How to make your generator quiet,powermate generator

How to make your generator quiet,powermate generator

well I’ve got another project on
starting this is my generator and I’ve run it a few times and boy is it loud
and I’ll tell you when you’re the only one in your neighborhood that’s got
lights and power and heat and can cook food it’s sort of attracts people you
don’t really care to have around your house in a situation where you’ve got no
lights not to mention that where I live in
Louisiana a lot of storms come through here and people get their generators
stolen there’s been all kinds of methods and the sneakiest one is uh they’ll roll
a lawn mower up beside your generator running at night and they’ll shut your
generator off leave the lawnmower running and then carry out your
generator and most of the time it’s your own lawn better Lumbo or that they’re
tricking you with anyway I’ve decided to try to quiet this generator down so I
took a few panels off and I figured out a way to mount a muffler over here I’m
going to put it I’m going to take this muffler off and I’m going to make a
flange to fit over this here and I’m going to put a 90 on it and come out
here and I’ve got this muffler here that I’m going to to mount right here I’m
going to make some you points you you bolts out of some threaded rod and bolt
this up but before I do all this I have a decibel meter on my wife’s phone and
I’m going to run this beside the house where I usually run it and with a
without this muffler with the original muffler and then I’m going to bolt this
up and put it in the same place and run it and check a decibel meter and just
see how much quieter it is I know it will be quieter
I don’t know how much I also heard that you can extend this the end this muffler
the exhaust the outlet up and if you aim the exhaust straight up that it tends to
diffuse the exhaust noise somewhat and people can’t pinpoint exactly where it’s
coming from so when I get to the point where I’ve
got this ready to be mounted and a 90 made up for that over there and a means
of connecting it all to that end I’ll have to have several pieces of reducing
hardware and maybe even some flex pipe I don’t know yet I’m just doing this trial
by error but we kind of need to see how much it quiets it quite sit down look
keep you posted well I decided to go a slightly different route I was going to
remove this month ler and then take off from here and go over to the other side
of the generator but this actually required less parts and plumbing and it
was cheaper I only got like 60 bucks into this all tote a welded flange on to
the original muffler you bolted this flexible aluminized exhaust hose here the brackets that I built it on there
and I had to do this because the engine is mounted on rubber feet and when the
engine moves and vibrates the muffler has to move with it or else it would
break something you know somewhere the weak the weakest part of the muffler
system somewhere it would crack so got the hose got this muffler you bolted on
and I welded the muffler onto those brackets and I thought about whether I
should weld it or are you bolt it but you know if I ever need to remove it I
could just unbolt the brackets that I’ve got pulled into the engine that was
simple and easy to get to well I’ve ran this before and after and
I’m really impressed even with just a cherry bomb’ muffler you would not
believe the difference in noise level the decibel level from 10 feet away was
94 95 decibels unbelievably loud really annoying actually and since I put this
muffler on the decibel levels 85 that’s a pretty big difference it’s a big
enough difference that I can actually hear the generator head whirring making
a whirring noise you know we’re and I can hear the rocker on the valve train
and the rockers you know clicking and ticking kind of interesting it’s that
quiet and I’m going to go one step further I’m going to build a soundproof
shed just large enough to wheel this in to put some ventilation in it with maybe
a small fan or something I got another piece of this flexible pipe that I will
eventually plumb this to the outside of the shed that I’m going to make so that
will just you know the exhaust will just come right outside of the
a little generator shed and you shouldn’t be able to hear this thing
till you just walk right up on it because where I plan on putting it well
I’ll have to show you that it’s it is just freezing freezing cold out and rain
in and remember terrible weather here in North Louisiana anyway I’ll show you
that shade when I get around to it but I’m going to go ahead and put this one
up see

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  1. This video sucks. No testing before or after. No noise measuring. You never get to know if the dam thing worked. It's a waste of time.

  2. I can’t believe this guy didn’t start this thing. What the hell good is this video if you don’t start it and let people hear it.

  3. Sounds great, i really appreciate you yak yak yak yak, you were right that thing is super quiet, but anything would be quiet if you talk about how quiet it is and NEVER crank the damn thing. I hope reading this wasted as much of your time as watching your video wasted of mine.

  4. Time the hell out, did you really make a video about the noise level an not even start it for the camera??? I don’t believe. No proof I call bs

  5. Its a whole lot easier to fasten a length of flexible exhaust line to the existing muffler and run the flexible exhaust line to the outside of your generator room … Outside with a pre-dug pit at least 2' deep and about 3' in diameter … Place the end of the flexible exhaust line in the pit and fill the pit to the top using 1-1/2" aggregate.

  6. dude why didn't you crank it over before and after to give us an idea – 85 dbs doesn't sound much different than 95 but we could have had an idea if you had cranked her

  7. To make it even more quiet, run the flex pipe off the cherry bomb into a five (5) gallon bucket of water! Do that after you've started the generator!

  8. The flex pipe would absorb the vibration so no welding needed you had enough length on your flex to absorb all the vibration just can’t clamp close to were it attached to old muffler

  9. You need to be careful with the exhaust systems on engines. Just by adding a bigger /quieter muffler system you might add to much BACK PRESSURE to the motor

  10. I don't even own a generator at this time. But here I am the typical man with an I think that can be fixed and done better somehow watching a guy do exactly what I'd do. YouTube sucks balls with the politics but as far as providing a place to watch interesting stuff they do good. I don't watch TV at all anymore. I watch stuff like this. I hey a random idea in my head and then find it on YouTube to see if it will work

  11. Make the end so you can point it at the neighbor you heard complained. Hit the throttle shut off the motor and make that Cherry Bomb Muffler go off! Than try it at night for great "visuals." My old truck had a Cherry Bomb and it scared the ground hogs back into their holes next to the road.

  12. By the time you bought your initial cherry bomb glass pack, flex tube, clamps, and flange and then Spend the money on building the sound proof building with ventilation, if there was such a thing, couldn't you have just bought a Honda and a fat ass chain and lock and been done with it?

  13. Half inch plywood box is cheaper, faster, and much quieter. Want it even quieter, use a bit of low density Styrofoam inside. Don't forget some vent holes.

  14. Make sure you build that generator shed big enough. I tried that one time but I made the shed just a little bit bigger than the generator and even though I vented it real well and put a cooling fan on it it's still overheated

  15. Well this was waste of time.
    Why didn't you title it how a DA hooks up a cherry bomb muffler and mounts it to his geni

  16. the reason I watched was to hear it run….it's probably load as hell with the cherry bomb muffler….nutsack

  17. 4:37 We would have all been "pretty impressed" as well if you took the time to fire the damned thing up. So since you didn't I will assume it's still loud AF

  18. The majority of noise from these types of generators come from the engine, not the muffler. The muffler is mainly just a spark arrestor and they do not invest in a larger muffler because it makes little difference. The quiet inverter generators are quiet because the engine has been engineered from the beginning to be that way. What this video shows is an exercise in futility. There is a reason he never cranks the generator after installing the muffler. The best way to make a generator like this quiet is to build an acoustically dead box around it where air can still reach the engine to cool it and it can still exhaust freely. I know because I tried both methods!

  19. So using heavy chain and a couple of locks, won't stop the crooks?

    When you have lights on in a power outage, you send a message, you have a generator!

  20. I stay up and watch for crooks…I pray that they stupid enough to try and steal mine…always watch out for the thugs man…😎

  21. Nice design, but it would have been nice to "actually" hear it running rather than just a statement of 85db.

  22. Why show the video of all the work and not the end result? Geez that was like watching a movie then boom the end was cut very cruel

  23. No need for even welding too brother,..fixit stick is way easy and just as solid of a weld if applied correctly. The stuff even cures and works unddr water in 24 hours. All yall should get sum for your tool box people 👍. It has a plethera of applications…hell, just learned that word from my kid. I like it. They are soo smart these days you know….anyhow like tha vid. Thanx, sorry for the ramblin👍🤠😁

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