How To Make A Used Car Look New! – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Make A Used Car Look New! – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage! If you have been following our mini series
on this Chevy Cruze you saw that we washed it, removed the decal and some light interior
cleaning. Now we’re moving on to the exterior because
there are scratches, swirls and water spots that Javier and myself are going to remove
using the TORQ 10FX and an Orange Pad. We’ve never really gone over all of the V-Line
polishes explaining what they do and how to choose them. Starting off today’s detail we clayed the
Cruze with a Medium Clay Bar to remove embedded contaminants that give it a rough feeling
that also enhances the shine but after inspecting the paint we can see that there are tons of
swirls and scratches as well as water spots that have etched the paint. Starting over here we have the most aggressive
compound being V32. This is intended for really deep scratches
and swirls, wet sanding marks and other bad imperfections. Moving down the line we have V34 which is
a hybrid compound which is less abrasive than the V32 for lighter scratches and swirls or
after polishing with V32 you will need to work your way down to V38. The go to polish is V36, this is a cutting
polish to enhance the shine and in some cases it can be used as a one step polish because
it has fine diminishing abrasives that break down the scratched paint to bring back the
factory shine. Lastly, we have V38 which is a jeweling polish
that removes light oxidation, minor imperfections, tiger stripes and if you are performing a
two-step polish this refines the shine. Our method for today is going to be an Orange
Hex-Logic Pad with V36. Starting off by shaking V36 and applying five
dime size drops on the pad. We always go with five dime size drops because
this gives us enough product to cover a two by two square foot area to refine the paint
to a factory shine. We’ll spray the pad with Pad Conditioner to
moisturize the pad so that we don’t install any marring since it is reducing friction
and preventing us from burning the paint. Lets go over to the vehicle, as you can see
we have the hood taped off to show the before and after. I’m blotching out the chemical an on the lowest
speed setting I’ll spread it out before bumping it up to speed six which is what we’ll use
for polishing to restore the shine. Wow, the difference is night and day. You don’t even need to take the tape off because
you can already see the scratches are gone. I will take off the tape to show you the difference
between the two sides. Then we need to move on to the rest of the
vehicle because this thing needs to be done before the end of the day that’s why I have
Javier to help me. You guys just sit back and enjoy. We just got done claying and polishing this
car and now we’re at our final step of adding some wax to give it the extra shine and protection. This guy is on the go and we’re on the clock
so we need to do this as fast as we can. Using InstaWax and spread it with the blue
applicator pad this way we are in control of where we are applying the wax to prevent
staining any rubber or plastic. This is safe for headlights, paint and even
glass. All it takes is a couple sprays then spread
it out. Applying a thin layer and let it haze up before
wiping it off. We’ll buff off the excess with the Happy Ending Towel. Here you can see it is already hazing up and
with a quick wipe you unveil a deep wet shine and also adding a layer of protection. It protects against industrial fallout, contamination,
UV solar rays and other harsh elements. It has a deep wet shine with added protection. So if you guys like this video please be sure
to give us a like, subscribe and leave a comment. I’m going to finish the rest of this car and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. Ever considered detailing a car for a fan?! Not sure if you guys have done that yet
    but I'd love to see that deep wet shine on my car 😅

  2. Great video. I just picked up a 2016 WRX with about 20k miles. Has the dealer shit wax job and you can tell has been in the drive thru wash. I was thinking VSS followed by Jetseal and then a wax. What wax would you recommend and what do you think of the other product choices? I live in MI so want to protect it for the winter

  3. If you apply wax or sealant coat and you let it dry for more then the recommended time,will that affect the durability and protection.

  4. Can each product be used by themselves or do you need to progress up through the product line? Can you use any applicator to spread each product?

  5. As always, excellent video. Why did you wax the windshield? Does it make a difference? I just watched your "best glass cleaning tips and tricks" video. It doesn't mention anything about waxing your windows.

  6. Out of curiosity, how long did it take to completely finish the car? Count the man hours, so I'll have some kind of idea how much time I get away from the wife!

  7. Hlo sir, iam having a polishing machine having 2 pads one is microfibre and another is sponge pad which one i should use for waxing my bike

  8. Man guys !!!! Well first of all the white sox gotta go pronto!!! But that's not important right now.
    The car looks freaking brand new !!!! are you guys sure this car wasn't recently painted?
    Looks incredible and unbelievably brand new!!
    I'm going to keep buying more of your products for sure.

  9. When are you guys are going to show us your ceramic coatings? That seems to be the go to stuff for the ultimate protection.

  10. I want to try to remove the swirls and scratches from my black truck but worried I'll damage the paint. Is it possible to over buff an area where it will damage the paint?

  11. Wow you guys legit made that Cruze look brand new and I really hope the owner is happy my god it was legit like looking into a mirror you guys crushed it. Please keep the videos coming I love be outtakes at the end there always funny.

    Take care boys!!


    Your number one fan


  12. I've noticed you guys don't ever really use sealant of vehicles you detail, any particular reason for that? I feel it would give better protection to the paint from things like fallout and other debris as wax melts at 60 degrees Celsius so in the sun it would become ineffective, especially on a dark car like that wouldn't it? No offence intended, just curious.

  13. Can you do a video on silver cars please. I have a silver car and don't see much in the way of polishing and waxing for a shine

  14. Loved the video! I just wondered if you guys have ever done a video on wet sanding actual paint rather than headlights and then following through with the V line up and a polisher? (This is a video I would like to see😁) thanks again for another great video!

  15. Can’t get any better than this very beautiful car. Now give your friend his keys back and tell him to go take a girl out on a date

  16. How about a vehicle that is always left out in the direct sun pretty much all day. That's what I've basically got with my Dodge Durango 05 and I'm starting to get these like cup chips on my hood. 🙁

  17. Guys is nick applying a lot of force on the polisher? Because the pad is really flattening or does that happen normally when you just guide the machine

  18. At 7:03 you can still see some scratches on the door. I have used the V line products and same happens to me. What can I do/use to perfect the paint?

  19. Do you use the same pad for entire process or do you change it out every time you start using a different compound?

  20. I wish I could detail like this so people would respect me and I would have an income. But I'm too much of a faggot to make that happen in my life.

  21. So, according to your flow chart, we are suppose to seal the paint before waxing and this was not the case. You went directly to wax from polish. Or is this wax a kind of sealant mixed?

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