How to Inspect a Used Car for Purchase

How to Inspect a Used Car for Purchase

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  1. Just a few bits of info for everyone who is asking in the comments section:
    1.) Those are plate covers not plates. I use them in all of my videos to protect the owner's privacy (and my own privacy). They go on with tape before I film. The real plates are under them.
    2.) This is only part 1 of the series, in part two I meet with the owner to inspect the car:
    3.) I have a new series with buying a parts car Jaguar here:
    4.) You can follow me here for updates and other cool projects:

  2. I put a lot of faith into dealerships, if one sells me a car that breaks that isn't a normal wear item I'll never go to that dealership again and I'll even warn all the people I meet to never go there. Ever.

  3. Chris fix: this is my first time seeing this car
    Audience: but it says chris fix on the licence plate😂😂

  4. For me it's to bring a magnet. I bought a mustang and while driving home I thought my muffler was dragging. Turned out to be my fender. I'd also check out what all has to be done that should be a normal fix. For instance, my nephew's Malibu has to have the front tire removed to change the bulbs in the front headlights. My Chevy venture has the gearshift bar directly in front of it, making it difficult to put fluid in it. Never, ever trust a used car salesman!

  5. "6 main things"instead because you didn't inspect the engine..but thumps up..learnt more details to look at nxt time

  6. I love it how Chris just explains it down to the nitty gritty instead of having someone taking 20 minutes to get to the point

  7. I was inspecting a used car and took it for a test drive. Opened the door and started the car. Drove excellent!

    After spending a night in jail I realized the car wasn't for sale and I didn't even have a key!

  8. * me sitting here thankful that more than half of this sounds familiar *
    this is the first video of yours I’ve seen. I just bought a used car a month ago and we looked for at least half of this before considering the car.
    2000 VW Beetle, 151k, we got the price down to $1000 and had a budget of the same amount to work on it. We’re almost done fixing her, used only half our repair budget so far, and she’ll drive almost like new in 2 weeks and pass her first emissions test in two years (which yeah, that doesn’t look good, but she’s significantly improved from when we got her)

  9. If you were looking at this at the same time you started filming how is there your license plate thing on there

  10. You can do a quick check of the suspension by pushing down each corner then letting it back up quickly; it should bounce up and stay there – if it keeps bouncing, the shocks are probably shot.

  11. You are right about not buying wet car because wetness hides imperfections of the car's paint. I bought a wet car when it was raining, the car paint looked good when it was wet. Few days later after buying the car, the sun came out and OMG, my car's paint had too much scratches and too much paint fixes on it that were not visible at the time I bought it. The wet car hid so many paint fixes the previous owner did on the car. Never again will I buy a car that is wet.

  12. If the owner is "God damned STINKBOTTOMED" its time to look elsewhere.

    STINKBOTTOMED I'm STINKBOTTOMED, you give me a diaper full 'cause you're so wonderful.

  13. Hey bro so i found a 2002 honda civic ex coupe, and it has 100k miles and theyre asking for 1800$. Do you think thats fishy or not? Feel free to message me if you want to see pictures of it ill give you my email.

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