How to Make Black Paint Look Like Glass – Bentley – Chemical Guys – DIY

How to Make Black Paint Look Like Glass – Bentley – Chemical Guys – DIY

Today, in the Chemical Guys Detail Garage– everyone who’s getting off the train get off
now. Today, in the Chemical Guys Detail Garage we
have this 2008 Bentley Continental Convertible. Now if you’ve been following our mini-series,
you’ve seen that we’ve already washed it, we’ve clayed it and polished it, and now we’re
going to protect it. But before we move to our last step of waxing
it, I want to add a little bit more magnification as well as fill in some of those minor imperfections. So that’s why we are going to glaze it using
Black Light. Now, Black Light is going to enhance the gloss
and the depth of this paint as well as any kind of metallic that’s in the paint job itself. So all you have to do is apply it onto the
surface, let it cure for about 15 minutes and you can do this by machine or by hand
and on a car this elegant with all these contours, I’m going to do it by hand to ensure that
I cover as much surface area as possible giving it that long lasting bond. So, over here we have our Black Light and
we are going to start by shaking it up just like we always do and using a microfiber applicator,
I’ll apply a few lines and we can start blotching it onto the paintwork. Just dab it out and a little bit goes a long
way so there’s no need for high buildup of this because if you think about it, only the
initial layers will bind to the paint job, everything else is just being wiped away and
that’s wasteful. So, we’ll spread it out in even strokes and
you can use a crosshatching pattern where you go up and down and then side to side to
ensure that you cover the entire surface as well as spread it out as nicely as possible
because a fine coat is going to last longer, it’s going to bond better, and again, it’s
using less product and we’ll go around the vehicle to enhance that shine as well as bring
out that metallic flake.

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  1. So I am looking to get the ultimate shine and some durable protection for my dark blue vehicle I am gonna buy blacklight and black wax. On average how durable is the sealant protection in blacklight?

  2. Does the back dye penetrate through the clear coat and dye the base layer? How does it become more black if it lies upon the clear coat?
    Can you please explain?

  3. I recently polished my car and wanted to remove some small areas being shown easily, my paint is a metallic ashen gray and really pops as itโ€™s a dark color, using this glaze really made it shine, applied some v7 hybrid wax over the glaze and oh my god itโ€™s really nice! Love it for that nice glossy wet look

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