How to Make Bumper Stickers

How to Make Bumper Stickers

How to Make Bumper Stickers. Provocative, critical, and downright entertaining,
bumper stickers can be a great way to promote your ideas. You will need Internet access Drawing program
Inkjet printer Waterproof inkjet self-adhesive vinyl Glossy laminate Ruler and knife or razor
blade. Step 1. Decide whether to print the stickers with
an inkjet printer at home, or order them online. Step 2. Design the bumper sticker with your computer’s
drawing program. Web sites that sell custom bumper stickers
often feature templates and programs that can be used to make stickers. Use bright and contrasting colors in the design
of the sticker to make it easier to read. Step 3. Follow image resolution requirements specified
by the web site you are ordering from, or, when printing stickers yourself, find out
what resolution works best. Step 4. Order the number of stickers you want if you’re
making them online. Step 5. Print the stickers on inkjet vinyl paper if
you’re printing from home. Carefully roll out the glossy laminate over
the vinyl and use a ruler to smooth away air bubbles. Separate the stickers with a knife or razor
blade. Did you know In 1946, Forest P. Gill combined
fluorescent ink and self-sticking adhesive and created the first bumper sticker.

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