how to Mercedes immobilizer programming after ecu swap part 1

how to Mercedes immobilizer programming after ecu swap part 1

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  1. It's not programming at all. It's just a brute force chip swap. Nothing new on this procedure that is very risky because you may easily kill the original chip by overheating. Real programming would be copy the data from the old ECU to the new one.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information. this information got my car to start tonight .I have been broke down for over an hour until I watch your video,Thanks a lot!

  3. I am so excited to do this/ I get home and then watch again- that's when j fought you say 2000-2005. I have a 96 Mercedes s320. Will it still work

  4. I was able to figure the eprom chip is 95080 on e550 ecu and switched the eprom chips between my original and used ecu i bought.  the ECU i bought now has VIN of my original car. (OBD reader read the VIN).  But I still can't start the car!

  5. Thank you for revealing this simple fix!  It worked just like your described using an identically versioned ECU.  I used a W211 as the donor for a W209 failed ECU.  Kudos for sharing the tip!

  6. Ihave a problem with my ml 320 model 2000 ,the problem is he was catch the break suddenly without im do anything ,the teqnission tell me the exclaration senser is not working well ,because the scanner show like that .& the cost is expensive

  7. I have done a 200 ML320 ecu swap. Same location for EEPROM. I used Chip Quik to remove chips safely. I cleaned the board with wick. Its very easy that way.

  8. What is the eprom location  # for a 2000 s500 w220 there are two similar  eproms  on my w220 need to know what one is immbolizer  thanks!

  9. I did and I am able to start and drive the car for about a block before it start missing real bad where I cannot go anywhere until I turn the car off and turn it back on and able to drive for another block before it mess up again

  10. hi… i have mercedes c200 kompressor. car amply no soud. all will good but amply main dead. when supply power main , volt on mosfet sum110n04 continuous flicker sources . it's Q01 harman becker automatics system. can you help me. my facebook: bui van xoan. thank so much!

  11. Just did it to a spare ECU with same HW but DIFFERENT p/n (from a w211 donor car) and car (which is w219 model) does not start, besides throwing ABS/ESP error. I'm now wondering if some further data needing to be copied are stored somewhere else….

  12. Would the donor ECU (the new used one) need to have come from the same exact C class model in order for it to function after swapping chips? or is their programming required after the chip has been swapped?

  13. is it possible to separate pcb from metal housing? i can hear something felt off under pcb but cannot access. I suppose pcb is glued to metal housing?

  14. i have mercedes w211 e270 and can start they tell me i have ecu so can u tell me if ihave solution to fix it because orijinal not like the new one plz help

  15. dear friends are you familiar with 08 Benz C350 sport how I can do it with OBD 2 please let me know

  16. Man you doing a great job but I have a question what can of software do you have to know which chip this is the EEprom can you help me please

  17. hi i vehix411, im from philippines…i bought the same ECU on my Kia Rio 2006 Manual Transmission, it's cranking but don't start and check engine is lighted and blinking, but we make start the car buy shutting the gas pedal..but it shutting off.Can you tell me if i need to reprogram the ECU swapped on my car? yet its the same..thanks

  18. ECU went bad on my 2001 C240 tried this and it fired up immediately. Amazing idea was wondering if anyone knows if this method works on other makes besides Mercedes.

  19. I have one seme probleam ecu swap but not start but this vehicle is ford fista i can chenj this chip how can find eeprom chip pilase tell some idea

  20. I have a 2000 Mercedes S500, looks like I have 2 eeproms, well…two 8 leg chips same size. can you tell me which one to tackle?

  21. I Have an 07 CLK350, M272, ECU Part # A2721533291, Needs an ECU Replacement, I would Like to Try this Method because Dealer Quoted me $1800 to Replace. I am Having trouble Identifying the VIN Immobilizer Chip on the ECU Circuit Board, There are 3 that looks similar. Is there a Specific Part Number I should be Looking For. or do you have any other info how I can be sure which chip I would be Swapping. Thanks and Great Video.

  22. Great video VEHIX411

    Just one quick question –

    Do you have to do any more re-programming to the donor ECU once swapping that EPROM, or do you swap that chip and re-fit the ECU to the car and it’s all done?

  23. hi
    i had problem with my ecu so i had to change but couldn't find the same numbers so i got ecu with key i put it on the car the car start but rpm doesn't go over 1k the engine the same and all sensors the same .
    the car is mercedes w210 E220 cdi 1998 the new ecu was from mercedes w210 E220 cdi 2000
    can you please tell is programing the ecu can help ? or should i look for ecu with the same numbers ?

  24. I got ripped off by a used car dealer (Ruslan Brovarsky, Austin TX) on a 2003 C230K

    Apparently?? The key, door-lock, immobilizer, the ignition tumbler/switch along with the ECM Was all swapped from another car.

    I Don’t have the original ECM.

    From what I understand the reason nothing works on the car even though it starts and runs? It’s because I don’t have the original build file in the ECM to match the car.

    When I scanned the present ECM the Vin number is not even where it is supposed to be, it’s just blank.

    Any ideas what I can do?.

    My only recourse is to go to the dealer and buy a $2000 OEM ECM along with their labour and the pre-diagnostic review.

  25. Did you have a problem that lead you to buying a new ecu? I have a 2001 S500 that has intermittent starting. My dash lights come on no crank. Then I keep trying and after several attempts the car starts. Any ideas of what I should look for what might be causing this problem and what I may need to do to fix the problem? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

  26. Man you saved my pocket!!!!!! 1000000% worked for me
    Can’t express my gratitude
    Thank you so much

  27. Yes if done correctly must need to make sure the chip is installed correctly and taking it off not to break the pins as we had ppl try doing it themself and then shiping it out to us to fix it
    If you try and break pins won’t be possible to recover info

  28. Hi, I have S350 model with battery drain issue. I found the trouble is in the ECU. I have got another from junk, but the Eprom is a bit different in both. Is it ok to change it? Plz guide

  29. Dear friend I have question about your Experience on 2008 Mercedes E350 W211 where the EEprom location please let me know thank you

  30. Boss hi I have 2006 Dodge sprinter
    My ecu is bad I see that change in the chip ..will start but watt abouth the parameter of transmission all the thing work the same or just the key

  31. Will this fix the problem for a Cl500 ? One day I came out to start it up and nothing worked…the unlock or lock button didn’t work and the ignition wouldn’t budge so I order a new key fob from Benz and it still didn’t work the only thing that comes on are the dash to show the mileage and the temperature…any advice ? I’ll appreciate it

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