How to Install a Hydro Ebrake (Hydraulic E brake)

How to Install a Hydro Ebrake (Hydraulic E brake)

Hey guys! ChrisFix here Today I’m gonna show you how to Install a hydraulic e-brake in your car. This is a hydraulic e-brake, also known as A hydro e-brake, or just a hydro, And it’s used for drifting! When you pull the hydraulic e-brake, it’s essentially like pressing a normal foot brake in your car, But you’re only braking with the rear wheels Which helps you control your drifts. You can also use the stock e-brake to do this, which is what I’ve been working with, But it isn’t as strong as a hydraulic e-brake, and it’s already stretched the cable Just from two drift events. Plus, when you’re using the stock e-brake you need to make sure you press this button. Otherwise, this thing can get stuck in the up position, Which wouldn’t be good. The other thing is, the stock e-brake isn’t meant to be yanked all the time like this That can cause the cable to stretch out, Or even snap. So, today I’m gonna show you everything That you need to know on how to install a hydraulic e-brake. And once we get the e-brake in, then we can get our racing seats in, Which will be the next video But one thing at a time, so let’s first install the hydro. So here’s all the tools and products you’ll need for this job And I’ll be sure to link everything in the description, So you can easily find it. I’m using an ASD Hydro E-Brake. This is one of the best Quality e-brakes on the market, Has a nice, long handle to grab onto And gives you plenty of leverage. And this e-brake has a reservoir because I’m running a dual-caliper setup. And besides the e-brake, you’re also gonna need some brake line. I have some stainless steel braided brake line And using flexible stainless steel brake hose is gonna make it really easy To go from the hydro To the brake caliper. You’re also gonna need a couple of fittings, in this case I have a “T” fitting. Everything is “-3AN” fittings to make it simple. And then we have a “-3AN” fitting To the stock caliper fitting. And you’ll need some crush washers to complete the brake install. And then to make our mount you have two options If you have a welder, you can weld everything together, Makes it really easy I’d actually prefer to do this, but I know not everybody has a welder So I’m gonna be making this completely bolt-in, No welder required. So then after watching this video, You’ll be able to install your very own hydro e-brake. So the first thing we need to do is figure out where We’re gonna mount the hydro e-brake. And your biggest restriction is gonna be space. You don’t want it to get in the way of your shifter, And I’m keeping my stock e-brake so that I’ll have a parking brake, Because the hydro e-brake doesn’t work as a parking brake. It doesn’t lock. So I’m gonna want to have my have my e-brake somewhere in-between the steering wheel and the shifter. That way I can go from the steering wheel Right to the hydro. The only problem is, when we put it in first gear You can see there’s not a lot of room here, And then in second gear there’s also not a lot of room So we’re gonna have to keep that in mind For when we figure out where we want to mount this. And this area right over here looks pretty good, And our hydro is gonna end up sitting right on top of this cupholder area. And lucky for us, This cupholder just pops right out. And with the cupholder removed, you can see We have a nice area to mount our hydro. And I’m thinking the hydro is gonna go right around here. That’s looking actually really good. I’m liking that spot a lot. Plenty of room for first gear and second gear, Go from steering wheel to hydro, perfect! That is exactly where I want to mount it. Now, if you’re not sure where you want to mount your hydro, Just go to a drift event. Walk around and check out other people’s cars. I spent about 15 minutes just looking into cars And talking with different owners, And without even asking some of the owners said, “Hey, go sit in my car, go test it out.” Not only was this very helpful, but it’ll give you plenty Of ideas on where you wanna install your hydro. So after you figure out where you want to mount your hydro, Now we have the challenge of figuring out where we’re Gonna run our brake line, which has to come out here, Then we’re gonna have to run it somewhere back here And then it’s gonna have to go all the way To this brake caliper on this side And the same thing with the other brake caliper on the other side. Now I have an idea, I wanna see if it’s gonna work So we’re gonna open this up. We have two hidden screws, One under here, and then one under here. We gotta unscrew those, and with those unscrewed The center console storage bucket comes right out. So what I’m thinking is, We run the brake hose up, and then we’ll root it across back here, All the way to the back of the center console And we’ll have a nice pass-through with a grommet right back here. Then the brake line’s gonna come out here. From here we can tee the brake line off, one to one caliper, One to the other caliper And we’re either gonna have to drill a hole on each side, Or maybe there might be some stock pass-throughs. Only one way to find out, Let’s go and remove this rear seat. And to remove the back seat is pretty simple. Right under here, just pull the seat back and then you press this little clip right here And it pops right up. There’s one clip on each side so do the other side as well And remove the seat. And then hopefully we have some good news underneath this insulation… Beautiful! I think this is gonna go through, pull up the grommet Alright, I see daylight from the other side I actually see the e-brake cable, that is perfect! Now I’m just hoping there’s one on the other side… Yes, beautiful! And that goes through as well, and you can see the e-brake cable, perfect! So we need to figure out now How much brake line we’re actually gonna need And to do that there’s a little trick. Use a piece of rope. And we’re gonna run the rope exactly how we’re gonna run the brake lines, So we know exactly how much brake line we need to order. So starting from the hydro, we’re gonna go up through the boot for the e-brake Come around behind this metal bracket. And then we’re gonna go out right at the bottom of the center console And this will be routed nice and neat Up to about this black line right here. So let’s go measure to this black tape. See what we got… We have just about four feet. Now we need to go from the middle to each caliper. And right at the middle here, just to give you an idea, we’re gonna have this “T” adapter. So we have our brake line coming in from the hydro right here, And then we have our two brake lines going out, One to each caliper. So we’ll start from the middle, and run our line right to the hole in the chassis. And that hole comes out right over here. We’re gonna have it come up behind here And it’s gonna come to our brake caliper right about here, So I’m gonna mark it off with some tape. And let’s go get a measurement! How much break line we are going to need And it looks like we are just going to need over 3ft of break line Since break line comes in 1 ft increments

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  1. Spoiler Alert! Since I have gotten a ton of questions on why I didnt run the brake line under the carpet, well… That is because I will be gutting the interior for the weld in roll cage, then painting the interior so it looks amazing!

  2. I dont even own a car but have a question. The brake line is only attached to one of the callipers in thr back, but there are two on the wheel? That means one pair is used by the e-brake and the other by the parking brake?
    so its never both callipers on the sam wheel that are breaking?

  3. Hello question, is it possible to make it so, that you just use the same callbier? I mean, if i dont wont to use dual?

  4. Do you think that set-up would hold a turbo car up against the converter very well? I'm wanting to do some (de-electronic) work to my car, no more t-brake, 2 step, etc.

  5. This is excactly what I've been missing on all my cars since the first one with ABS! . . . . . And, as Chris is the living proof of: If there's a will – there's a way! . . . . . Awesomeness in action!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😉👍

  6. Even though I’m just a kid I love watching Chris’s videos. I LOVE working on cars (even though I’ve never worked on a car) I love playing racing games. Please continue to make these EPIC videos!!

  7. Just copied this vid in my r32 and micra (no I’m not joking i do have a drift micra) and it worked amazingly. Thanks chrisfix you’ve taught me so much with my cars before not knowing anything and owning a 350z from being able to put an e-brake in a f**king nissan micra

  8. Hey Chris not t be rude just to be funny but in you passion you really like to ruin some cars but I think they turn out very well

  9. question so the hydraulic break when u use it is it nly activating one break (new one you put on) or both are being used 🤔🤨 just need one ?

  10. Hey, can i purchase from factory standards a competition e brake. Ex. I want my nismo with a competition ebrake from nissan. Can i or do i have to put it myself or in a car service shop.

  11. I'm still learning so no one come at me lmao but when installing the ebrake on a car is it best for the car to be awd or rwd or what? Just curious

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