How to Install Replace Side Mirrors on Any Vehicle!

How to Install Replace Side Mirrors on Any Vehicle!

Hi, I’m Mike from 1AAuto. We’ve been selling auto parts for over 30
years! We’re dedicated to delivering quality auto
parts, expert customer service, and fast and free shipping, all backed by our 100% satisfaction
guarantee. We’ve created thousands of videos to help
you install our parts with confidence. That saves you time and money, so visit us
at, your trusted source for quality auto parts. In this video, we are going to give you a
general overview of how to replace a side view mirror. While this vehicle may not be identical to
yours, the steps and procedures will be very similar, if not the same, throughout a wide
variety of makes and models. If you like this video, please click subscribe. We have a ton more general overview repairs,
as well as specific information for your make and model. If you need side view mirrors for your car,
we have a wide selection available from You can follow the link down in the description. Thanks for watching. Remove the sail panel at the top of the door
panel by pulling back and out. Expose this little rubber cover here, and
we can see that we have all of our hardware exposed. Now if this were a manual mirror, which some
vehicles come with, or the connector was up behind this panel and could be removed without
taking the whole door panel off, you could change the mirror that way. However, on this mirror and many others, we
are going to have to remove the door panel in order to change this out. When removing a door panel, there are a variety
of ways in which they are attached as well as a variety of ways in which the hardware
is hidden so it’s not visible from inside the vehicle. The best thing to do is to look around and
notice any pop-off covers like we have here inside of our door handle. These two are a little more obvious on the
actual panel, and to feel around under door handles and the bottom of doors to find any
other openings. We have two under here. You can feel two screws along the bottom of
the panel. Now that we know where these are, we’ll take
a set of our trim removal tools from and remove these concealers to access the
hardware behind them. Usually these little flaps behind the interior
door handles are on a hinge, so you’ll want to find the portion with the notch. Pop that open. Now that we’ve got our covers off, we can
see that all of our hardware, our Phillips head screws fortunately. Door panels usually use the same hardware
throughout. Some vehicles use seven or eight millimeter
screws. Some use Phillips, torques, but generally
they stay the same throughout the entire panel. So we’ll remove all of our screws with a Phillips
head screwdriver. Once all of our hardware is out, we’ll want
to check any plastic panels to see if they are removable. In this case, we can see that this isn’t attached
very well, so we’ll try to work up the edges. Pops out. We’ll remove it and release any electrical
connectors we find. Now, panels are normally removed in one of
two ways. Once you’ve taken all the hardware and trim
out, they either lift up, which is easy to check. But if they don’t come out when lifting up,
you will want to use one of your trim pry tools to feel underneath the door for clips,
which we can then pop out and remove. This particular door handle is fixed to the
door itself, where others are part of the actual door panel, in which case, you’ll have
to remove the latch cable or latch rod before removing the door panel. We’ll also have to follow the wiring down
and remove the electrical connector before removing our hardware. Be sure to support the mirror on the other
side of the door before removing the last bolt or nut so the mirror doesn’t fall. Once the bolts are out, you can remove the
mirror from your door. Send the connector for the new mirror through
the door. Line up your bolts. Set them in, and start all of your hardware. Tighten all your hardware down. Reconnect your electrical connector, and you’re
ready to reinstall your door panel. Send any electrical harnesses back through
the openings they came from. Hook the top of the panel back into the window
frame, or you’ll be sliding the entire panel down if it was a lift-out style. This one snaps in, so once we get it lined
up, just tap it back into place, and reinstall any hardware you removed. We’ll also want to install any switches or
panels we removed in the process. Reinstall your sail panel, and you’re good
to go. Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts,
fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

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  1. Great Video. Very educational and detailed instructions. Makes changing out a mirror seem like a piece of cake. Thank you.

  2. Good afternoon . Can you show me how to install an automatic folding rear view mirror on a chevrolet trax premier 2018

  3. My vehicle is silver with silver mirror "housings" but all the ones from your website are black, is that just for the pictures or will I have to go through the painting process before installing?

  4. Some more modern cars have no caps e.t.c inside door handle often is covered with a large cover. In mine i had to look and find to see if it was. There was no gap to prie it open. But at the very bottom were there was a little give from the panel managed to get behind it.
    So. Also look for covers that may need remiving to get to the big screws that hold the door handle.

  5. The heading was how to replace a wing mirror, it seems some cars have more complicated process than the other. My case is a mirror itself is broken to avoid all this work can’t I just take off the wing mirror and replace it?

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  7. Silly question but legitimately curious – can you replace your current car's side mirrors with those from a completely different model? If not, what are the complications that prevents it?

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