How to Jump With a BMX Bike : How to Use the Bunnyhop on a Jump with a BMX Bike

How to Jump With a BMX Bike : How to Use the Bunnyhop on a Jump with a BMX Bike

In a later unit I’m going to be talking about
that in greater depth but basically what I just did was take the bunnyhop skills that
we’ve already talked about and applied them to a real jump. Something that has a bigger
lipped to it do it naturally shoots you up more vertically it requires a little bit more
speed. But at the same time it also requires less effort because you don’t have to pull
your front wheel up as hard and your bike naturally arches up an evens out. So you actually
don’t have to tuck in as really as hard either it’s really necessary skill for learning you
know how to ride dirt jumps, if your going to ride a lot of the obstacles the skate park,
and it’s really a good way to learn how to gage speed. The main thing to remember about
that is to gage your speed properly so that your not going to over shoot it’s usually
a little bit better to come a touch short than it is to over shoot the jump. Remember
to look ahead and keep looking ahead all the way through the jump so that one motion flows
into the next. And basically stay relax as long as you stay relaxed much like everything
else your chances of riding out clean are greatly improved and even if you don’t your
going to get a lot less hurt by crashing if your relaxed.

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