How To Make A 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Look Incredible!

How To Make A 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Look Incredible!

hey what’s going on guys how have you
been so I’ve got a really cool project coming your way today been getting a lot
of questions asking what am I gonna do for exhaust on the CR 350 bill so I’ve
got that figured out got the system here behind me so let me show you what’s up so here’s the pipe it is a custom hand
welded pipe by DPR out of the Netherlands very very cool-looking pipe
exactly what I wanted for this build but there’s a few things I want to do to it
beforehand mainly I’ll show you right here it seems like after the after they
welded it they ground down the welds here so not really a big fan of the
grime marks there so I’m gonna clean up the whole bite or the whole pipe strip
it down heat treat the welds bring some color out of it and just make this thing
pop and there’s one more thing here I mean they did a beautiful job with
welding the pipe really really good welds but this mount here just I don’t
know really JQ looking and I’m gonna try to clean that up a little bit maybe
round the edges off I’m just kind of picky that way not really a big deal so
if that’s the pipe and I’ll show you the silencer here so I order up this PC
silencer really big fan of these things nice it’s short they look really cool
and so I’m gonna do a similar thing to this as well pull it apart and just add
a little bit of color to it nothing too crazy just kind of personalize it for my
liking so let’s get started with making this exhaust look trick alright so how
I’m gonna be cleaning up this pipe is using the scotch brite wheel here on the
buffing machine and what that is gonna do is strip all the coloring all the
grind marks off the pipe and bring it to a nice clean bright finish that way can
heat treat it later on it looks super cool so these wheels are available over
on my website prime em XCOM really versatile wheel I use them for
everything from cleaning aluminum cleaning steel cleaning a pipe like this
there’s a so many different ways you can use it so I definitely go check them out
at prime MX all right let’s see what kind of magic
it can do on this pipe so I’ll cut the pipe all cleaned up look
pretty shiny but definitely need some color to it so what I’m gonna do is take
the propane torch up the welded seams starting up the backside I’m gonna start
like back here where you can’t see it and then heat it up until there’s some
color coming out and then just follow that seam all the way around with a
steady hand and color should come out pretty good and consistent man that is going to look so frickin
cool once I get the whole pipe done be nice to get a little thinner of a color
band though I’m gonna try going a little bit closer to the pipe this time so that one knows a little better really
tough to get these things consistent though so you can see what I mean when I
say start on the backside of the pipe because when you go all the way around
come back and overlap there’s gonna be a little bit of mismatch here with the
color so this is on the backside of the pipe so not a big deal at all so that one turned out a lot better way
more consistent all the way around so I think the key to it is applying a little
less heat or hold the heat on it for less time so you want to be moving your
way around and not waiting for the color to come out before you start to work
your way all the way around you can always come back and touch it up to oh man Turkish sweat my balls off in
here it’s like 90 degrees and then working with a torch to gets pretty warm so that is the final result right there
pretty frickin sweet looking if you ask me exactly the look I was going for if
you guys are looking to pick up one of these super trick hand welded beautiful
looking pipes they are made by DPR now this is not a sponsorship I paid full
price for this pipe because it was the exact one that I wanted for this bill
and I believe DPR makes pipes for other two strokes too definitely CR 85 s and
125 s and maybe even like KX RMS and Y Z’s too so I’ll put the link to their
eBay store where I bought this pipe down below in the description and I’ll link
the silence there down there too so since this pipe is raw steel it is gonna
rust if I don’t coat it with anything so the product I like to use to keep the
rust off is maximum and ppl so what i’ve been using on the raw pipe on 125
haven’t had an issue yet and so I just spray it down after every single time I
wash the bike and keeps all the rust off and one more thing to keep in mind to
you when you have a raw pipe or like a heat treated pipe is the color is gonna
change once you write it so it’s gonna turn a little more dark like purplish
and blueish the more time you put on it so eventually this thing is this going
to be like bluish and purplish all the way probably have to here so we round
here and for the silencer I’m gonna do some heat trading on this as well got to
pull off the senior pipe do some heat coloring around the weld and just add
some color of the whole thing and the end cap as well and I’ll need to pull
all the packing out of the silencer so that way I don’t burn it when I’m heat
treating the end cap so the heat process for the silencer is
to be very similar to that of the pipe just got to be really careful that
weighing a consistent color all the way around it is really tough to get consistent
coloring on these but pretty happy with this one
fuck that’s hot alright just one last piece to work on right here today I’m just gonna fade some of this
color out about halfway down the pipe and that should look pretty good alright I’m gonna call that good right
there pretty sweet-looking it’s got a pill up
this tape a little bit that way I can lay down the packing on the snare pipe
again let’s go wrap it tighter on the core
kind of roll it up and just retype it pretty simple deal just gonna slide it all the way down
inside the cap just like that make sure sticking out the end don’t want to wrap
it too tight and now I’ve got some high temp silicone to apply right here on the
stinger so it seals up against the canister freaking hate these silicone
tube they get all plugged up or gummed up here in the cap so I got to squeeze
it out the side and just brush it on looks up pretty good though now we can just slide the whole thing
right into the silencer canister here work that packing in make sure it’s not
getting bound up on anything and then once you get to the end cap here it’s
got a wiggle things around to get that core into the end cap there we go see that should be the right holes right
there yeah that looks right it’s gonna slip it right on to the stinger pipe you
got to have these holes lined up perfectly for them Bork I’ve gotten them
off just a little bit and cross thread of the bullets not a good thing there we
go that one’s in straight that one looks good shit there we go let’s tighten
these suckers down and this silencer will be good to go man that silencer
just looks so trick just super clean and simple just the way I like it man I am absolutely in love with this
exhaust system turned out much better than I expected so once again if you
guys are looking to do the same thing with your pipe make like a nice raw
finish or you’re doing any sort of aluminum or steel cleaning these
cleaning pads are the way to go mount them up on a buffer or just use them by
hand you can clean aluminum frames prep for
paint or powder coat strip off rust paint or corrosion clean up a pipe like
we did here the list goes on and on just super versatile and really handy to have
so you can buy these over on my website prime of X comm and I’ll link them down
below as the first link in the description box that is gonna wrap up
today’s video hope you guys enjoyed it if you did hit that like button down
below and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel as well got a lot more
content coming your way with this year at d50 bill all right guys keep it Prime you

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  1. What the fuck is going on Cam, lots of your videos are now infested with really shitty advert breaks. Wix can kiss my hairy ginger ass.

  2. It's a little known fact that this type of heat treat visual modification actually add's an additional 6 perceived horsepower. Now you may be wondering what I mean by perceived horsepower? Well the pipe looks so incredibly awesome that the other racers will slow down just to get a glimpse of the handy work allowing you to blow right by them giving you the perception that you have more horsepower than before. I recommend this modification to anyone who wants to feel like they are going faster than before and look good doing it.

  3. can you do this with a four stroke header pipe? i have my header pipe off and wanna do the same thing but someone said it is bad for it and makes it weak?

  4. Why take of the rust protection ?
    And if you heat up the welds wont they crack easier ?
    I would have send the whole pipe back to begin with, And ask for a refund those welds wont last..

  5. Just tried this on my stock exhaust on a Honda CR80 1997 I'm restoring. I thought I'd give this a try as I've never tried this before.

    I spent all day yesterday applying paint stripper and scraping off black paint.
    Today I've been polishing the pipe all day with different compounds and I done the blue lines by heating up different areas where the welds are.
    Put the pipe back on the bike and it looks amazing. I don't know why I've never tried doing this before!

  6. Scotchbrite wheels are too harsh really. You want to use proper polishing soap & wheels. Bring it up to a mirror shine. Would look absolutely fantastic then.

  7. I hope you feel better soon! Just found your vids and cant stop watching. Ive never built wheels. You were mentioning the wheel and the hub spacing had to be like an inch and an 1/8. Couldnt you just put some shims on the table under the rim for that spacing? Just wondering. You do awesome work!

  8. If you need a grinder your not a welder…..Its a shame to see stuff like getting made and bought ….. Tires ,brakes suspension before Bling ……..

  9. I think there are high temperature clear coats you could use to protect your pipe from rusting and seal the colors in while giving it a shiny look.

  10. "Kinda picky that way." Mark of a craftsman.

    I would have used a regular oxy/acetylene torch with a small tip. That propane tip is pretty wide.

  11. Those welds looks pretty weak and I am not sure of that torch flame temperature but it can build stresses in that metal heat affected zone which can lead to crack later due to vibrations….I hope it will hold well.

  12. Hmm i always went on the Autobahn and went full throttle to discoulour it. I never thought about using a torch 😀

  13. The perforated pipe should be in multiple pieces that are positioned slightly off set with one another (in a zig zag pattern). This trick improves the exhaust and most possibly performance.

  14. Awesome work! Only recommendation would be to use gloves. Some nylon inspection gloves or simple nitrile will work. The oils from your hands could impede the metal and cause undesired oxidation.

  15. You should have clear coated it with VHT high temp clear coat, done it many times. Keeps the rust away and makes it easier to clean.

  16. What about doing something like a Cerakote MC-156 gloss coat over the header to ward off rust and keep the colour in check? I believe the MC-156 has thermal stability till about 1100 deg f, or does the pipe get hotter than that?

  17. Looks awesome. Can you do this to a stock cr250 pipe too ? I wouldn’t see why not once u strip it deep enough I guess. Still curious

  18. Alright so I've been looking online for a while and couldn't find anything. I have the fmf fatty for 2004 ktm 85 and it is made of carbon steel/nickle finish. Would I get any colour out of the welds if I did what you did or would it weaken the weld and possible wreck the pipe?

  19. Hey Cameron, I have a 2015 ktm 105sx with Bill's Pipes silencer and pipe. Do you have any clue if this would work with my exhaust?

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