How to Hook up Safety Chains to Your Vehicle

How to Hook up Safety Chains to Your Vehicle

Hi, I’m Sperry Hutchinson. Today I’m going
to show you how to properly hook up safety chains on a U-Haul Trailer. All U-Haul trailers are equipped with safety
chains incase of the unlikely event that the couple should separate from the tow vehicle. Begin connecting the safety chains by crossing
the right chains beneath the trailer tongue, and securing it to the left side of the vehicle’s
hitch, frame or bumper brackets. Loop the chain back on itself and place the
S-Hook through a link, securing it with the rubber retainer. If the S-Hook does not fit through the attachment
loop on your hitch and there is no other attachment point to use, you won’t be able to hook the
chain back into itself. In this situation, twist the chains to take
up excess slack, then install the S-Hook directly onto the hitch, securing it with a rubber
retainer. Repeat this process with the left security
chains, securing it to the right side of the vehicle. Crossing the chains allows the minimum amount
of slack required for turning. If your trailer is equipped with brakes, there
will be a third emergency chain. Attach this chain as close to the vehicle
center as possible, to the hitch, frame or bumper brackets. Again, loop or twist the chain and secure
using the S-Hook and rubber retainer. The emergency brake chain should be secured with
slightly less slack than the security chains. For more information, visit or refer
to the user’s guide available at your local U-Haul store.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Who twists chains???? Not even worth hooking up with twists in the chain, will snap easy as like that. Not smart.

  2. Most boat trailer, etc don't double back the chains………Hook the safety chain"" hooks"" from UNDERNEATH the vehicles safety loops, then use the rubber retainer!! its harder for the hook to come out of the small loops, than just hooking from the front, with just flips the hook right out!!! Also these rubber retainers don't last long! I've been using Bungee cord loops instead, held in place with appropriate sized Nylon cable Ties……

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