How To Install After Market Seats

How To Install After Market Seats

Welcome to another episode of MightyCarMods proudly supported by Just Car Insurance. Now today We’re going to show you how to install a couple of recaros in your car It’s quick and it’s easy And it’s a very important thing to do particularly if you’re going to be spending some time at the racetrack Or drifting. or driving under the speed limit on public roads! in your registered Roadworthy and engineered car. Exactly, now a lot of you are probably thinking bucket seat That sounds like something you’d find on an Indian tour bus, five hours into your tour, two hours after you’ve eaten rogan Josh and now you’re spurting everywhere, and you need a bucket to sit on but you can’t find one But no bucket seats are an important racing automotive modification. That’s right They’ve been around since the 1950s recaros have been putting all sorts of things from airplane to cars. That’s right. That’s right Well, this is Sesame street now of course Race cars They only have one for the driver But most normal cars they come with two because otherwise the passenger they feel left out and they get a little bit snotty That’s right or a little bit squashed up against the passenger window exactly because they’re upset now martin What does a bucket seat do? a bucket seat holds you in during hard cornering or drifting! Which is sort of the same thing? exactly so look we’re going to show you how to put two Recaros in how long will it take Martin? an afternoon, but you might need a friend To help you. I like having a friend around to help let’s do it Today, we’re working on the MightyCarMods S15. Now from the factory They’ve got pretty supportive seats already, but that said they have had someone else’s bottom juice sweating onto them for the last 60,000 kilometres before I bought it so that in itself is enough reason to change. You’re going to need a socket and an Allen key you’re also going to need a couple of recaros or seats of your choice But we choose Recaro because Recaro chooses MightyCarMods. You’re also going to need some rails This is what adapts the seats to fit in your car these arrived from Recaro in Japan yesterday. How about that! Firstly jack up your car These base frames are pre-made to fit both the floor pan of the car and the seats mounting system The first step is to attach the rail to the bottom of the seat all our instructions were in Japanese but the diagrams and the odd English word was enough to get an idea of what goes where the rails come supplied with all the appropriate bolts and hex keys You’ll need to slide the rails back and forth in order to get all the bolts in a screw driver can be used to release the Slider Lock Next up the old seats need to come out of the car There’s four bolts holding in each seat, so the whole thing can be removed in just a couple of minutes Depending on what I’ve how you’ve got it might have a little wire running for seat belt which lets the dash know when somebody doesn’t Have a seat belt on based on weight So make sure you rip it off before you see that when I say rip it off. I mean carefully unplug it While you’ve [got] your seat out This is the perfect time to vacuum your car because you’re never going to get a thorough clean and when there’s nothing in there the funny thing is that Without a passenger seat in the S15 the actual seating position is almost exactly the same Lay down something soft to work on see don’t wear out new seats Ok so the last thing to do is Transfer over the seat belt components from the stop seat onto the recaro seat the easiest way of doing this is laying down the seats Next to each other and then you don’t get [confused] about what goes where we’ve also got to take off this wire Which is a little controller that lets the heads-up display the car know or the – know whether the passenger is wearing their seat belt Or not that just runs off a little electric charge inside that seat belt component So the whole thing has to be transferred from this seat on to this seat, and then it can go into the car The recaros come with all the parts that you’ll need to swap over the seatbelt components Torque up the bolts nice and tight remember to check them after a few days use You can use cable ties to attach the wiring to the same spot in the new setup One little tip is keep your iron awareness on this when you’re putting it in your car Because many a person has scratched their – putting in aftermarket seats Alright there it is now for extra safety if you want you can bolt them in The original four bolts are put back in and the passenger side is all done these recaro Sr7 sit in the middle of the Sl lineup offering a combination of features for track driving as well as day-To-day comfort It is possible to make up your own rails But make sure you know you’re doing you don’t want to mess around with what’s holding you into the car It’s a good idea to do all four anchor bolts up loosely in case there are any alignment issues with the seat rail It’s really important that you don’t cross thread your seat mounting bolts Make sure the carpet is clear of the threaded holes and do them by hand until you’re sure they’re going properly They have a universal design that makes them Look awesome in a wide range of cars, and they’ve done a great job of updating the interior of the S15 We’ve gone from this to this This seats feel awesome and Marty loves being in a fast car for once Of course there’s only so far you can go on public roads with the seats feel awesome the car looks better there’s no secondhand bum juice and the true test of the recaros will be when I smash marty’s Subaru and the racetrack, so there it is. It’s a very simple modification Literally four bolts per seat the great thing is [about] doing this is that it completely transforms the driving experience of your car and it also Updates the interior and makes your car look madder than it did before Now it’s really important to remember that you are changing two very important Safety features of your car Which is your seat belt anchor point and your seats so if you’re not totally confident Make sure you get someone who’s qualified to help you out Exactly and as such make sure you get proper gear to do it, and we’d like to say a massive Thanks to recaro Japan they’re helping us out with this episode now marty What is next I don’t get to youtube on you, but you should subscribe Which way is it? I don’t know there like that. No. Is it up? And I’ll give you subaru this the back seats are more comfortable than this The who needs back seats if you drive a real sports car mate? [ Whisper] You don’t have to jack up your car

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  1. Please make a video about beginner car selection and good cars for people getting their P plates that are; fast, cool and under 10k [need cash for mods ;)]

  2. In the beginning of the video with you talking Marty looks like his upper body is invisible

  3. I want to put some aftermarket seats in my car (Daihatsu charade f2) but I don't know which ones to put in. Any ideas? Can't be too expensive maybe $500 max even just for one seat. I wanted a bride but they aren't adr approved.

  4. "Because you're never gonna get as thorough of a clean as when there's nothing in there"
    But if there's nothing in their, i.e. no dust… Why would you need to vacuum it? There's nothing to vacuum up!

    Bamboozled again.

    Seriously, calm down, I'm not that dumb.

  5. Do the aftermarket seats go back further, I'm a tall/big guy and I need a car thats good on gas but the seats never go back far enough or low enough 🙁

  6. Guys, one biggie you didn't mention was the pre tensioners. These things have an explosive charge! And then there is the air-bags too. There has been reports of triggering the air-bags while changing to sport seats. So, if your car had these things the first thing to do is either PULL THE FUSE or DISCONNECT THE BATTERY!!!!

    If any of these are activated you can make a bloody mess of the dash and get seriously injured.

  7. My stock bucket seats are powered for back and forth, up and down. I want new aftermarket bucket seats. Is that even possible without spending tons of money to get electric ones?

  8. Just wondering, what about the seat height can I adjust them or something? I'm afraid that the seats might be too low for me or something.

  9. Does anyone know where I can get some guidance on removing the back and front seats of my VW Jetta? I have cloth seats and I'd like to replace them with leather.

  10. Great videos guys. Was hoping if you ever considered on working on a 2005 Toyota Yaris, since in the UK a lot of people own them, and personally I see great potentials with these cars. Please make an episode sometime in which you guys work on a Yaris 👍.

  11. I'm 12 years old and I'm making my first project car, I'd like it to be nippy and grippy and at least 300hp. Any must have upgrades? Remember I'm doing this on a budget of at least £2000

  12. Hey MCM how do you swap to aftermarket seats into a car that has airbags built in to the factory seats. If i swap them then Ill have srs problem. I can I swap without ruining all of my airbags???

  13. Hey MCM how do you swap to aftermarket seats into a car that has airbags built in to the factory seats. If i swap them then Ill have srs problem. How can I swap without ruining all of my airbags???

  14. Hey mighty car mods!!! I challenge you to try and make a modern cheap daily driver car into a racing daily driving car. The cars can be an older model of the list of cars here.

    1.) Toyota Corrolla/Vios.
    2.) Hyundai Accent/Elantra.
    3.) Kia Rio Or etc.
    4.) Suzuki Swift or etc.
    5.) Ford Fiesta/Focus.

    All of them have older generations from 5 years so choose one and make sure that the build would be as cheap as a teenager on a budget.

  15. What drill did you use???? I'm going to work on my car myself i want to replace my chairs in the front and maybe the back!!! LOL!!! Wishme luck

  16. Nowwwww I want to put some bucket seats in my Gti but mines a 2013 with electric and heated seats so it would be a mess to change I’m sure 😫

  17. What would happen if you just didn’t transfer the wire that makes he car tell at you when you don’t have your seatbelt on?

  18. Just a (hopefully) quick question. Is it always necessary to order custom brackets for seats? I ordered a seat that is supposedly "universal fit" but how can I know if a custom bracket is necessary?

  19. Except now there's no airbag inside the seat to keep your head from smacking against the side of your car in the event of an accident… I'm thinking about getting aftermarket seats but I'm worried about that. Anyone else? Somebody please talk some sense into me cause I really want bucket seats!

  20. What about cross model seats? I got some Alfa Romeo 147 leather seats that are pretty nice, I want to put them in my 1999 Lexus is200. How would I go about the installation? Electronics? Airbags?

  21. I want to change my recaro seats to normal seats for a 2018 Mustang. My car came with them and I think you need to have size zero thighs for them

  22. I'm having a hard time finding the Coocaburra Dong on your website, very interested purchaser, been looking for quite some time. Please let me know.

  23. leaning kore towards luxury,

    I thought of putting purple cushions in the new seats instead of foam for max comfort. But also a massager/heater too

  24. What if my driver seat has the thing on the side that lets me bring the seat closer or further from the steering wheel? Do I get a seat with that feature or how would I do it?

  25. I have an old ute with an ugly old bench seat. How hard do you reckon it would be to fit a pair of xr6 seats or something similar?

  26. With celica gt four seat would the bolt straight into a 96 toyota corolla im looking to upgrade on the cheap to alittle better seats than standards

  27. Good tip about swapping the rails . but are you sure that if l put the
    Bolts down for xtra safety would work. Lol !……

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