How to Install Car Stereos & Speakers : How to Remove the Old Car Stereo System

How to Install Car Stereos & Speakers : How to Remove the Old Car Stereo System

Hi! This is John on behalf of
In this video clip, I will be taking you through step 3 in our procedure for installing a new
car stereo. Once we’ve removed our retaining screws, we can go ahead and pull our old stereo
out. You will notice on the back of this stereo there is two wires going to it; one that popped
out here did go to our antenna, and this other wiring grouping is our wiring harness that
goes to our old stereo and it is a little tricky to get this off. There is a retaining
clip that will hold that in. You can go ahead and pull that off and take your stereo out.
If we take a little bit closer look at this wiring harness, we do have these retaining
clips that clip this wiring harness into our stereo and the purpose of this is so that
if any vibration in the car, the wiring harness does not fall out or come loose. When you
do remove these, you have to pry these up. You can take a screwdriver if necessary, but
sometimes you can just push on the back and raise those; just push on the back and it
should pull straight out.

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  1. wtf!!
    just waisted 2mins of my life…
    I got everything installed to my car but seems like there isnt any response from my woofers..I have 10" Visonic and a DUB 600watt Amp..everything seems response from the woofer? anybody??? mssg me…

  2. this is nowhere near how to install a stereo every car has its own way of taking the factory brackit off your gonna have people breaking the dashboard and shit

  3. The reason he looks insecure and talks like a robot is because he is strugling to keep eye contact with the camera and read his script at the same time. Not everyone is good at doing that.

  4. a capacitor, prob. many people with big systems have capacitors. search on CL for used ones or new ones. u can get them cheap

  5. That sounds more like an amplifier issue than anything, otherwise it would be messed up right from the get go. Try these.

    1) Use no smaller than 4awg for power and ground.

    2) Upgrade your battery to a deep cycle dry cell, like an Optima Yellowtop.

    3) Get a big 3 upgrade. This just helps everything in your car's electrical system.

    4) Anywhere in that list, try a power cap greater than 1 farad. It won't fix the problem but it will help in spikes of power consumption from the amplifier.

  6. yea it's a powering problem no doubt check do your lights dim heavily to the beat of the music i have the same setup and i wired my type r's down to 4 ohms and 600rms 300each and well that took care of that problem

  7. ya you would be able to its what the new deck has if you had one with ipod intergration you could listen to your ipod through it

  8. yes you can. Nahh it shouldnt be difficult. Just take of ur door panel and when you get to the speaker, there should only be 2 wires. Just hook these wire up to your new speakers. If it had 4 wires then the existing speaker has 2 channels. But 95% of the cars only have 2 so u shouldnt have a problem.

  9. your after market radio will come with a wiring harness…and then u have to buy a wire harness that is specific to the one in your car. there are about 10 wires on the harness. you have to crimp or tape your new stereo's harness to your car's wiring harness, match the colors together. black=ground red=power yellow=igition and the rest are speaker wires. then you plug the stereo harness into the stereo and the car harness to your factory harness. and its done

  10. i dont think theres a such thing as a 20 watt amplifier. so i would say no. you could get a low pass crossover and run it through your factory door speaker wires but it wouldnt be very loud

  11. how do you make your car bump so the car next to u can feel it?? is it a bigger amp with more watts or subs with more watts or both?? any tips

  12. @rap1800 no i think he had a sign in front of him telling him what to say… i think Bill Nye The Science Guy would have done a better job at trying to explain this! Lol.

  13. @warmcozy OK. I figured it out. You just click once on the button that says "CC" that's in that bar just beneath the video. If you want the captioning back, you click once again on the "CC" button and it'll return.

  14. I'm going to just stop watching expert village because it seems like it's not even long enough to be informative…just a waste of 2 minutes

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  16. This is just the video I was looking for. We have a 98 Bonneville we just bought in beautiful condition, except for the radio. My husband is going to try and replace it. We were looking for something to show us the basics. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  17. A prisoner that looks like he has been given a hard time (in more than one way). He might have been a prison-bitch for a few years. Expert Village only spam youtube with poor videos to get paid on the partner scheme. The videos are poor and never complete, the titles are misleading and it's a waste of time watching them.
    It didn't show how to install a stereo or speakers, that's what is so funny.
    Expert Village, more like spamming t***s. BLOCK THEM!

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