How to Install a Performance Intake Manifold and Replace Gaskets (Dyno PROOF)

How to Install a Performance Intake Manifold and Replace Gaskets (Dyno PROOF)

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  1. I really admire the work you put in all the videos. I check for your new videos almost daily and always wonder what takes you so long. Everytime I see the new video I'm like "okay, this was worth waiting". The work you have to put in repairing the car and in addition to that, the work you have to put in moving and placing the camera so every bolt you touch is visible for the viewer and finally editing the video the way you do it (every transition, every splitscreen, all the bolts to mark and these things you do with graphs) must take hours and hours. I really appreciate it and hope that you'll keep doing such a great videos. Even though I don't even have a car, I always enjoy your videos, so one day I buy myself a car, i can do it at home just because of you. Thank you!

  2. In the last video, you had gotten 270 lb-ft & 199 HP, so why is it 5 lb-ft less & 3 HP less?
    I'm just guessing because of your leak

  3. something tells me that chris here deliberately damaged the stock intake just so he can install a new one lol

  4. Just saying the 4.6 2v is a truck motor and was not designed for high end power it’s all torque the the old 302

  5. I watched your exhaust video your original numbers were 255 TQ and 189 HP. Once you replaced it your TQ went up 270 and HP up to 199. This vid your final numbers were 258 TQ AND 208 HP so +3 TQ and +19 HP all together. I'm curious how much did the exhaust and intake combined cost?

  6. Hey Chris, I hope that you install that awesome throttle body, and make a vid. Your Mustang will be a monster power machine!

  7. Die You Take the DriftStang to the (Dyno?) With the leak?😬

    Love your Videos, keep them coming😁

    AND i Love Cooper (every pet in fact, i got 2 Guinea pigs)

  8. Hey, I replace my turbocharger in my 2012 cruze, the car run without any noise but it has a lot of white smoke coming out of the exhaust, do you have any idea what could be wrong?

  9. Sometimes you talk too loud and too enthusiastic although sometimes it helps from times to others but not when you are always talking like that… I admire your work on these videos by the way

  10. Just add a twin turbo kit, do an ecu tune and get rid of some dead weight add a wing. If you think this is a good idea then smash that like button!!!!! (

  11. You made a video how to replace a water pump.But I have a Alfa Romeo 166 and I don't know if it works.Because probably is the famous italian mechanic

  12. You lose a vacuum effect. And please do a blueprint to those engine and make a comparison. Also some manufacture claim that spiral intake increase vacuum effect. I would be glad to see your research about that

  13. Dont tap all the way! Rule of thumb : Leave 8 threads from the tap. If you need more, do an other turn. Better leave material, Easy er to remove material than rebuiding material. Just a thought of a machinist.

  14. Y’all know what I would do used to fix that intake the adhesive power of flex seal

  15. 12:50 quick technical info: PTFE is put on threads the other way around so that it smoothens while locking the threads for optimal sealing. Passenger side temperature sensor is done wrong while driving side one is done correctly

  16. Chris I'm still waiting for your DVD to come out on taking apart and putting together an entire vehicle apart and putting back together like new

  17. Chris I think you should do some work on carbureted engines. I know I would have loved to have a step by step when I took mine appart.

  18. Yeah I had a late 90s crown vic with the modular v8 that developed a coolant leak due to plastic intake cracking. And all I could think was, really, plastic? Damn you Ford!

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