How to Increase Gas Mileage in Your Car

How to Increase Gas Mileage in Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m going to show
you how to get better gas mileage in your car, now I’ve been a mechanic for
the last 50 years and believe me, I’ve seen every scam known to man that
promises better gas mileage, you don’t want to fall for any of those, for
instance there’s one that was called the tornadoes, this asian company was selling
it they claimed, you stick this in the air filter
and it would make the air go like a tornado vortex and get better gas
mileage, total nonsense, the things don’t work, now lately some guys have been
making videos on this HHO scam, where you get electrolysis and you make the water
turn into hydrogen and your car burns the hydrogen, but that’s a scam too,
because you use more energy and electricity to break the bonds between
hydrogen and oxygen than you ever get burning the hydrogen, it’s just a silly
thing that people are making multi-level marketing companies and ripping you off
selling these kits, I’ve even had guys in the past, claimed that if you put these
magnets on your fuel line it makes the molecules line up and they burn better,
of course that’s total nonsense too, years ago a guy gave me one of those
kits, he said Scott you’re such a great mechanic, you got to see this invention
you get better gas mileage, well I tested it out and I said, it’s
nonsense it doesn’t work, then he said I was an idiot and I didn’t know what I was talking
about, he sure changed his opinion on me when I
told him the truth, but there are real things you can do to get the best gas
mileage, first make sure you got a clean air filter, realize for every gallon of
gasoline that your car burns, it also burns about 1100 cubic feet of air, if
you don’t have free-flowing air, you’re going to use more fuel with less air, so
just make sure you got a good clean air filter, then make sure you’re using the
right oil for your car, it generally says right on the top of the engine, in
this case it says use 5w30 energy conserving oil, and in many newer cars,
it’ll say use zero w 10 oil that’s a full synthetic oil that’s very light,
because the lighter, the oil the less friction inside the engine, the better
gas mileage you’re going to use, and remember to change your oil frequently, because
dirty oil, guess what it has more friction, you’re going to get worse gas mileage
because there’s more friction with dirty oil, and if you use a full synthetic oil,
like this dirty old bottle and I found lying under some leaves in my yard I
forgot about, realize they do flow better and I’ve had customers switch from
regular synthetic oil and they will get slightly better gas mileage, now the next
thing is air pressure in your tires, you want to have the correct air pressure or
you’ll get too much rolling resistance and get worst gas mileage, and realize if
you’re really a fanatic about gas mileage, there are tire companies out
there that make special tires that have less rolling resistance, you will
actually get a little bit better gas mileage, you can check it out it’s not
made up, they have tread designs so they have a little bit less friction and they
get better gas mileage, and since the more weight you have, the worse your gas
mileage, make sure you got a relatively empty trunk that doesn’t have a bunch of
heavy stuff in it, the more weight you carry, the worse your gas mileage, so
basically remove all the excess weight in your car that you don’t need, unless
you’re going on a trip and you’re carrying a bunch of stuff sure, but for
everyday driving keep your car pretty empty, and perhaps the best tip is drive
conservatively, my grandfather had a customer years ago before they were
computers in cars and he said, you tuned up my car but it’s getting horrible gas
mileage, what you do wrong, so my grandfather the mechanic said, okay let’s
go for a ride, so he went for a ride with the guy, he’d slam on the brakes at the
stop light, step on the gas and tear off when he was taking off, and my
grandfather said, you’re lucky you’re getting the gas mileage you do, the way you
drive like a maniac, conservative driving patterns are the biggest thing for gas
mileage, that’s why when you’re on a highway going 60 miles an hour, you get the best
gas mileage, because the car is conservative it’s going at a lower rpm, it’s not shift
and up and down, you’re not stepping on the gas, stepping on the brake, and here’s
an odd fact that I found out years ago if you’re driving on the highway you
actually aren’t going to get worst gas mileage turning off your air conditioner to
cool yourself down, because rolling down your windows actually creates more wind
resistance and you’re going to get a little bit worse gas mileage with the windows rolled down
to cool yourself down, then you are with the windows rolled up with the
air-conditioning turned on, so now you know what you can really do to get
better gas mileage in your car, so it will last as long as it possibly can, and you
spent the least amount possible on fuel so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I never comment on videos, but man you rock. I love the touch of humor and the bottom line approach to the question. Fantastic. I am sharing will my 6 kids. Why? Because they take after their daddy…..I am just like the guy your Grandaddy took a test drive with…not anymore. Thank you!

  3. I’m a chemistry major. And I am so so happy when Scott explains the energy difference between electrolysis of water and the combustion of hydrogen gas. This guy is no gimmick. He really knows what he’s talking about. I admire that.

  4. I have a good one….always use GPS since the old days of maps and getting lost is gone. I used to get lost all the time using maps and wasting a lot of gas. I also anticipate red lights and just coast until it turns green so the car doesn't come to full stop when possible.

  5. I got an 01 lincoln town car and it feelslike i get 1mpg. I mean if i fill up right now. Gas is 2.29/gal. I have a 19 gallon tank if i put 30 in it'll read that i have about 300 miles til empty. I leave the fuel station and it just drops 1 mile ever damn mile. I just fixed the driver side catylic converter since there was a hole in it and i thought that would get me better gas mileage but boy was i wrong. Maybe a tuneup will help?
    Edit: i have 132,503mi on the car.

  6. Dear Scotty, i read some how to increase gas mileage by using Voltage Stabilizer and Ground Cable. well they said those extra tools eliminates electrical problem so all of the sensors works normally. is it correct?

  7. What about installing a water injection system and run a car designed for high octane gas on the cheaper low octane fuel?

  8. Main ways to save are to learn the traffic light patterns in your area and adjust speed and coasting distance accordingly so you never completely stop. I do that and I get 30mpg in the city in my Honda CR-V which is a compact SUV.

  9. Hho gas work it's just the motor is too big to burn it correctly. Didn't Toyota bring out an hho to market finally.

  10. You are a smart mechanic put a hollow metal ball under the carb or throttle body between carb and intake manifold will double gas milage

  11. Hi i tried almost every thing i could in my mitsubishi verada 2001.. but still my fuel consumption its more as lt should be.. what can i do.. please help mr with this one??

  12. My gas mileage is actually dropping 0.1 each car started on 38.9 mpg…. air filters are clean, tires are at top notch, and I didn't have a elephant in my car…not even a pencil..NEED HELP.

  13. Hi I noticed my odometer in my car went from 44000 miles to 65000 ruffly why is that?
    We haven’tgone on a vacation or any long trips?

  14. Hello sir,i have learn many much about car care from your good video..i looking for obd fault good scanner..which brand was good to use..

  15. The easiest way in the world is simple and save you heaps of fuel and brakes. Look into the distance and if it is not a massive distance away take you foot off the go pedal and glide to the intersection. The people behind you can get f***ed.

  16. Great content Scotty! Be sure to secure the cat with some tie downs before taking off & low as possible to reduce drag to save gas.

  17. You missed something at the very end of the video…remove the cat from the top of your car, less wind resistance.

  18. Hello Mr Scotty Kilmer. I point to some things. 60 mph is not most economical speed, example 40 mph are more economical because less wind resistance. There are some speeds, when is no point to go slower, depends what car you driving, but 40 mph is always economical than 60 mph, at least in most cases.

    Other thing what i not agree is ac vs windows down. I know it depends car and speed, but tv show mythbusters tested it with two suvs, short test and not final, but this showed, windows down was economical than ac on.
    But it was short test and it needs more testing, my personal oppinion is, using ac is more comfort, because it is quiet, windows down is not quiet and so on.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  19. Scotty, my wife drives a 2014 Toyota Sienna. We bought it brand new in 2013. We used to get about 400 miles on a full tank. Now we get about 300 miles. I’ve been going in for the regular maintenance as recommended by Toyota. We drive it like a grandma and make sure it has the right air pressure. What can we do to get it back to getting 400 miles per tank? Thank you.

  20. We a appreciate the fact that you don't constantly try and sell us crap we don't need Scotty! And the years of knowledge!

  21. For even better gas mileage, go hit the gym and lose some weight, and turn off the AC and sweat when ur driving down the road on a hot day.

  22. Use electric from an alternator that's 85% efficient driven by an engine that's 30% efficient to Split hydrogen and oxygen in an electrolyzer thats 40% efficiency to recombine the hydrogen with oxygen by burning it in an engine that's 30% efficient which drives the alternator to make more hydrogen. Sounds legit to me 😉

  23. It's amazing how many people don't believe that keeping windows rolled up and having the a/c on is better than the opposite. I've got a friend that believes that DUMB method. Scotty, that's a cute little cat I saw in this video

  24. The windows rolled down giving you worse fuel economy is bullshit lol

    My 05 Toyota was getting 34 when my AC wasnt working. I rode with my windows down always. I got my AC fixed, Im averaging 28-29 now.

  25. mass air flow sensor is another big thing to look at. it needs to be clean and functional properly for high mpg.

  26. Hi, Scotty, got a question. Why is it that similar old diesel engine size had longer mileage than modern ones. For example, a 1995 2.5L Isuzu could run at 15Km/L and the 2019 2.5L Isuzu runs at 13Km/L or 12Km/L, getting closer to petrol engine consumption of 2.0L engines.
    Appreciate your wealthy knowledge.

  27. * New NGK Laser spark plugs gave my Honda Civic hybrid more engine torque 8% more gas mileage where's the numbers a 60 miles per hour 54.1 new plugs at 65 miles per hour 54.1 again what is a 8 + 8.4% increase yep that's true that's posted 8-2-2019 the car display show 48 miles per gallon I used the actual pump reading

  28. so my boyfriend just bought a 2016 ford focus with almost 100k miles on it. took it to the shop and they said the oil is super dirty… changed it to full synthetic and it runs a little better now, but is there anything we should worry about or anything we should be checking for on it?

  29. My secret is whatever the speed limit is is simply drive 5 mph slower on cruise and let everyone else jockey around and act like they are in a race for their life.
    It’s amusing because I get to the same place at the same time and with less stress by making that simple change. Let them go around and punch it to get thirty feet ahead of me…who cares

    Honda Accord 2017 2.4 typically getting 40+mpg on highway

  30. I can double my fuel consumption just by changing my driving style. For instance I can manage factory numbers by driving like a grandma and I can double that by driving like a nervous F1 driver that is involved in a police chase.

  31. To increase your MPG, slow down, make sure your cruising with top gear, and if you don't need the air conditioning running turn it off and open your out door vent that improve your MPG.

  32. And you get * MORE * MPG with windows down and NO A.C. when driving in city and when driving under 55 MPH because there is less drag. But he didn't mention that.

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