Hello everyone! Welcome to my fourth video here on Warped Clips Today we will make a Medieval breaking wheel In the description below you can read where it was used and why Let’s start first we’ll cut our base We’ll need a piece of foam board The usual one with 3.3mm thickness The materials we are going to use are the same with the previous videos, so I’m going to skip this part Let’s cut our base We’ll need a ruler and a pencil The dimensions I’m going to use are 6×4.5 cm Cut the base, careful to be as straight as possible this will be the base always use the ruler when you cut the foam board, careful.. Always start your cutting form the edge to the centre, so that you’ll save board.. and it will help you because you’ll already have one side ready Let’s cut the other side too.. Nice! This will be our 3.3mm base for our breaking wheel We save the rest foam board for later and now that our base is ready, let’s go make the bottom of the breaking wheel, we’ll start from bottom to top So, we will need a piece 4 cm long That one right here 4×0.8 cm ok? This piece will be placed on our base First we are going to insert some nails on this piece We are going to make this full of nails…and we are going to use toothpick to make the nails The toothpicks will be inserted on this piece We are going to pierce this piece, so that the tip of the toothpick will come out on the other side I’m going to use this tool to open the holes I’m going to pierce here and then on the opposite side on the same straight line.. very close to the edges About here and there We will fill this piece across its length with as many as it takes, but they need to be placed evenly Let me show you how I’ll make it… Take the toothpick and cut the one tip the other tip too and let’s come here and pierce it well with our tool We need a clean hole, so that our toothpick would be entered easily And I come and set the toothpick in there See that? Push it through until it comes clearly out on the other side we are going to do the same with the other toopick Push it through until it comes out on the front see? We continue like that until we fill the whole piece Now that we have all our nails in their place And now we are going to put some glue here and then place it on our base Put some glue on Careful not to place it on the centre of the base Place it a little bit further from the middle About here… we want it straight Press it a bit See, it’s set on its’ place And now as this one dries let’s go make a few long pieces that will be placed here to help us set up the wheel So, let’s take our ruler and cut two more long pieces that will be 4cm here’s one and the next one it would be better to make it 4.5cm to be a little longer from the other.. I’ll explain why.. cut it down And now this one here will be the main post that’ll be placed here.. So to stabilize it we’ll need two small sub-posts We’ll take the 4cm piece and cut it in half So we have our two sub-posts and we’ll need one more like this one The only difference will be that the one we’re going to cut now will be 3cm This new 3cm post we’re going to cut will also be a sub-post that will hold our wheel Now that we have all our sub-posts let’s go and glue them Put a little bit of glue on the base and on the post And place it right here Before the main post dries place the sub-post too beneath it.. Put some glue on it place it right here See? that’s how it looks so far If it doen’t have enough glue..put some extra on it, because we’re going to need it to hold our structure better Next we are going to glue another sub-post here, behind the main post to hold it and stabilize it put some glue And place it right behind it Put some extra glue there To make it as stable as possible We’re going to let it dry for about ten minutes… Check it out! We leave it for ten minutes for the glue to dry and get stabilized, and see you in a moment… We’re back.. 10 minutes have passed and our structure has dried well enough The remaining thing to do is to make the last sub – post which is going to be placed right here As I’ve shown in my previous videos, for those that have been watching To create a good sub-post for corners always cut the edges in a way that they take a light tilt like that Put some glue and we’ll glue it right here These sub-posts will help our structure to be quite stabilized and there would be no risk As it dries, what are we going to do? We’ll need to make the wheel In this case we’ll need a piece from 5mm foam board and take a circular shape to help us cut a circle I will use this lid And I will draw the circle with my pencil This is exactly what we want to make We are going to cut two similar pieces Two round shapes And after we cut the circles, we’ll cut the insides.. I’m going to cut the circles and I’ll be right back As you can see, the two circles are cut And now, we want to draw one more circle inside these circles I’ll use this lid this time I’m going to place it right in the middle And I’m going to draw the lines that I’m going to cut See? We’ll do the same on this one too Try to put the inside circles in the middle, so that they will align well We draw the lines on this circle too and, we are going to cut were we draw We’re back now that we cut the inside circles We are not going to use this, we’ll only use this one We’ve cut this circle too We’re not going to use this either These two rings are what we’ll need We are going to glue the two rings together Put some glue here to merge the two circles Put enough glue on it so that, there won’t be a case of them unmerging Now that we put on enough glue, we take the pieces and merge them Press them together The circles are now placed well don’t mind the uneven outer ring these imperfections will be covered from putty at the end So now we have the two main pieces for our miniature The next step will be to place the wheel on the base – Since the wheel is ready We are going to take some toothpicks and we’ll push them through one here another here and we’ll put one more about here It’s one of the difficult parts now…the other tricky part are the circles at the beginning pierce from the one side all the way to the other side the toothpick carefully not to mess up the circles see? It’s through! Now we’ll take the other toothpick and pierce it through again with the same way carefull to put it in the middle Pierce it through the one side all the way to the other side carefully to place it in the middle of the other side so that it will come out as a cross This is what it will be like Pierce the third one too We are going to have one here and another one here too.. Almost in the middle of the two toothpicks we entered before And it will pierce carefully here on the opposite side and we’ll put the last toothpick here It comes through And will end up here… And this is how its going to look We will cut the tips of the toothpicks that are popping out The easiest way to cut them is the pair of scissors We cut them all and that’s our wheel As I said before don’t mind the imperfections they will be covered with putty later the wheel is ready The post base is ready too and we’ll glue them together like that Before we do this cut a piece of foam board We want it to be 1cm as length and 0.7cm as width This small piece is very useful and will help us to glue our wheel right here… It will be as a sponge, put some glue here and place this last piece On this spot see? let it dry well, because the whole wheel is going to be placed on that Take one more toothpick and pierce it through here until it comes out here It must come out on the front break the toothpick in two pieces Leave the one of the pieces aside and make a small hole right here Pierce it until it comes out on the other side As soon as you start to feel that it’s coming through stop and we’ll take the toothpick and we’ll push it through the hole to come out here Now that we’re finished take the wheel and glue him right here see that? the wheel is going to be glued right here So, to make things easier, cut the tip and we’ll put glue right here on the wheel to be able to glue the wheel on this spot put the glue and let it dry We are doing this because we need a solid spot to help us place it on the post and to stabilize it we’ll put the glue now right here and let it dry well for about 15′ to be sure We’re back, and here’s what we’ve done the glue hardened here And then we simply glued it on the base-post and we have this as a result It’s quite easy we just placed it on the toothpick and we’re ready a small trick I like and I usually use is to put at the centre of the wheel a nail (tip of a toothpick) because it makes it seem scarier in games As this dries I will also show you a good way on how to make a handle…I’ve shown this before.. We’ll use a piece of melting wire this one is ok bend it a little make it look like a “s” And glue it right here, at the back and you’ll have your handle Just as it is here… You can either do it with using a toothpick or wire depends on what is easier for you We have used our tricks, here with the “nail” at front And the only remaining thing to do is to take some putty the one i always use This amount of putty lasts for many minis…I would say it could last almost a year And now we’ll start to fill the whole mini with putty The putty is going to cover all the little imperfections you saw in the progress so you don’t need to worry for any of those And at the end… Since you’ve applied the putty all around the breaking wheel the nails too… put the handle there too this one I showed you earlier that’s the handle you are going to glue on the breaking wheel, I’ve shown this on my other videos and you are ready…. Color it I usually use a bit of brown with yellow to make it look more like wood And that’s how it’ll look when you finish That’s the breaking wheel they used at Medieval Ages That was for today.. Thank youfor the support you’ve been showing to my channel I hope I’ll see you on my next video.. till then.. Bye bye!

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