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  1. Can't wait to paint some similar rims on my 3rd gen GT-B Legacy, except I'm going the other way round, stock charcoal to subi gold

  2. I've read mixed information but why didn't you use paint stripper instead of sanding with orbital tool?

  3. If you do get a run in your paint (while it's still wet) use a small artist's paint brush to smooth it out. It works 😉

  4. Took after this video and did my rims the same colour, looks fantastic on my jetta. Much better than the curb rash and scratches the stock rims had!

  5. You can fix runs in base but you need to sand them down with a proper grit sandpaper. If you wet sand base coat it'll give it less of the ripply powder coat effect and more of a solid plated or mirror type finish. You can make plain base coat shine entirely on it's own with some proper wet sanding and patience, still clear coating is necessary to protect your wheels and will give it an even higher gloss finish.

  6. I know its a long shot, since its an older video, but does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 10:50 ?
    Appears in multiple MCM videos …

  7. I usually love these videos, but they ruined a perfectly good set of gold Subaru rims. Subarus are SUPPOSED to have gold wheels, unless the car is some neon color.

  8. honestly the Ori gold colour are more suit guys that ianthe Subaru signature colour just the Ori gold coloUr spray clear coat then that great already

  9. My brother wants to do this on his 2012 Passat. It's white so he wants to do a glossy black paint job.

  10. Instead of using tape which doesn't stick to the tire well I've found index cards and a lot of them work very well

  11. I hear that keeping powder coats clean is fairly difficult because the dirt sticks to the coat. Is that a problem with rattle can jobs as well? And is there anyway to prevent this?

  12. Looks way too Aussy Outbackish…. I'd go to my local powder coater and go through the catalogue and pick a contrasting colour that did two things, make the wheels POP, & make the car look like a million bucks… oh yes and a third thing LAST A LONG TIME… (saving money Moog!!)

  13. painting OEM or stock wheels black looks Totally POV, that's why the factory paints them silver or gold. OEM wheels are horrible no matter what colour they are

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