get your driver’s license., That didn’t they make you a good driver. So same thing I may know plumbing but that is not let me know anything
about the plumbing business. So look at the website. If you have questions you’ll find my
telephone number at the bottom of the site. My cell phone. I answer it all the
time. I always carry with me whether at Lowes or Best Buy or some other place. I do answer my telephone and I’ll answer your general
questions. I want to tell you this tho ……. it’s not just about the license it’s
about the business and that’s the support these resources
will provide for you. Hey, thanks a lot, have a great day and no matter what, best of luck in looking
into this business and one day buying and selling cars
for-profit. Thanks! up ok ok

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  1. I'm in Ohio Guernsey County. What all will I need? And what could hold me back I have no felonies whatsoever. And I'm hoping to just get a dealers license without a lot. I've always dreamed of selling and buying cars. I just don't have the extra money for a car lot.

  2. Don, Thank You for taking the time to post the video with your links or sites that go further in depth. God Bless Kenny Amend. It would be nice if you had workshop for those serious, to pay and also be mentored through our 1st deal. If you did I would be one of the 1st inline to pay for the class. God Bless Kenny N. Amend 


  3. Hi Don im going to your website and i would like to know what i have to do to get a dealers license so i can open a used car dealer Business in Mpls,Minnesota .
    im very small and only sell about 2 cars a month.Ill give you a call if i have any questions .
    Thanks flr your time Don

  4. Thanks -I called Don on his phone and he really did answer my question. Thanks so much for being a real person.

  5. +Don Massey hi Don I have a couple questions about starting my own car dealership business . I'm 16 and will be 17 on Feb 3 but here are my questions :
    What if you want to sell new cars ?

  6. Hi don , we have a guy here locally who has a wisconsin license to wholesale and he is taking add on people and charging $1500 up front and $250 a month to get you a ID card and supposedly buy cars at auctions … In your opinion does this sound fishy ? Can he take my money and scam me in the future ? Am I at his mercy as far eligibility issues in the future ? Thanks so much and I know you can't predict the future and anything can happen but just your feelings on this whole thing ….

  7. Don , it's Kevin again thanks for answering my question below this one. Wow , this guy in my city has at least 10 people buying cars at auctions and they are flipping them on craigslist !! He is making money off them on fees for his service and the poor people have no idea that they are breaking the law ??? No one caught yet but it's only matter of time. Glad you warned me…. Not sure how they are writing up the titles but you can bank on it being shady … Thanks

  8. Don is it best to buy from public auctions ? Rather than a dealer car auction? I only want to make a little profit, like sell 3 cars or 4 cars, or should I pay some dealer to buy a vehicle from a dealer auction instead? thanks!

  9. Don was very helpful. and yes if you call He Picks Up. I want to send a salute to him for taking the time, for some of my questions I had. I look faward to buy his Ebook. ones again thanks Don. finally after all the filter actually found someone that is the real deal. !

  10. Hey Don, If I wanted to sell to the public as a wholesale dealer, could I use a retail dealer to do paperwork for a fee? If so, how would this work?

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