How To Install Coaxial Car Speakers | Aftermarket Speakers in a Scion tC | Car Audio 101

How To Install Coaxial Car Speakers | Aftermarket Speakers in a Scion tC | Car Audio 101

(funky music) – Hey guys, it’s Brent
with Sonic Electronix, and today on Car Audio 101, we’re gonna be replacing the
speakers in this Scion tC. To start with, we got
the MBX coaxial V series. Along with the parts that
were required for this car, actually call for a
speaker adapter bracket. That way we have enough
mounting depth inside the door. As well, a new place to mount our speaker. Over to the right here, we
have the plug and play adapters from Metra which will actually adapt
the factory connection to the aftermarket connection which will plug right into
the speaker terminals. Makes it real easy for ya, tells ya which one’s
positive and negative. Now if you’re not utilizing the plug and play adapters from Metra, the parts required are gonna
be female quick disconnects. Here we have the female 18 to 22 gauge female quick disconnect, along with the female quick disconnects which is an eighth inch
for our negative terminal on our speaker. As you can see, it’s much smaller. Now tools required for this installation are typically gonna be
your wire strippers, wire crimpers, a variety
of panel removal tools, along with the panel clip removal tool, a variety of your flat-head and Phillips number two screwdrivers, and typically, some other cars may require a socket and ratchet set,
screwdriver, et cetera. All right, so the first
step Is to disconnect the negative battery
terminal on the vehicle when replacing your car’s speakers. Now the reason why we
do this is to protect against any shorts. You know, when you’re
takin’ off the door panel, you do have some harnesses
on the inside of that door which can be pinched
when removing the panel, so we wanna make sure that we don’t cause any short circuits, blow any fuses. It’s just the safe way of doing things. All right, guys, so
step two of this process in replacing your factory car speakers is actually removing the panels and getting to the factory speaker. Now in this process, a lot of people think that they can actually pry
on the factory speaker grill, which in this case you can’t. In a lot of older vehicles,
you may be able to, where it pops off, but I suggest removing the entire panel. Make it easier on yourself, ’cause now you can actually
access the factory speaker, all the wiring, everything you need to do. So to start off, I’m gonna
start removing the rear seat, which on this particular
vehicle, you just kinda lift up. And you you can hear it unsnap. All right, so once we we
removed the rear seat, we can now have more access to the panel. Now typically, these panels are
held in by just panel clips. And I prefer using my hands, ’cause I can really feel the
resistance points on the panels just to make sure if there’s
any screws holding it down, I’m not gonna break the panel itself. All right guys, so we got
the factory panel removed in this Scion tC. Now this next step is
removing the factory speaker. Now it’s held in by three 10 mils. (drill buzzing) Which we’re gonna remove and put aside, ’cause we may be using these later. (drill buzzing) So one thing you don’t wanna do is get rid of your factory hardware, just in case if you do
want to go back to stock. (drill buzzing) Or if you could utilize
it on the new install. We’ve got the speaker removed
now from the factory location. As you see, it’s pretty cheesy. You also have the factory plug, which our Metra adapter
will plug right into to give us positive and negative. All right guys, so your
third step is mounting your aftermarket coaxial speaker into the proprietary adapter bracket. Now as you can see with
the factory speaker, it’s basically just a replicated mount. Same thing so it bolts right
into the factory space. Now remember when I told you
to keep that factory hardware? This is why. So I’ve got it lined up pretty well. I’m just gonna go ahead and tighten down my retaining screws. Now these screws should be provided with almost every
speaker that you purchase from Sonic Electronix, basically giving you the right hardware to get everything mounted. All right guys, so we got the speakers successfully mounted to the
adapter bracket from Scosche. Now in this case, we’re gettin’ ready to install the speaker
into the factory location. Now a couple things I
just wanna point out here, is we see a little bit of a gap between the speaker and the
mounting bracket itself. It’s sort of hard to
see, but you may be able to get that view there. Now what I typically
recommend is to seal it off with some Dynamat, or some sound deadener in general. That way it seals off the speaker nicely, but if you look in this panel, you got a lot of open area. So I did suggest to this customer, “Let’s do some sound dampening,” which we will be doing in the future, but I do suggest it when
you got the speakers out. It makes life a lot easier. Now on this adapter bracket as well, you see a little opening. This opening’s allowing
the wires that come through to the terminals on the
back of the speaker here which are positive and negative. Now I’m using the Metra
plug and play adapter, so what I’m gonna do, is
I’m just gonna feed my wires through this little opening point. Go ahead and terminate
the connections here. Perfect. So I’m gonna pull my
wires out a little bit. Push these terminals down. That way it sits flush on the panel. And we’re golden. All right. (drill buzzing) All right, so we got our Metra plug, our factory connector, and voila.
(clicking) So we got the speaker successfully mounted into the factory location utilizing our Scosche adapter bracket and our Metra plug and play harness. Now you’re just gonna
repeat the same steps that you saw here on the other side. All right guys, so step four is the reassembly of the vehicle. Now prior to reassembling, you wanna make sure you reattach your negative battery terminal, verify that everything works, which we already have. Now it’s time to get it all back together. All right, guys, so now we’re
reassembling the vehicle, putting the factory panel back into place. Now before hand, make sure you got all your
panel clips reattached to the factory panel itself. A lot of ’em will pop off
and stick onto the panel, so make sure you get those removed and put ’em into the factory location. That way your panel doesn’t rattle, and actually sits back
in the factory spot. (clicking) (snapping) All right, guys, so we
got our speakers installed into the Scion tC. Everything’s workin’
flawlessly and sounds great. And remember, this is not the most difficult install out there. Depending on the vehicle, it could be a little bit more complex, or it could be much simpler. Now if you’re runnin’ into a wall tryin’ to choose speakers or get the right installation accessories, feel free to give one of our
knowledgeable sales reps a call at 1-877-BUY SONIC, and we’ll be more than
happy to guide you along. Other than that, stay tuned for some more Car Audio 101 series, and you guys have a great day. (funky music)

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  1. i just drilled holes instead of using a factory style bracket 😛 fuck u Toyota making these gay ass brackets

  2. Go to our website and type in "met-728104" into the search bar, those are the ones we used for this install. 🙂

  3. So where is the explanation for when you have to reset the power windows after them losing power? Every single Scion Tc I've worked on has done that, so I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned.

  4. Do you guys have a video for the front tweeter and speaker install as well? If so, what did you guys do about the water problem with the front door speakers?

  5. We do not have a video for that. If you have a water problem for your speakers, consider buying baffles to cover them up inside the door.

  6. Are those 5 1/4" speakers? I have a special edition 2006 scion tc and sonic's fit guide calls for 5 1/4" where i have seen on another site saying its 6 1/2" for front and back.

  7. Also, in the front, im gonna run a comp speaker set, what should i use for the rear speakers? Runnin the doors off a 4 chan amp.

  8. Metra or Scosche will make harnesses and mounting kits for your vehicle, just visit either of their websites.

  9. Hello, I'm need of help. I have a 04 celica and I replace the factory speakers in the front driver and passenger side doors with 300 watt kickers 6 1/2 speakers. I installed the drivers side and works perfectly, but the passenger side doesn't work at all. I check every wire, fuse, and the stereo and it all checks out fine. Any ideas what the issue could be?

  10. did u check your balance?? if yeah just disassemble the radio and the passenger door and use a speaker wire to act as a jumper wire to the radio, if it doesnt work with the designated wires for that speaker try another set of wires on the back of the radio, good chance you just got a bad speaker

  11. Well, I installed a aftermarket double din stereo about a month ago, everything is fine with the wiring before the speaker went out. I installed the left side first and turn my car on to test it to make sure everything was good. Works perfectly. But the entire passenger side door just stop working. The factory speaker is perfectly fine on that side. Now after installing the left side speaker, neither the new speaker or factory speaker works. The back two speakers work fine as well.

  12. random question but can anyone tell me what is the circle thing at the bottom of the screen at 2:10 that has the wire leading into it?

  13. Hi I have install components speakers but my both tweeters r not working.what should I do.can I change any other brand tweeter or it has to be same components are rockford t252s

  14. Hi I have install components speakers but my both tweeters r not working.what should I do.can I change any other brand tweeter or it has to be same components are rockford t252s

  15. Where do i get a mounting bracket for an Audi A3 8l with 2 doors, for my rear fill? 
    The Original 16cm speaker Grill is there, but absolutely nothing to mount, and i cant cut in a thread.

  16. 1) do you sell these adapters and harness or do i have to buy them elsewhere?
    2) do the speaker wire harnesses work on the front speakers?

  17. I want to add a set of 8s i already have its a set of tower subs in one box plus add tweets to my 1994 isuzu rodeo with a eq as my cross over flr them and the sub will it work the radio only has one set of preouts

  18. Just an FYI, always make sure to test polarity when using those plug and play adaptors, they aren't always 100% correct depending on the manufacturer. Also, I wouldn't leave the plug just hanging like that, it could cause rattle behind the panel. A cheap easy way to eliminate the possibility of that is to wrap it with a piece of sound deadener or duct tape, and then secure it somewhere out of the way with a zip tie or tape it down to the metal with a high quality tape.

  19. How did you remove the seat to get it out of the way? I was able to lift it up but there was something holding it so i can't completely take it off

  20. how did you painted that stereo console white? and what kind of paint did you use? i been wanting to do it but not get paint on the air controls

  21. I have the speaker adapter for my 2005 scion tc. I noticed you didn't screw all 3 screws back like the oem bracket??? are they supposed to be all 3 or just 2??

  22. I have a 2005 scion and my panel is not coming off as easy as that I feel like the grocery clips are getting in the way and the guy in the video never said anything about those what do I do?

  23. once you learn how to get your door panel off because your credit card fell in the window, it seems more like a 20 minute job

  24. I got an amazing deal on Sony Coax Speakers, but my car has a component setup, I thought about converting it into a component, but I have no screw behind my sticker. I guess I could cut the tweeter off and make it work that way. Do you think I should do that or just install coax in my doors?

  25. Dont buy anything from sonicelectronix, no costumer service. Dont take phone calls, and never answears e-mail.

  26. just wanted to hit on a note, that many people including myself have overlooked, if you expect the mid bass to sound what it once did before replacing your speakers, ad a foam ring like the one you saw on the OEM speakers that were taken out, here is a video to see how this is done.

  27. i wired my pioneer 400watts amp into the rear speaker level inputs my rear pioneer 4ways get 200watts x2 my front pioneer 4ways get 80watts rms x2 its sounds awsome by the sync 2 flash drive play

  28. Has anyone done a full system upgrade for the 2018 accord yet? I have the Sport 1.5T. I'm trying to do a 5 channel amp for the front/rear components and add a sub on the 5th channel. There seems to be no one documenting their mods, so I'm sort of stuck guessing the best way to do all of it. I'm assuming I can get high level inputs via LOC from the HU but I don't know if there's a factory amp hiding anywhere. Also there are already tweeters and woofers on the door and rear deck, does this mean there's a crossover somewhere for each channel or should I expect to see 8 channels coming from the head unit. ARGH!!! I hate this about newer cars.

  29. you make it look so easy to take of the panel in the back like theres this thing on mine wheres its bigger then the hole and i cant get thing out of there

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