How to install UCA’s and Coilovers on a Toyota Tacoma in 14 min

How to install UCA’s and Coilovers on a Toyota Tacoma in 14 min

Hi my name is Micheal Alan, I’m a fabricator
at Total Chaos Fabrication, and today I’m going to be showing you how to install 05
tacoma upper control arms part #96504 and it looks like this. first we’re going to start
with our tools. 3/8″ end wrench, a 10mm end wrench, a 9/16″ end wrench, 14mm end wrench,
17mm end wrench, 19mm end wrench, 19mm or a 3/4″ end wrench, 7/8″ end wrench, you also
need a 3/8″ drive ratchet. 10mm socket, 14mm socket, 9/16″ socket, 13/16″ socket, and a
standard 3″ extension. You will need a dead blow hammer or rubber mallet, standard ball
pean hammer, lineman dikes, this tool we use to get the mud flaps out you can also use
a standard screwdriver. 21mm socket and the 1/2″ drive ratchet to go with it. And large
set of channel locks to move the fender well out of the way to remove the upper control
arm bolt. And a bungie cord to hold the spindle away from putting to much tension on the brake
line. Your first step is going to be assembling the upper control arm. Once you get it from
Total Chaos this is what you’re going to have. The bushings the inner sleeves, the end washers,
the zero fittings and the upper control arms with the uniball and misalignments already
installed. First we are going to start by installing the bushings into the control arm.
A common mistake people make is by lubricating the outsides of the bushing when putting them
into the control arm you don’t want to do that because you do not want the bushing to
pivot in the control arm. So first you should be able to press them in by hand. Next step,
you’re going to use some kind of grease, we use super lube, you’re going to grease the
insides of the bushings. Then take the inner sleeves and install them into the bushings
using a dead blow hammer. Next step is going to take your two zero fittings and install
them with a 3/8 wrench and install them in the holes on the pivots. Also note that these
zero fittings do not have to be bottomed out to the pivot because it is a pipe thread just
make sure that they are snug and the threads will seal completely. Also make sure that
both the zero fittings are pointed out towards the uniball to make an ease of greasing. Don’t
think you have to take your bumper off to install upper control arms we’re currently
working on a bumper project for this vehicle. So your first step is going to be lifting
the truck off the ground using a jack and jack stands or in our case luckily we have
a lift so that’s going to be our first step. once the wheels off the ground and the truck
is secure you’re going to remove the front wheels. After the wheel is removed your first
step is going to be to release the wire from the metal clamp using the lineman dikes you
just bend it over and it becomes free the same on this upper one. Using a 17mm end wrench
I will loosen the sway bar link through the spindle hole. And remove the sway bar link
from the spindle. Once the sway bar link has been removed from both sides of the vehicle.
You will loosen the sway bar mount to the frame with a 14mm socket. Once the rear bolt
is removed and front bolt is loosened the sway bar can slide out of the slot for the
bolt and be moved out of the way. Using the lineman dikes you will remove the factory
cotter pin. And using a 19mm end wrench, you will loosen the upper ball joint nut. being
sure not to remove the castle nut off of the ball joint completely you will need to separate
the upper control arm from the spindle. You will use the ball pean hammer to strike the
spindle and shock the joint into being removed. Once the joint is separated you will remove
the castle nut, and separate the upper control arm from the spindle. Next I will remove the
wheel well apron using our special tool or you can use a flat tip screw driver. Using
a bungee cord or tie down I will secure the spindle to the frame so as not to have tension
on the brake line or the abs wire. Next I will use a 19mm end wrench to loosen the upper
control arm through bolt, and remove the nut and washer. Once you open the hood underneath
the battery tray you will find a 10mm bolt holding on a main wire loom. You will need
to remove the 10mm bolt and move the wire loom out of the way. You will also need to
remove the front wheel well apron. Once the apron is removed you will see the backs of
2 abs fasteners. You will need to push them out from the inner fender well. Once the abs
fasteners have been removed. You will notice that the bolt can’t be removed due to contact
with the fender well. You will need to use your large channel locks to move the fender
well out of the way so that the bolt can be removed. Be sure when you’re doing this not
to grab the abs wire loom.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. nicely done! I like that you only used hand tools for this demo install. Air tools will cut install time quite a bit

  2. What did you all do to remove stress on the CV joint, did you install a diff drop? Also do you all have any videos for installing these arms on a 2014 4Runner with KDSS?

  3. Great video! one question though, there was no mention of spring compressors. there are other videos online showing that they had to jack up the control arm and also slowly jack it down to release pressure on the coil spring. how is this different than those videos?

  4. Do you have to disconnect the sway bar if only replacing the UCA's? I have KDSS on my 4runner and that would be a bit of a pain… thanks!

  5. amazing video mate! My father always said you can judge a man by how he keeps his tools. Your workshop is a testament to your workmanship.

  6. amazing video mate! My father always said you can judge a man by how he keeps his tools. Your workshop is a testament to your workmanship.

  7. see that bolt ontop (uca bolt) is the hardest part of all Toyota's it hits the cab & won't come out….

  8. How would I know if the Icon Remote Reservoir front coil-over shock kit that was installed on my 2010 Tacoma is actually adjusted to 3" lift I wanted and paid for.
    I had before a stretched original Bilstein to 2.5" and my tires didn't rub. It does now.

  9. If I wanted to opt for KING coil-over shocks instead of FOX, would the sway bar relocation/reservoir bracket still be included?

  10. im interested in buying my 4runner 2003 a couple of tc uca….but i want to know if the ride feels different or with more strenght while driving….

  11. Does the lower misalignment spacer on the shock make it sit on the back/cab side of the bucket , ? Is it how it's supposed to settle , ? Because the longer misalignment spacer is in front & the shorter in the back half , it doesn't sit center of the lower bucket ,

  12. Can you tell me how much time do you guys take to get the front left and front right done? Thanks for the great video! May have to invest in this and will definitely consider your product as the instructions were perfect!

  13. Do you have a "How-To" on a 2009 Tacoma TRD off-road 4×4, Old Man Emu suspension lift? I need to install the pre-assembled coilovers with the 885x coils and 90021 Nitrocharger Sport struts. Also the 1.5" Wheelers 3-leaf progressive pack for the rear. A good quality tutorial like this one would be amazing for the Tacoma World forum and Facebook pages!

  14. This may seem like a stupid question but why just an upper control arm & then using factory lower control arm?

  15. Awesome video! but what they won't show or tell you is that the passenger side is a pain in the a** (a lot of bending and cutting to remove the through bolt for the UCA )

  16. Good vid. I think he said this but you do not need to take your shock/spring/coilover out if just changing UCA. Also getting an accurate torque is easier if you get grease off those thru bolt threads

  17. will installing fox coilovers improve ride quality? i have a 2017 tacoma off road and its a bit bumpy but i still want to have off road capabilities

  18. 3:33 derp son. 7:33 it's called a spring perch. 9:55 using a thru bolt and not 2 bolts is WAY stronger. a nice addition.

  19. Не знаю о чем он говорит и чо ему понадобилось столько ключей? Там же можно все перебрать с помощью зубила и молотка

  20. Great walkthrough! Helped a ton for a non mechanic to get it done. Passenger side through bolt was tough but got it figured out! Thanks!!

  21. Nice and quite through, I cant believe the removal of the UCA bolt the real reason I watched the video. I cant believe the engineers never planed this prior to assembly I was ready to give up or cut. So thank you so much for the brutal tip.

  22. Nice ya gotta bend the shit out of your fender driver side was a PITA, but in all i got some new UCA and two new rust spots.

  23. Excellent right up one of the best for sure! This is a clean ride, so for those in the rust belt be ready to do some knuckle busting. The passanger side wheel well flange typically requires some cutting to move out of the way for the removal of the UCA through bolt.

  24. video is a bit missleading… the video is 14 min but it cuts out the entire process of wrenching, twisting, turning greasing etc. My guess this is probably a slower process for most that never done this. But it's a good step by step tutorial none the less

  25. Great video! Will these instructions work on a 2016+ Tacoma? I will be installing the exact same setup on my 2018 Tacoma with the Fox 2.5 DSC adjustable coilovers and TC UCA, thanks!

  26. Before this tutorial I wanted to become a mechanic, now I realized more steps then I can counts. How am I supposed to put all of these back?🤔

  27. Hello, good morning, sorry for where you bought those parts that you put the Tacoma or where you bought them because I want them for me Toyota Tacoma what is 2007. sorry at what price you bought them

  28. I recommend disconnecting abs harness on the wheel hub/suspension. Could save you a $115 mistake. Super easy and worth it

  29. Direction of lower shock bolt is not correct in this video at 9:20. OEM is other direction. Good video altogether.

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