How to Jump-Start Your Car

How to Jump-Start Your Car

How to Jump-Start Your Car. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting
into your car, turning the key, and—nothing. The good news is that a quick jump-start is
just a jumper cable away. You will need Working car and jumper cables. Never attempt to jump-start a battery that
is frozen, cracked, or damaged in any way. It could explode when connected to another
battery. Step 1. Position the working car as close to the “dead”
car as possible. Ideally, that means hood to hood with a few
inches in between. Step 2. Turn off both engines. Never light a match or smoke near a car battery. The battery contains hydrogen, a highly explosive
gas. Step 3. Open the hoods of both cars. Step 4. Identify the positive and negatives terminals
on both car batteries. They will be labeled with a plus sign for
positive and minus sign for negative. Step 5. Connect one of the red clamps on the jumper
cables to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Step 6. Connect the other red clamp to the positive
terminal on the working car’s battery. Step 7. Connect the black clamp on the jumper cables
to the negative terminal on the working car’s battery. Step 8. Clip the remaining black clamp to a clean
metal part of the dead car’s engine to ground the circuit. Step 9. Attempt to start the dead car. If it doesn’t start, disconnect the jumper
cables in the reverse order: first the black clamps (starting with the once-dead car),
then the red clamps (starting with the working car). Start the engine of the working car and allow
it to run for about five minutes to boost its battery. Step 10. Turn off the working car and again attempt
to jump the dead car by connecting the cables — in order — and starting the ignition. Step 11. Once the car starts, disconnect all the clamps
in the reverse order. Step 12. If you’re confident that your dead battery
was just drained by accident, keep your car running to charge it back up — otherwise,
go directly to a repair shop without shutting off the engine, or you risk having the battery
die on you again. Did you know Contrary to popular belief, heat
— not cold — is the most common cause of car battery breakdowns.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Though that may be an interesting conversation starter Newt, I don't think the politicians killed my car battery.

  2. @robustion44 Terrible advice. First off, positive terminal does not have more current than negative. Current is electron flow between terminals, they're capable of exactly equal currents.

    By connecting grounds first, you increase risk of accidental shock / death when handling the live terminals. You risk closing a current path from live terminal, through your body, through the chassis or other ground point, to the battery's ground. Not so by connecting the battery grounds last.

  3. This is what I do. Keep working vehicle on, hookup on it negative than positive. Then hookup to the dead vehicle negative than positive. Always works and you don't really have to go back and forth going oh black black red red or trying to find a ground and all that shit. Or even worry about having to start the working car vehicle for 5 minutes or whatever it said. Don't waste your time.

  4. ya that confused me too, am i supposed to put the cables on the spare rim and make a short circuit welding the jumper cables to the rim

  5. Well I've only ever boosted my own vehicles between each other. Or boosted some friends. Never had some random person or a friend boost me though. And It's not like a daily habit, maybe a few times in the winter to which ever vehicle if it hasn't ran for a bit with old batteries/cables. Which is all fixed now, so it won't be happening for quite a while, I'm sure. All my batteries have lived their full life as well, and all worked fine, just depending on if it's been -35c for a week without start

  6. and might have had iffy cables on them, then they don't start too well. Especially diesels. I guess everyone has an opinion. And this is how I was taught, just more handy my way, and haven't had any problems with it.

  7. Nod nod, I see, well that isn't as bad. I just know it's supposedly bad for the good car/battery. Especially if your car doesn't start the first time you try. Might be myth or something.

  8. So what?
    There is often not enough room near the engine to put a battery, with all the fuses and cables, so they put the battery in front, plus it balances the car a bit more.
    Even in racecars, battery are not near to the engine, and often in the trunk.

  9. Lol just because the engine is in the back doesn't mean the battery has to be. Most mid engine or rear engine cars batteries are located in the front of the car… Mebe research before you correct a video!

  10. Such a fail, the porsche has the engine in the back and they still tried to convince us the engine was in the front lol xD

  11. You people who think they tried to "fool us" that the engine was in the front, well if you guys know cars, then you would know that porsches have the battery in the front.

  12. while connecting the cables and boosting, can you keep the live car on to avoid battery drainage? or is this totally unsafe?

  13. my car battery is working but my car wont ****ing start sometime | what sud i do? i want to autozone they told me my battery is good… shit shit what i do?

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  15. this is actually the stupidest video I've ever seen….this is the most complicated way to jump a car……and he has the jumper cables in the storage compartment of the Porsche, not the engine….dumb as fuck

  16. yes but the battery is still in the front.

    the bmw engine is in the front, but the battery is in the back. its just a way to save engine space

  17. What happens if you didn't connect the negative cable to ground engine but to the dead negative instead? That will kill the working battery?

    Also, the order of connecting and disconnecting the cable is critical? Thanks in advance!

  18. Thank you so much for your video! It took me a couple hours, but I got my 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee unlocked. Thanks to you I saved a lot money, so I didn't have to call a locksmith.

  19. @Kevin Isam even though there's some cars that have their battery in the trunk you would still connect the jumper cables in the front. & some cars have it under the seat and still the connect the cables in the front.

  20. You know, I would tell you but sadly i dont own a porsche haha. Im sure they have grounds in the front or something of that sort.

  21. So what's wrong with just hooking the second black to the dead negative? rather than grounding it on the engine or something. I usually just do that to boost my old truck.

  22. They don't have the live car running, but you should. Connect the two cars, run the live car for about thirty seconds and keep it running, then try to start the dead car.

  23. theres nothing wrong with connecting the negative cables together. its just a matter of safety. its just like shutting the live car off prior to connecting the cables but you dont really have to.

  24. i tried to jump start my truck. while it was charging, i started it up and saw a flash.
    i disconnected the wires and shut the live car off. after awhile i reconnected the wires to start again. as the live car idled, the dead car wasn't getting any juice.
    did i short something out?

  25. Awesome! So detailed! Very helpful for someone like me who is completely clueless about jump starting their car. Thanks for explaining all the steps too!

  26. I've jumped a dead battery before and I hooked it up while mine was running.  I didn't think twice about it because you pull up in a running car and it seems silly to turn it off.  If you know what you're doing and are careful, is there any danger to leaving the working car running as you're connecting?

  27. I jump started once with the cables in the opposite direction. managed to blow up the battery and welded the jump leads onto my friends car. lesson learned, + to + – to – =]

  28. I've tried it with the live vehicle running. Never had a problem. I think the video is just trying to save itself from being sued. Either way seems to be okay and safe. Just make sure you don't attach the clamps on the wrong way and never leave the two vehicles attach to one another too long.

  29. Not sure how he managed to reach the negative side of those jumper cables all the way around to the back of that Porsche… 

  30. standing in between two very close parked vehicles together bumper to bumper if vehicle rolls forward or parking brake fails it could injure somebody. safer to stand beside not inbetween two vehicle facing bumper to bumper

  31. So I connected the ground(black) connection first then the red one and when it turned on I took the black cable off first and it made a spark. Should I be worried?? It was on a 16 Honda Civic. You think it messed something up? Scared lol

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