How To Install A Car Battery Disconnect Switch

How To Install A Car Battery Disconnect Switch

so I’ve been having some electrical trouble with my car, and I haven’t been able to diagnose it or really work on it at all at. I haven’t had the time, so as a stopgap I decided I was going to install a battery disconnect switch and I would you know take care of the problem with voltage drain so I’m going to show you how to do that now and this is this is great if you have a vehicle that you drive on occasion this is a great way to save the batteries in an RV or something like that just a very quick easy way to take the voltage load off so the battery doesn’t drain so quickly I picked up this battery disconnect switch from Harbor Freight for about five dollars you don’t have to get it from Harbor Freight of course I’ll drop a link to something similar in the doobly-doo for your reference Jesus that’s a mess this is what living in South Georgia for a few years can do to a car I don’t recommend it also you’ve probably noticed that I’m doing this is a series of stills that’s because there was no way that I was going to be able to fit a camera on a tripod much less enough light in the boot of my tiny car to get video so I just shot stills at least you can see what’s going on two by two hands of blue actually sulfuric acid is no joke and neither is lead exposure you don’t really want to touch that stuff if you can help it show some love put on a glove so you’ll want to reach in and disconnect the negative lead from the battery that’s the black one do this by loosening the bolt that holds the lead clamp down on the terminal don’t ask me what size wrench to use because they’re all different I used a 12 millimeter end wrench on my car but yours may vary all that dielectric grease makes it look like Dexter Morgan was here but at least there’s no corrosion now just clamp the lead onto the shank end of the disconnect switch the switch has its own terminal clamp that you’ll need to loosen a bit in order to fit you on the battery terminal but a little finesse will get it snug there then you just focus you f**k that’s better then you just take your end wrench and tighten the clamp down that’s it all finished righty-tighty engages the electrical system lefty-loosey disengages it that’s really all there is to it it’s a very simple installation you follow the directions all photos here in this video so you know if you like this video absolutely give it a like and a thumbs up share it with your friends even for more stuff you can subscribe I appreciate that and thank you for watching and until next time Tallyho y’all you

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  1. I was looking for how best to install this exact disconnect switch. Thanks.

    Also love the Firefly reference. Shiny!

  2. is this reliable ? i am planning to leave my car unattended with battery inside with this switch for 1 -2 years will this switch still preserve charge in battery

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