How To Make an Old Car Look Like New! – 1954 Buick Special – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Make an Old Car Look Like New! – 1954 Buick Special – Chemical Guys Car Care

Welcome back to the Detail Garage. We’ve still got the 1954 Buick Special in
the shop, we’ve already done the exterior by starting with a foam bath, we’re gonna
coat it soon and now we’re moving on to the interior. So this car has metal, vinyl and fabric surfaces
and we want something that is going to clean and protect it in one step. To do that we’re going to use InnerClean and
what this is, is a vinyl, rubber, plastic,metal and gauge cluster cleaner that cleans and
protects in one step. So for this vinyl seat, we’re going to clean
and protect it but we won’t add any shine. But it will still take off any kind of body
oils or staining and it will give it a protective coating which will resist UV rays and anything
else that can discolor or crack it over time. Moving on to the fabric surfaces like the
seat and the carpet we’re going to vacuum it all up and using Fabric Guard we’re going
to create a water repellent barrier that is going to rejuvenate the surface which makes
it last as long as it can. But first, we’re going to start by vacuuming
it and getting it clean and looking right. So we’ve just finished vacuuming the carpets
and the seats and already it is looking a lot better. Just by vacuuming it, it gives the whole car
a new look but before we protect that we want to get the dashboard, steering wheel and gauges
all cleaned up and protected using InnerClean. To control InnerClean when working inside
of the vehicle it is easiest to spray it on the towel and gently wipe the surface starting
with the dashboard and it is picking up all the dust and fingerprints or anything else
that landed on the surface and it is being encapsulated so that we can easily wipe it
off without scratching. You can also use InnerClean on vinyl surfaces
or even leather and it is cleaning, added UV protection but adds no shine. So if you’re not looking for a glossy shine
on your dashboard or any other interior surfaces then InnerClean is the way to go to easily
pick up any kind of interior dust or fingerprints. As I keep mentioning InnerClean is safe for
your gauge clusters and any sort of plastics or glass inside of the vehicle or if you have
a newer vehicle with a navigation screen you can use it on that and it takes off any light
dust, debris and fingerprints to restore that factory finish and it is also going to protect
it from fading or cracking over time. You can also use it on control surfaces like
the steering wheel. This steering wheel is red but it probably
hides a lot of fingerprints and grease that are sitting on here. So just wipe it on and remove any kind of
fingerprints or body oils for a perfect showroom shine. By using InnerClean I was able to remove all
the dirt, debris and fingerprints that were all over the place no it’s clean and protected. Now we’re going to move on to the fabric pieces
like the carpet and the seat. Now we’re going to use Fabric Guard and what
this is going to do is create a water repellent barrier that also incorporates UV blockers
that prevent staining that resists UV rays from damaging the surface by discoloring it
or fading it. All you need to do is spray a generous mist
on the surface and this doesn’t need to be buffed off just let it dry. It is going to give you that water repellent
barrier that is preventing staining or anything from harming the surface. So if you guys want to learn more about these products, check them out on our website If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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  1. +Chemical Guys Any recommendations for what to agitate leather cleaner with??
    Anything would help. Many thanks

  2. I have been using Inner Clean for a long time. I use it full strength for the initial clean and half strength for maintainence.

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