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  1. Good video, but PLEASE do not EVER use a "cash box"! That is the first thing to get stolen when you're back is turned! Instead use a deep capenters apron, tool belt w/ zippers or a fanny pack. -I know fanny packs are so not in anymore, but no one is going to get a hold of your cash unless they try to rip it off you. 🙂

  2. OMG i have been searching videos for an hour and i cant find a vid on how to have a yard sale without tables i am getting dessperate and need help so can someone comment back to me please!!!

  3. One day. August 8th, 2009 7am till whenever. 43 miles along Route 11 in Shenandoah county VA. goes side by side with interstate 81 running North in Winchester down South to New Market.

  4. Seems like you and I are into the same thing. I dont' get it. Your're into picking/yard saling as it would appear yet you're all pissy about this stuff. Unless you clicked on whatever I posted? Does someone have an infatuation with me? Hmmm??? Oh and by the way, I don't want to fuck a goat. I want to fuck an Ibeck.

  5. Me a back stabber? Nope. But I did live in Dayton Kentucky for 3 years and I never saw so many missing teeth in my life. Looks like the tooth fairy is pretty busy over there.

  6. Well I know two people that are from Kentucky and they both had missing or no teeth and they both backstabbed me. But I'm sure theres a lot of good folk in Kentucky. I was just screwing around with the teeth joke thing.

    Do you go to yard sales out there? Theres a ton here in Phoenix.

  7. @LonelyStreetProd the signs are so people know where to go. for example they could put a sign up a block away from the yard sale and people would know where to go…common sence is your friend:)

  8. I sold sodas for 50 cents at mine. somebody accidently gave me a five for one soda. I told them about it so they didn't think I was cheating them but they let me keep it

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  10. Holy crap, 50 bucks for change??? It might me nice to have that much handy, but I wouldn't keep it all in a box for someone to steal. I wouldnt keep much more than ten dollars in change on the table, larger purchases I could dig the change out of my wallet….

  11. i lost a dare once, and i had to come up this granny who ran a yard sale, and i had to ask if she had any weed for sale or cocaine for sale.

  12. Steo 1 find a yard
    Step 2 sat up everything
    Step 3 enjoy everything that strangers buy and enjoy ur money

  13. check out the funny video i made about my mom who is the ultimate GARAGE SALE QUEEN, just look for Garage Sale queen on my channel

  14. Good lighting in garage and not dark. Put better stuff outside than just clothes. We see all clothes and keep going. Don't stare at the people coming to look around we hate that. When done with your sale take the signs down!!! Please don't smoke if you have a sale going on. Put the food you are eating away when people come to look around.

  15. Emmygurl ur right! I told my mom that and shes like what?? It's not a party. Maybe just have lemonade. LOL

  16. Guys, when checking Ebay, look for completed listings and not pie in the sky Buy in Now. Your crap is probably not worth a million dollars.

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  18. anyone noticed they keep the money in a ''cigar'' box. the same box in the HowCast video How to start a lemonade stand 😀

  19. i cant wate to have a yard sale i like the ribbon you have and the old crab and junk we have we just throw on the corner at the end of the street=DThonks alot

  20. 1. Live in the suburbs
    2. Say you have toys
    3. Watch all the spoiled white kids come left and right.
    Did you know that I have a cookie?

  21. Now I'm ready to start selling stuff. I got all my tips from the "How to Deter Burglars" video and stole all my neighbors stuff and now they can buy it back triple the price(they're hagglers it's okay).

    Thanks Howcast…

  22. We decided to have a rummage sale to generate a few dollars.Lo, and behold, the police show up, and informs us that we are in violation of a new city ordinance, and we are required to purchase a $5.00 rummage sale license, we were issued a warning, and told next time it would be a $150.00 fine.

  23. You left out the most important piece of information!   You didn't mention ANYTHING about being a good neighbor, and TAKING DOWN THE SIGNS when the sale is through.

  24. Free cookies…. You must live up north. In Florida you could charge 1 dollar per cookie and they will probably sell faster than you can make them.. Lots of obese people here. Plan to see multiple 3-400 pounders

  25. Step 1: Grab a box and write take these items as you are to lazy to go to a store since one is right next to the house on it.
    Step 2: Overprice the items as you are too greedy for money like how most YouTubers put videos on the 10 minute mark.
    Step 3: Throw the items outside as you don’t care for them.
    Step 4: Get a gun and shoot the people who think the items are overpriced.
    Step 5: Run from the police.

  26. In the lemonade stand video said 101 Main Street this one 100 Main Street America and Howcast explain are there neighbors

  27. why do they call it a yard sale if the yard isn't for sale. and why is called a garage sale if………….. now I know why it's called a rummage sale.

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