How to Keep Your Car’s AC Blowing Ice Cold

How to Keep Your Car’s AC Blowing Ice Cold

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  2. Great Video Scotty thanks! My AC on my 01 Saturn L200 starts up, blows cold then within 4 seconds or so the compressor shuts off? You can watch it happen. We tested the low-pressure sensor, it was good, and the system is correctly filled, as I mentioned it does blow cold, right before it shuts off. We also tested the volts at the battery under load, it was pulling 14.8 and after everything was loaded up, it only dropped to around 14.5 so the alternator is charging fine. Any ideas? Many thanks!

  3. Hi Mr. Scott my 2000 mustang gt a/c system has no pressure I checked for leaks and found the low pressure valve was leaking and I replaced it then I added a/c oil and the compressor started cycling then I added ac refrigerant the compressor started cycling quickly on and off as I added the refrigerant on the gauge it showed between 30-45 psi in green and it still was blowing hot air in need of help

  4. Scotty how do I make my 79 Lincoln Mark V blow colder cuz it doesn't have any kind of filters as far as cabin filters and it doesn't have electric fans what would help it blow colder at stop signs or stop lights

  5. Scotty, I noticed you sweating after just a few minutes in the morning heat and humidity… oh how we must really love our fair city. I sincerely enjoy your videos, along with your oftentimes humorous opinions and commentary. I always learn something new, and have fun doing it. Keep up the great work! Thank you

  6. I just bought an old 1990 Olds 98 Regency with only 100K on it but the A/C just does not seem cold enough.The compressor stays running and it drips water like crazy but just does not seem to get cold enough. It will take the moisture out good.

  7. Watching this video just convinced me not to move to Houston when you said “it’s too early in the morning” and you are drenched with sweat! Lol 😂 good Info though

  8. Thank you for the video. I have a Pontiac Vibe 2004. I am replacing a charcoal air filter regularly, no any leakage in the AC system. However, when I use AC I feel the dust and mould smell in the car. I don't know how to clean the core of the AC. I think the core of AC deep inside front panel. There is an air conditioner radiator, it is outside in the engine compartment. And, there is a radiator stove, it is somewhere inside the cabin. He probably clogged up. Can you guys help me get to the bottom what is going on? I much obliged.

  9. +Scotty Kilmer do newer cars still have the radiator fan go on when the AC is on? mine never does that mines 2003

  10. My Ram doesn't have a cabin air filter. Had to replace the evaporator and now my A/C make a hissing sound when the A/C is on but still working fine otherwise.

  11. 2004 subaru outback ac stops working after running after 5 minutes, got it charged and a different heater ac control head

  12. Did not even know I had cabin air filter in 16 years only changed the one under hood damn nobody told me, no mechanic either screw them worse than docs!

  13. hello i have a nissan sylphy 2013 if the ac is on in the morning it is cool but when the sun come up it become less cool to begings to blow hot air them if i find a cool place and park turn on back the ac then its cool again at about the 5 turn on

  14. "I've been a bad boy!"

    Oh Scotty…do you need to be punished?

    cracks out the whip and leather outfit for myself

  15. I have a question I'm getting a evaporator core put in my car do I need a a.c flush?… i have a 2013 dodge charger rt

  16. When I blast the A/C in my jetta it blows super cold air on the passenger side and not so cold in the middle and driver side…. what gives ?

  17. Hey gotta a question my front vents don't have any air coming out but the top vents work . You think it's the blower motor . I checked the resistor its fine.

  18. Hey buddy I watch your videos all the time literally I have a Mazda my ac stopped working and I have a baby and 3 kids lol I wasn’t getting any high side pressure so I replaced compressor now I get high side pressure I bought a temp gun to scan the condenser and I’m getting different temps when I put the laser on condenser so I’m thinking there is a blockage so I’m going to buy a new condenser it blows cool but not cold enough like it used to I changed expansion valve also so I’m thinking it’s now the condenser? My fans work also

  19. I just wanted to thanks to scotty kilmer again well you know ser you never stop learning about automobiles i have been around hot rods a long time and you fine sumthing new around the corner always thanks

  20. I just filled my 2007 4Runner with refrigerate before a trip to visit family over the 4th, and the problem I had beforehand was the passenger side blew cold and driver side was lukewarm.
    So I added refrigerate with the A/C Pro kit. It worked…kind of, but the problem I have now, and we encounterd this on the trio and back, is that it would blow lukewarm and cold in like 30 second intervals each. It would basically go back and forth the whole time.
    According to the meter that came with the kit, I had plenty of refrigerate in the system after adding it, so……any suggestions to my current issue?

  21. my compressor comes on and off like its supposed to, but this mechanic said he evacuated the system and recharged it, (it only took 40 min total) and he said my system is holding too much pressure, and that he doesn't know what is causing it but that it is the compressor and he still charged me for the a/c service. does this sound right?

  22. I refilled today and got 45 pounds in the green after 1 can of freon. but there is about 65 pounds in the green should I fill it to almost the top end of the green or leave it as is. I'm confused my gauge showed 45 pounds but I didnt wait for the a/c to kick on. Where exactly should my gauge read. It's a 2010 cadillac cts.

  23. Sir Scotty my car is not blowing the same temp on the passengers side vs drivers side. My passenger side is way cooler than my drivers side. Pls helpppp

  24. In my opinion
    Mr Kilmer is just talking straight up facts
    The uncle
    I never had great man
    Teaching all of us things we will need in life someday 🙏🏻

  25. I don't know a ton about cars, but enough that I could easily follow this. Thank you for taking the time to help us all out!

  26. hlo sir how are you, I'm from saudi arabia the temperature is 50c 🔥 in day time if i turn on the ac the one of left middle and driving side vent blow hot air for 10-15 mins and the other two works fine as the weather outside, can you please help me why is this happening!!???

  27. My 2011 Camaro AC compressor won’t move when the AC is turned on. I checked all fuses, all good. I even did power to the ground and the compressor still won’t move. Fans work, belt is good. What gives?

  28. Good morning Mr Kilmer! My name is Ron. I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima. There's a humming sound coming from the left side of the engine and it's making the battery die quickly. I've changed the alternator and the p0345 sensor but before I changed the sensor the car would start with a boost just stalled for a couple seconds. Since I've changed the sensor the car cranks quickly but won't start. Can u tell me what that might be.

  29. I am going to change the whole ac system everything from advanced auto parts but my question is should I buy the fan and the condenser from ebay or get good brands expensive ones because the fan base where the screws going broke i have to stick it with some wires and they told i need to flush or get new condenser with new ac compressor its only cooling when i idle over 2.5rpm

  30. when I was a kid I wanted to move to Texas and have a bigger pickup truck than anyone else, wear cowboy boots and cowboy hat and carry a 45 in the glove box and drive across the desert at night playing FM radio stations, and scotty would be my mechanic to keep that pickup truck running nice and cool.

  31. Does anybody know where to go get these charts? I have six or seven different cars that I usually try to keep up with maintenance (all family members) and I'm sure they're all not the same. Thanks for anybody's help

  32. This Caffeinated Crackhead makes more NOISE than SENSE.

    Like "Just rip the door panel off" in another video, NOT GOOD ADVICE!

  33. My AC have to be up high for it to get cool sometimes it work sometimes it dont i still feel the heat in. what do you think is the issue?

  34. I didn't know you was in 72 miles away..and i should've told AAA towing to drop my car off to you…pretty honest

  35. Great video Scotty! and it's quite amusing to see how you are increasingly sweaty while you work in the car LOL

    Thanks! it's great stuff really. You're a great Youtuber.

  36. Scotty you are the MAN ! Really wanna thank you for all your videos and effort to bring the secrets of maintaining our cars in mint condition without have to spend a fortune !! to everyone that are complaining or being mean towards Scotty voice, gestures, etc. GO GET A LIFE!!

  37. Seriously car A/c need a major innovations, it's dinosaurs' age tech..whoever can make an innovative design and patent them, he'll be a legend.

  38. I had an ice cold AC, then the compressor locked up. Had to change the entire AC system. Now it’s not as cold anymore. Help…

  39. Hey Scotty, my car is blowing luke warm air I cleaned and sprayed down my cars ac condenser and it seemed to be a temporary fix the air was blowing really cold for about 10 minutes after I started driving then it just went back to the normal same temp any suggestions?

  40. 1- check/replace cooling fan[s]
    2- check for/clean out intake debris
    3- check for/hose off any dead bugs on condenser
    4- check/replace cabin air filter
    5- check/replace fan belt
    6- check/refill refrigerant

  41. I just fill my cabin with ice cubes and water before I go for a drive in the summer. Works fine for me and it keeps the interior clean.

  42. Hi Scotty. I replaced my compressor and recharged. My gauges readings are 37 on the low and 325 on the high with ambient temp of 82. I've been doing for a few days and they ac air is not cold enough last time I checked was only 73 F inside. What could be the problem?

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