How To: Install a Battery in Your Vehicle

How To: Install a Battery in Your Vehicle

[Mechnical SFX] Hey everybody! John here with O’Reilly
Auto Parts and today I’m gonna show you how to install a new battery in your vehicle. In most cases it’s a pretty simple job. Before you start check your service manual for the location of your battery. It could be easy, but it could also be in the trunk or behind the wheel well. And if you find that it’s going to be more complicated than you thought, we would be happy to recommend a
professional technician in your area. Typically, the only tools that you’ll
need are a wrench to loosen the battery bolts and nuts, as well as a ratchet and
socket to take out the battery hold-down. When you get the battery reinstalled
chances are your radio presets and other operator preferences will be cleared out.
In some vehicles, you may have to reenter a security code to get the stereo
working again. Some manufacturers may recommend the use of a memory saver to
prevent issues once the new battery is installed; so always be aware of the
manufacturer’s specifications before the installation. Today, I’m gonna be changing
out the battery on this 2013 Toyota Tacoma. First, you’ll see here that we’ve
got three things that we’ll need to detach to get this battery out. This is
the battery hold-down which helps keep the battery in place. Then, we’ve got the
cables attached to each of the two battery terminals. We’ll start by
loosening this hold down and slipping out the curved end of the bolt, and we’ll
just swing that back out of the way. Now when you go to disconnect the cables
from the battery terminals you’ll want to disconnect the negative cable first.
It’s the one connected to the negative terminal, which is marked with a minus
sign. Just loosen this enough to slip the connector off and move it to the side
out of your way. Make sure that it’s not resting on bare metal. Same thing with
the positive cable. Loosen this connector enough that you can slip it off and move
that to the side, and at this point, you should be ready to lift this battery out
very carefully, just trying to keep it upright. Once you’ve got your new battery,
you’re going to ease it back into the tray and we’re going to reattach the
cables in the reverse order. We’ll place these battery washers to prevent
corrosion and brush any corrosion from the cable ends so we get a good
connection, and we’re going to reattach the cables in reverse order. The positive
will go on first. Be sure to slip that down as far on the
post as you can before you tighten it. Then the negative. Now we’ll just
re-position this hold down. Slip the curved end of the bolt into the hole
and tighten that down. Now for the moment of truth. [Key Turning Over]
[Engine Starting] Success! Everything you need to
complete this job including the battery, tools, or memory saver, are available
at your local O’Reilly Auto Parts Store or online at Our DIY videos are designed to help answer questions that we get in our store each and every day. If you found this one helpful subscribe to our channel to see the latest DIY jobs. We’ll see you again soon!

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  1. Back of battery connections. Darn. I can't find a vid about when you go to attach the neg terminal when it sparks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LMFAO THIS DUDE IS LYING. when you change a battery on a toyota. it’ll die as soon as you start it up then the second time it’ll start up bc in toyota’s the (KAM) in the computer or whatever you call it has to reset

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