Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen. I have made compound chocolate I have made white chocolate and i have made dark chocolate but theres only one left and everyone keeps asking me for so here it
is. So join me today as i make my version of milk chocolate To start of i have a pot on the stove, now its on a high simmer and on top of the pot place a clean and dry bowl make sure its dryotherwise
it’s gonna ruin the chocolate. So we are going to start of with our main ingredient and thats our cocoa butter. Don’t get this confused with normal butter as they are nothing alike Now you should be able to find this in good health food stores but if not just google it and im sure you will find it around. So into our bowl place in our cocoa butter I will leave a list of ingredients down below and how much you need to use. and using a metal spoon just so theres no moisture just turn these just stir then until it completely melted. And also as a hint just make sure the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water other wise you can burn the chocolate. Now that the cocoa butter is melted we are going to add in our cocoa powder. Just regular cocoa powder and we are going to stir that through until its completely dissolved. Once that has been dissolved we a going to add a very small pinch of salt and what the salt does it just helps to enhance the chocolate flavour Next we are going to add in our milk powder. Now you might be asking can we just use regular liquid milk unfortunately you have to use the
powdered milk and honestly that is how chocolate is actually made So stir that through again. So once that has been stirred through finally we are going to add in our icing sugar Now if you don’t have icing sugar check out my How To playlist where i show you how to make it and finally we are going to stir that through. Now with all the ingredients before you pour it into the mould just give it a quick taste just so its to your liking if not you can add more cocoa or more icing sugar or what ever you like just to its to your liking. So as you can see this is looking lovely now it’s just about completely dissolve. So what we are going to do now it take this of the Heat we are going to let it cool down for five minutes and we are going to place it into our mould. now that our milk chocolate has cooled down we are going to use a mould now i use this same one for the dark chocolate as you would remember So we are going to use that. You can find these at allot of craft shops or party shops so with our cooled down chocolate we are going to pour it into the mould and doesn’t that look lovely. So what we are going to do is place this into the fridge and let it set for about two hours So i have taken it out of the fridge and as you can see i filled up the other two moulds because i had extra left over lets just take one out and there we have it, now look at that lovely lovely milk chocolate. So this is incredibly easy to make and the best part is it’s homemade so lets give one a try oh yummy. Nothing, nothing beats a good piece of chocolate. But i’ll to you what this tastes exactly like milk chocolate and you know why? Because it is. And you can also experiment with the taste if want to add more Cocoa powder or even more cocoa butter. You really can change it to your liking. But no matter how you change this
homemade milk chocolate tastes simply delish so give it a go and don’t forget to put up a
photo on my facebook page so that you can show it of to everyone else
because I know it will be fantastic Thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen. As always the ingredients are listed down below as well as links to my Facebook, Twitter and home handy hints channel Please do me a massive favour by giving this video a thumbs up and leave a comment and I’ll see you next time for another delicious recipe.

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  1. Thanks for this simple recipe. I've got my first batch cooling in the fridge now, but am concerned that the liquid chocolate is grainy. Did I just not mix it enough? Could the temperature have been wrong?

  2. Im just going to add variants for those who need it. Replace milk powder with coconut milk powder/coconut cream powder. Replace sugar with canadian maple syrup or low GI sugar which u can blend or mortar & pestle to a fine powder.
    Thank you for your recipe Todd

  3. Don't forget, you can add secret ingredients too….such as semen. Lol….my guests love my homemade chocolates!!! 😉

  4. You are awesome 👍👍👍 everything you make is very good 👌👌👌 Thank-you so much for sharing this lovely video 😍😍😍 …. Greetings from Africa Cairo 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

  5. I know how to make milk chocolate
    Step 1 : go to the store
    Step 2 : buy milk chocolate
    Step 3 : go home
    Step 4 : put the chocolate in the plate

  6. One question. Can a silicone mold be used instead of a plastic one? Thanks! Edit: also should unsweetened cacao powder or normal cacao powder be used?

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  8. This recipe doesn't work, unless you like your chocolate gritty. I don't. You should take this video down so another trusting idiot like myself doesn't waste their time, like I did 3×. Ass hole!

  9. I subbed out his powdered sugar for confectioners Swerve sugar substitute but I used a little less ratio wise because I didn't want it overly sweet and I did not want to detect the sugar substitute. I upped the milk powder a little bit and I used approximately half non-fat and full fat dry milk powder. Depending upon my mood I will lay raisins, desiccated coconut flakes Himalayan salt, puffed quinoa, chopped walnuts, almonds, etc in the tray before I pour the warm chocolate. This has created some of the most insanely delicious sugar-free chocolate I've ever eaten. Thank you Todd 😊

  10. If you are not a millionaire and can't afford cacao butter: coconut oil, vegetable shortening, and copha are standard substitutes. Also, it's interesting he didn't add any vanilla. All in all, good recipe.

  11. This works for me. So easy to follow. Let me make it. Looks really good. I need to shop some molds.

  12. This simple taste just like milk chocolate 🍫 and you wanna know why ?? Because it is milk chocolate 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 love the video btw 😇

  13. This is a good recipe. I made it exactly like Todd explains. My result looked great and snapped like commercial chocolate. The only thing was that is tasted very heavy and more like a rich chocolate cake than commercial chocolate. I'll be experimenting with different amounts of ingredients and report back. My first variation will be to halve the amount of cocoa powder and halve the amount of icing sugar. The chocolate I made tasted way too rich and heavy. Ill report back to see if that is a better combo of ingredients. Thanks y'all.

  14. you can't fabric a good chocolate without a chocolate conche ^^ it's the principal processus to reduce the granulometry of the ingredients

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