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  1. Just awesome !! Hope u keep making projects like this.
    1 request.. how do u get the measurements exact for the structures. For me, It takes lot of adjustment to make one mechanism correct. Do u use cad prior prototyping ?

  2. Great video! If i need to make a chassis which would work in water as well, which material chassis do i use? Aluminum sheet metal?

  3. I have 2 motors of 300 rpm 5kg torque, can I use l298n module to control those motors with Bluetooth, so that I can use them as shopping cart with arduino

  4. This is a great project – I applaud the skill and execution of it. I'm amazed you didn't shred your hands to bits with the sharp metal, so you must be a master at working with it! Furthermore, not even a hint of hot glue – that alone made the video worth watching. This project definitely goes above and beyond the ordinary.

  5. Increíble!!! Deberías hacerlo a radio control 2.4 GHz para largo alcance jajaja aún así quedó genial 😀

  6. I don't have that much of money to buy an mecanum wheel or 3D printing. I tried to build the wheel in this way. That was not fully successful. Could you please give me that wheels for completing an academic project?😢 My whatsapp contact is 8281618806.

  7. thank you sir i made wheels by seeing your video. I just made a different thing . i made it wireless 😎

  8. Awesome ! It's possible to build a mecanum wheels robot with lego mindstorms ev3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX71j-uaAWs

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