How To Inspect A Used Car Before Buying “Checking Engine & Transmission “

Hey guys in this video I’m gonna go over
what you should check when buying a used car some of the most important
things I’m probably not going to touch on everything but definitely the most
important things to check when buying a used vehicle if you guys have anything
you want to add or anything you think I may have missed that important be sure
to drop it in the comment section below first thing you wanted to do though is
when you get in touch with a seller you’re going to want to get the title
and make sure you’ve got a nice clean title it’s not a salvage title make sure
that on the back of the title haven’t been refilled or filled out incorrectly
cuz that right there alone can stop you from being able to register the vehicle
so very important to make sure you got a clean title for the used car your buying and it’s not a salvage title
or anything of that such so once we got a new we know we have a clean title and
we’re all good there I usually like to if I’m spending more than a thousand
dollars on a used car it’s a very good idea to run a car fax on the vehicle that’s going to
give you in the service history if they’ve had it at any dealerships or
it’s been any accidents or anything that’s really gonna tell you it’s gonna
give you a lot of information it’s very good resource I’ll leave that link below
I’m on the Carfax along with the Kelley Blue Book value before you go to look at
the vehicle you obviously gotta want to know what is valued of the used car before you buy it a so you know if
you’re getting a good deal or not and if you’re looking to resell the car
obviously you’re going to want to make sure you get out of better deal than
what you think you can sell it for so once you have all that checked out and
it to go then we’re gonna go ahead and inspect the used car so first off usually
I like to do is just come in start it up when you’re starting it make sure that
you don’t have any odd noises on startup any knocking clicking grinding moaning
anything out of the ordinary I like to check their air conditioning because
that can be a pretty pretty pricey repair so just turn the air conditioning
on make sure that’s blowing cold if it’s not that’s that’s more or less just
going to be a negotiation tactic maybe you guys can work on the price a little
bit, to get this used car at the cheapest price and then just look at your gauges make
sure definitely make sure you have no check engine lights abs lights airbag
lights make sure IR gauges are working as you can see here it looks like they
were working the gas gauge is reading empty so that could be concerned either
it’s empty or it’s it’s not working properly second and definitely
definitely if you’re buying a used car especially if it has to go through an
admissions inspection you’re going to wanna hook a little scan tool up to it
now you got a couple different options I just have this little handheld one here
relatively cheap on Amazon I’ll leave a link below also there is a couple other
ones out there that are Bluetooth that hook to your phone they run an app on
your phone there’s I’ve that will think it’s a blue drive which is good but
I’ll leave those links in the description below so be sure to check
them we’re gonna go ahead and plug this into the OBD2 connector which is
going to be located under the dash here it’s just as white connector sometimes
will be black sometimes it’ll be white we’re gonna go ahead and plug this in and what I have here is just a very
simplified over to you to scanner that checks monitors and it checks for OBD2 codes
so I’m just gonna hit read take a second here and this is gonna tell us if we
have any pending codes stored codes and if the monitors have been set
if the monitors haven’t been set then that means somebody cleared the check
engine light which means there’s probably an underlying problem that
they’re applying to to to cover up which wouldn’t be a good thing so alright so
even though we don’t have a check engine light is saying we have a stored code so
chances are they may have cleared this out and it’s just starting to reset well
we got a p0 four five five which is for a EVAP system and if you scroll down
it’s going to tell us if our monitors have been set so it says monitor is
there and it says zero incomplete so that means all of them have ran all the
monitor has ran so this is the only issue that we have with this car so
that could be a major concern that could stop you from passing the car
emissions inspections if you have them in your state so you’re gonna want to
address that or you know negotiate the price on that problem there if you come
in here and has zero codes but it says you have two incomplete monitors three
incomplete monitors for incomplete monitors then that means somebody
cleared the check engine light recently and the used car hasn’t been driven enough to
reset any codes that may have been there so if those monitors haven’t been set
you’re gonna want to drive this vehicle until they are set to make sure there’s
no underlying issues that you don’t know about if they have a catalytic converter
problem that they could not pass inspection for that could be a costly
repair and they could have just cleared the check engine light in order to you know flip the
used car real quick so definitely something to be very cautious of they’re
always going to want to check the obd2 information on a used vehicle before you
purchase it especially if your state has emissions laws alright so next thing
we’re gonna do is check under the hood here basically we’re just gonna do a
visual inspection all the hoses about and just see what kind of general
condition those vehicles in it doesn’t really look like anybody’s been under
here cleaning anything up so that’s actually a good sign will easily be able
to identify any leaks or any problems if underneath the hood has been all
detailed and it’s super shiny and clean and that is kind of a sign for caution
they may be trying to cover up something that was there that you’re not gonna be
able to see now so if it looks too good to be true a lot of cases it is as I’m
sure you’ve probably heard before I like to pull the cap first off check for any
kind of blow-by or sludge this looks pretty clean if you see a milky foamy
substance then that could be cause for concern some vehicles you will see some
foamy sludge depending on the model that they’re having any PCV issues or blow-by
issues of that sort it could be somewhat normal and nothing to be too
about but in some cases it could mean head gasket as you too so if you have a
foamy for athlete looking engine oil and definitely something gonna want and look
into a little further obviously you’re gonna want to check your engine oil before buying a used car and if
it’s super clean that maybe a concern unless they have service records
they could have just changed it or possibly be trying to cover up
any issues if you see any metallic colored flakes in the oil that’s
probably you know go and next you just want to go over all the fluids check
your coolant once again and check for a foamy oily looking coolant if you see
that that’s gonna be concerned make sure it’s clean full make sure all your foods
are full if they’re full if they’re not full or if they lowered of and that may
be a sign of a problem somewhere a leak or some kind of consumption issue we’ve
got our brake fluid here our power steering fluid that is actually a little
low so we I’m not seeing anything to to concerning under here I mean this is an
older vehicle there are gonna be some minor seeps and leaks I’m just gonna go
ahead and start the engine up we’re gonna listen for any noises any unusual noises and we’re just listening for you know
belt noises howling noises grinding noises and also while we have the engine running
here it’s not a bad idea it’s kind of feel for any puffs of air any kind of
pressure we’re starting to get some bad engine rings are a high Milage motor you
might get blow by and you kind of feel it this feels nice there’s really
nothing I feel my way are puffing out of there so that that’s a good thing also
you may want to have the seller of the used car push the gas up a little bit and while
they do that just come back to the exhaust here make sure your aren’t
seeing any smoke of any kind white smoke or blue smoke white smoke maybe
indicating a head gasket issue if you got blue smoke it could be burning
some oil this doesn’t look too bad here so this engine seems like it’s checking
out pretty good it’s nice and quiet the oil doesn’t look too bad I’m not getting
any blowback so the engine seems pretty sound obviously we still need to test
drive it and feel for engine issues there this transmission has a sealed
transmission so we’re not able to check the fluid condition but so that’s going
to be more of a car test drive thing on the test drive we’re going to make sure it’s
shifting smoothly you’re gonna want to start from a stop and accelerate pretty
heavily make sure the transmission shifts through the gears smoothly you’re not getting
any whining any shuttering any kind of moaning any awkward noises at all
groaning so although the definitely kind of things your honor listen for on the
test drive and feel for next we’re just gonna go underneath and make sure
there’s no major leaks so let’s see how it looks on here and it looks like I
mean we got some moister there and that looks like the power steering cooler
someone’s put some clamps on that to try and stop that from leaking that explains
why the power steering fluid is low kind of like I said if you got any low fluids
and that’s probably an occasion on some issues
kind of looking here I’m not seeing any major leaks this video has very high
mileage so some sleeping is not gonna be out of the ordinary kind of kind of
comes with the territory when buying a used car with high mileage vehicle but man you just want to
make sure you don’t have anything major it does look obviously have some rust
issues so we’re gonna have to go over this pretty thoroughly as far as the
frame is concerned and the body you know all that make sure we have no rust outs
because that could stop us from getting this vehicle inspected if we have
anybody rust or frame rust that will we will run into problems with a safety
inspection if you have safety inspection in your state so those are a lot of the
big concerns there I mean if you go to can’t register the car if you can’t
inspect the car then you can’t drive the car so anything that’s gonna stop you
from getting registered and inspected it’s gonna be very very important so um
next I’m just gonna do a walk-around providing the test drive turns out good
you know you got our engine noise this trip tonight so far so good we’re gonna
do a walk-around kind of look at we’re gonna go to body damage and rust and if
you see any evidence of the vehicle being hit like here it looks like it’s
pretty obvious we got some we got some chipped paint in the back actually a
little looks like we got a little waviness there so looks like I would say
this cars probably been rear-ended so we’re definitely gonna have to inspect
for some frame damage or what kind of kind of other damage that’s we may not
be seeing me being behind this plastic bumper I’m gonna go ahead and pop the
trunk and see see the severity of that damage could be a lot more than meets
the eye okay yeah and as you can see there the
subframe is actually completely completely crumbled in chances are if
this was an insurance claim that would probably be bad enough to total this
vehicle so that right there would probably be enough to make me not want
to purchase this vehicle could failure for inspection let’s take a quick look
underneath we can see a hole right here when I can’t see is that a Viper’s myth
that he got canister which we did have a evap code so that could be partly
related that looks like we have a king toes here and that’s probably from this
it’s probably from this rear quarter being pushed pushed up so far and push
this canister up and crank these hoses so we definitely got well you definitely
got an issue there and as you can see some rust well we got it looks like the
exhaust had been repaired recently so well as it stands right now I would I
think that body damage is probably enough to make this car a no-go
unfortunately but all the kind of things you want to look for and I’m glad
definitely something you’re gonna want to be aware of if you were to purchase a
used car so I’m sure I missed a few things so be sure to leave comments
below to help anybody out on YouTube that is out looking a purchase that used
a vehicle yeah I just drop a comment and add to this I mean there’s so many
things in the vehicle I just try to touch on a few of the most important
things and to me obviously the most important is is the engine gonna last is
a transmission gonna last am I gonna be yellow in specifics
inspect this vehicle am I gonna be able to register this vehicle before I even
go to look at you want to make make sure you’re going to be able to register it
by verifying the title you may want to run a Carfax before you even waste your
time and then once you get that you don’t want to make sure the vehicle is
going to be inspectable and if it’s not well it’s going to touch you fixed it
and negotiate from there thanks for watching my how to inspect a used car before buying video guys be sure to hit
that thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already Thank you

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