How to make simple carbon fiber panels

How to make simple carbon fiber panels

I let everything setup over night its nice and hard and when I come back I am going to unwrap it welcome back…lets get this thing unwrapped everything looks like it setup pretty good gonna pull this hose off and let some air back in there now its just like unwrapping a presant there is your peel ply there is your breather ply…you can see how it has soaked up all the extra resin that does two things…it makes these parts light and allows the pump to draw air out of the bag go to my channel and check out some other carbon fiber projects I have done you can also go to the fab forums dot com thanks for watching…be sure to SUBSCRIBE

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  1. ehm… you used way too little resin, skipped resin at all in a couple of layers, hence the lack of stiffness. This part will fall apart in several days

  2. seems very bad for the environment. more material being wasted than gets produced. and once you break for example a carbon fiber car frame or anything there's no way to fix it other than buying a new body part.

  3. When would you say it's necessary to vacuum bag a part? I've watched a few videos of people making all types of parts and sometimes they vacuum bag it and sometimes they don't. Is there a reason?

  4. Great video, keep it up and ignore the butt hurt haters.. Have been scrolling the comments and just bored fat kids who cannot spell the word porn..

  5. i got one better to make a carbon microprocessor use photosensitive paint with carbon (mixed and put in the processor the use light that reflects from the carbon and then let it heal and the remove layers with scotch tape or rinse and then test and use scotch tape if you find errors.

  6. Sir how to buy all this liquids resins and good quality carbon fiber shits.. Vacuum plastic shits?? How to select it??

  7. hi, Do you know any other kind of sealer that i can use instead of the sealant tape because i cant find it in my country and cant buy it online

  8. meu amigo, sei que não é sua area , mais os quadros de bicicleta em fibra de carbono são feitos com qual materia junto a fibra de carbono ? Obrigado

  9. Hi there. I am planning to manufacture a composite tube using vacuum bag technique. However, after curing the composite, it is very difficult to remove the pipe from the mandrel. I would appreciate your advice on this issue Any possible and easy tube manufacture mthod?

  10. Really cool I’ve been wanting to make a splitter from for car I’ve been using wood I’m planning on giving this a shit soon

  11. This isn't "true" carbon fiber. This is the ghetto poor version known as carbon fiber polycarbonate. It is not rigid or as structurally sound as true baked carbon fiber. Do not waste your money or time on this. It's a complete scam. It's pretty much just carbon sheets held together with polycarbonate plastic.

  12. People who like this sort ov video like to hear the sounds ov the workshop. You pricks keep adding music thinking it makes the video betta. It fucking ruins the hole thing i can't watch it.

  13. hi , the process difference between carbon fiber and fiber glass is just Fabric right ? or may be we can directly apply base coat of Poly resin in case of carbon fiber where as in case of fiber glass we apply gel coat as a base coat?
    i have one more question .. in my country we have Poly resin and gel-coat in which we add hardener (cobalt )before use , so these materials are same for carbon fiber, Am i right ?

  14. What's the purpose of the mind-numbing non-music? Too bad about copyrights and all that, but I'd rather listen to you humming or whistling. Well, maybe not.

  15. Why it is not so hard I has a little bit of elasticity.. I saw carbon fiber Rims they are so hard but why this part isn't hard so much?

  16. Dude!!!!Wtf!!!!I now know less about working with carbon fiber after watching this "how to" video than I did before I watched it…Twas a waste of mine and your time…You may be a carbon fiber genius….but you still haven't worked the bugs out with this video thing!!!

  17. There is a certain amount of layers you need and you have to orientate the fiber patter in many different directions for any real stiffness. There are charts you follow that detail this pretty well if you looking for something more structural. I have seen composites that rival the strength of aluminum at a fraction of the weight in aerospace structures.

  18. How about some instruction. Even if it were subtitled would be better, describing each step and what materials are being used. This isn't a how-to.

  19. Wow!
    Just discovered this video, and really digging the shirt.
    I have been watching your channel for years and absolutely love it.

  20. Im making a carbon fiber swith plate for a switch on my boat. What is best tool to use to cut out the opening for the switch? Should I precut it before wrapping or after?

  21. How would I create a mold for a vehicle door panel? I imagine I have to remove my door panel, but what kind of material does the mold need to be? What is the easiest method? And how do I make sure the mold has all the screw and clip points built into it as the plastic panel has?

  22. I had always heard that you had to have a autoclave to do carbon fiber and as a note i have no clue what a autoclave is but sounds cool and expensive.

  23. @fabforums what is the temperature resistance of this?
    At what “constant” temperature would the glue start becoming toxic?

    Thank you 🙂

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